Welcome to EurasianPeople.

The purpose of this website is to expose the myth of the “Eurasian master race.” This will be done through cataloguing the thousands upon thousands of stories written by Hapas themselves about the reality of these marriages, and the reality of being mixed race in an increasingly racist world (and whose parents themselves were racists).
What began about twenty years ago as a celebration of Hapa heritage was nothing but a mythologization of Hapa beauty, intelligence and uniqueness – all fabricated by Asian women who – for whatever reason had a strong preference for white men, be it for physical reasons or for integration*.
The Hapa myth was started by White men and Asian women in an attempt to justify relationships based on white-worship, white supremacy and other vilifiable cultural evils that create victims (largely Asian men) in their wake…
With Hapas being nothing but the natural outcome. Being Hapa is not special – nor is it the “best of both worlds.”
Being Hapa is merely the “best possible outcome” for a child to be born to an Asian woman who for whatever reason disliked / avoided / hated Asian males, and a white man who leverages his whiteness, and is oftentimes equally racist, in exchange for sex and companionship.
The ULTIMATE, ideal outcome is that a white child was to be born to these couples – but since this is biologically impossible the Hapa myth was devised as a way to legitimize an otherwise extremely politicized and loaded relationship. In ULTIMATE terms – the Hapa child is less than the parents’ ideal (particularly the mother’s), while being more than the full Asian against which the relationship was pitted in the first place. In ULTIMATE terms, the Hapa represents cultural defeat of the Asian male, and is expected to merely submit to white hegemony without objection, regardless of how he looks.
*It’s been shown now how Hapas still fail to fully integrate.

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