Another white guy Marc Faber comes under fire for being racist… yet has an Asian wife (something so many Half Asians have to deal with).

It’s about one or two a week now – and if you don’t believe this, you are free to look in the comments on this blog and see White men with Asian wives saying that Faber “isn’t wrong.”
Link to the CNN article.

Faber, who is well known for his market pessimism and often referred to as “Dr. Doom,” said in the October edition of his “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report” that it’s a good thing white people colonized America.

“Thank God white people populated America, and not the blacks,” he wrote. “Otherwise, the US would look like Zimbabwe, which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a white majority.”’

Relatively mild compared to the stuff my white family says… and you wonder why half Asians are high risk – because both parents are genuine white supremacists (while one parent is not white).
“I’m not racist, my wife is Asian,” isn’t even comparable to “I’m not racist, my best friend is black,” because in 2017, hardcore racists go after Asian women as a way to secure their personal lives against the crushing “anti-white society” (which isn’t even that crushing), almost as a default. White men see White women as being not merely the symptom of a “denegerate society,” but moreso the cause.
White men who feel “wronged” at Western society and its liberalism are highly likely to pursue Asian women as a way to reclaim a sense of masculinity and power in their whiteness; these white men feel wronged by western “acceptance” of blacks and other minorities and the embracing of liberal values, so they seek out Asian women with “traditional” values who will neither support (in other words – not care) about liberalism, and will, above all, not sleep with black men.
Sometimes the Asian wife will actually give racist white men the courage to shout out his racist views without compunction, due to the belief that people cannot claim that he is racist, “because my wife is Asian.”
In fact, racist white men with Asian women is very frequent, given the fat that racist white men desire the chance to feel big for their whiteness, and a chance to take the power back from White women, who they view as feminist traitors.
Below is a woman on American Renaissance talking about all of the hardline White Nationalists who post frequently there – yet have Asian wives.

12 thoughts on “Another white guy Marc Faber comes under fire for being racist… yet has an Asian wife (something so many Half Asians have to deal with).

  1. We know the Nazis protested at the Aryan race being supposedly undermined by mixing with Jews…and I bet that the Normans protested for the first two centuries after 1066 about intermixing with Anglo-Saxons… I don’t want to see any racial type become extinct. Red heads may become extinct by intermixing amongst whites and that woukd be shame but we are a long way from that happening, nevermind whites disappearing..People must be allowed to marry who they want and…why should they not expect their kids to enjoy equality? What’s such a big deal at having eurasian appearance? Get over it.


    • ASIAN APPEARANCE, not EURASIAN. If half Asians only have white fathers – this means that white men are superior – which is what you believe?


      • What are you talking about? I accept your claim that your parents were fucked up. Lots of AMAF parents are fuck ups, as are plenty of WMWF parents. I can be fair to you they the economic imbalance that allows white failures to pick up attrative third world women creates dysfunctional relationships. But such relationships are economics and repeated/ recreated within western societies. When the Berlin Wall first came down, many ( white) eastern Europeans protested at the might / strength of the Deutsch Mark resulting in the purchase of sexual favours that could not be obtained at the same price in the FDR.
        As for you evaluating eurasian homosexuals as somehow having a distinct reason for being gay that is different from all other non Eurasian gays and purely to do with being Eurasian…You have lost the plot. The overwhelming scientific evidence is that homosexuality is genectic and that enviromental ” causes” merely suppress or accidentae it. You need to provide the scientific evidence that Eurasian homosexuality is enviromental. I strongly suspect that you ate a suppressed gay in denial of your sexuality. Denial is a VERY strong human emotion and persons in denial often react hysterically to their denial being pointed out to them. From what you have ( selectivity ) posted it appears that you want to be fucked by your white father. Such a fantasty is not uncommon. Many hetro girls have a subconscious wish to have sex with their fathers. Such fantasies are ( thank fully) never inacted although outsiders to the family can often recognise the sexual aspects to their relationship. Gay sons can also have this attraction although it’s less likely to be reciprocated due to the hetrosexuality of the father. Most daughters and gather sins move on and find partners. You need to move on. For you to keep finding news items about WMAF failures and posting them is as pathetic and racist as for a mulatto to seek and post news items about BMWW failures.
        Once again, to be fair to you, they are black men who specfically date white women despite that they hate white men. However this is not the majority and even if it was 90% you have no right to condemn BMWW…Stop being racist.


      • What’s your obsession with BMWW? Does it bother you? You seem to have unconscious ticks that seem to indicate you dislike black men and white women, as well as gays?


