White Supremacist Jeff Dillon crashes his bike into a group of Trumpcare protestors; says he’s not racist because his 36 year old wife is a “slant eyed import.” Imagine the children from this

I want to show some people some cartoons that I drew almost ten years ago, when I was a Neo-Nazi. A half Asian Neo Nazi with a white father and Asian mother. My brother and I look very, very Asian, yet I was a Neo Nazi. My brother remains a virgin at 34, institutionalized, schizophrenic, and mentally ill, under local watch by the police department. My father a very notorious writer, where he publishes articles about how feminism is a result of international Jewry, multiculturalism is a death cult, and how gays should be hanged; his wife was from Hong Kong.
This isn’t a new thing either. There are hundreds if not thousands of these guys. I’m the son of one.

See, everyone is convinced that Asian women are innocent bystanders who are duped into relationships; the reality is that due to their culture, they seek and prioritize power, integration, and status over everything, and are able to slip by under the nose of Western progressivism, because they willfully seek to be an alternative to White women, willing to stand by the white racist man’s side, embrace his privilege, and encourage the children to use their privilege to their advantage. Asian culture is cutthroat like that.
I drew this cartoon in 2009. I am half Chinese.
And people wonder why half Asian sons have so much trouble – cue Elliot Rodger.
Not only is this white male married to an Asian female – she is at risk of giving birth to an autistic, fully Asian looking son who inherits his father and mothers’ white supremacy.
Original here.
Archive here.
From the article.

The motorcycle nut arrested for driving his high-powered bike through a crowd of Trump protesters staging a ‘die-in’ on a San Francisco street is a sleazy porn company boss and staunch supporter of the President.

Musclebound Jeff Dillon was seemingly unhappy that dozens activists were protesting against President Trump’s healthcare plans just a block from the offices of GameLink, the hardcore porn company where he works.

In shocking video of the incident, protesters can be seen lying or standing on the road with signs before Dillon, driving a red 2015 BMW motorcycle, begins to drive up behind them.


DailyMail.com has since learned that heavily tattooed Dillon calls himself Dillonaire and is an avid Trump supporter and ran a Facebook group called White Privilege Club.

‘This isn’t a racist site/group, it is the exact opposite. It is a celebration of our culture and who we are… I am proud of who I am and my people,’ he wrote on the group page before it was deleted on Thursday night.

Another deleted post read: ‘Yell “White Pride” and people look at you like ive got a clan outfit on… I married a slant eye import, so you know i aint racist :wink:’

On several of his social media pages he is seen posing with his wife, a 36-year-old Asian woman named Teresa.

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4 thoughts on “White Supremacist Jeff Dillon crashes his bike into a group of Trumpcare protestors; says he’s not racist because his 36 year old wife is a “slant eyed import.” Imagine the children from this

  1. Asian girls like her are the reason why I’m not friends with most Asian girls (the self-hating ones). They’re meek, oblivious, and are too afraid to confront racism towards their non-Asian bf/gf/husband/wife bc they want to keep that higher status in their community. They won’t admit to it bc it’s been mentally embedded in them since childhood, but chances are these women are hella racist towards Asians and Blacks.


  2. The apple never falls far from the tree. Both you and daddy were obsessed with race, though presently you claim to fall on the opposite end of the race-obsession spectrum. Mommy’s acerbic vitriol is present in all your rambling videos. I wonder how it feels knowing that you embody the very thing you constantly bitch about. Daddy was jobless and depended on his kids to survive. You’re practically jobless and depend on your wife to survive. Daddy had a fetish for Asian women due to self-esteem issues, you’re married to an Asian woman due to self-esteem issues. Daddy believed in an imminent apocalypse and would ramble on and on about it, even giving up on all practical life. You believe in an imminent apocalypse (hapocalypse or whatever) and have practically given up on life, spending your days ‘preaching’ about it like some crazy street person. It’s interesting to watch a train-wreck as it unravels and boy do you fail to see the irony of your entire existence!


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