  2. I think the Nazis tried to make the case that the Japanese were “Aryan.” They were laughed
    out of court.
    I’m wondering if the Axis powers had won World War 2, would the Asians and the Germans have
    eventually gone to war?


    • Well in the words of my father: “East and West are the same in spirit.” It’s just that that spirit just vibes better when it’s an Asian woman and a superior white man.


  3. Once again EW is right. And like clockwork, a racist white man with the hots for Asian women, comes in the comments and writes wall of racist autistic texts to justify himself.
    At this point EW is a prophet. And it’s sad to always be right when the truth is ugly.


    • The idea that having a preference for eithier blondes, brunettes or redheads is not anything to get excited about…I have a ” fetish ” for red hair. So what? I don’t only date red hair and personality is always more important than hair or race. My ” fetish ” is that at a bar, club, or social gathering I am more inclined to notice and feel attracted to the redheads. I am therefore more likely to end up dating a redhead. What’s your problem with that?


      • You can change hair color but remain the same race. You can’t change race though. Also, if you see redheads or blondes, will you automatically pile up stereotypes on them or will you see them as individuals? With race, one piles up stereotypes on people by their appearance.


      • Emmm….red hair most often comes with very white skin ( and often freckled ) and although that skin colour can be disguised it won’t look any more natural than an Asian with dyed blonde hair. Nothing wrong with Asians with dyed hair whether red, blonde or blue. Some people suit such dying but it dosen’t look natural. I don’t make presumptions that red haired people are naturally ” firey” and therefore good in bed or make any specfic presumptions about their personality. Red hair is just red hair..Cultrue does exist ( dosen’t it?) and I might make assumptions about the likely behaviour and attitudes of a large GROUP of Irish redheads as opposed to a large American group of redheads. However, one has to always recognise there are exceptions to normal cultural norms…
        That some people have stupid assumptions, such as beleiving all French men are romantic or all English men gentlemen I do not doubt…


      • Telling you have a “fetish” for a particular physical trait (that we do not control) is a red flag. Your rant about Normans in 1066 (lmao at that) is a red flag as well. The fact you have to talk out of the blue about BMWW is a red flag.
        As I said, in the many posts of this blog, one guy like you (or sometimes, you many times) comes and vomit a pseudo scientist, racist, nonsensical rant. Why? Why coming in here when you fetishize red heads? Why feeling offended by Eurasian Writer, who writes about Hapas and their problems?


  4. Emmm…I am sorry that you don’t understand my comparrision…Eurasian does not talk about Hapa problems, he talks about whitemen who happened to prefer asian women as being intrinsically bad. He has subsequently qualified this as ” white RACIST men who are attracted to Asians women, but not clarified if he thinks all whites who prefer asian women are racist. My point about Normans was that intermixed of white races was once thought a big deal. Nowdays, no sensible person would thing an Italian marrying and having kids with a German anything to get excited. Oh yes, the kids might get teased for their surname and I am sure there are Germans who ” fetish ” Italian women and Italian women who “fetish” “Blonde Aryan Germans”. Now, I accept that Hapa kids will receive more racism than mixed whites…but more than the asian or black kids? Eurasian is just sorry for himself. My point about BMWW is that racist still condemn such relationships as producing kids that ” don’t belong “. Bollocks to that. If I have a mulatto child , I appreciate it will experience racism but that won’t stop me. What Eurasianwriter needs to understand that dysfunctional relationships are not the preserve of WMAW. In the near future a WMAW relationship will be as common as white blue eyed / brown eyed relationships…And it dosen’t matter if both parties have a fetish for each others eye colour ( or skin colour or facial features). Ew has repeatedly referred to the economic imbalance that allows white failures to pick up women in some poor asian countries and the misconceptions of the women regarding the power and wealth of the white men. Such relationships will be dysfunctional but they also occur within white societies, where wealthier older guys can pick up ” low social class females. I have a particular interest in this subject as in addition to my red hair ” fetish “, I have ” yellow fever”. I note my first fetish is ( apparently) harmless but my second supposedly harmful.
    I have yet to see Ew produce any evidence that the majority of Hapas are anymore dysfunctional than kids of other racial mixing. Finding news stories about gun rampaging Hapas or of Nazi whites married to an Asian and repeatedly posting such items reflects his own self perception and experience. If he were to seek out news items about greedy or sexually depraved Jews to blog about, he could find many. For him not to understand , or ignore, that any greed or sexual depravity is nothing to do with their Jewishness would be unacceptable. I note Ew boasts of a privileged background with having an expensive education. I note that many kids have dysfunctional parents who beat them, sexually abuse them and who live in trailer parks. Many such children won’t get over their upbringing but some do. Those that do, don’t feel sorry for themselves…


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