Actual Neo-Nazi admits to Jared Taylor of American Renaissance that he has an Asian wife and Asian children

Planet Elliot Rodger: Neo Nazi has Asian wife and Asian kids

Of course, an unattractive, wimpy white guy thinks it’s a better deal to get with an Asian woman who makes him feel big for being white, for being “traditional and family oriented” and wants integration… with an actual Nazi.
You’ve been warned about these children. In 1967, White racist men married white women; in 2017, they marry family oriented, traditional, chaste Asian women whose dream is to integrate and have blue eyed children, almost as a default.
See this list?
I was raised by an identically white supremacist male, who married an Asian woman because he thought she was “traditional,” and wound up with two mentally ill sons, the better of whom lost many of his friends by being swayed by his father’s politics to become a white supremacist. I was a fairly well known one, and my father knew I had turned to White Supremacy, and he made to attempt to stop me, his half Asian son.
Asian women want integration, white skinned, blue eyed children, as do white supremacist men. They literally are creating the next generation of very poorly adjusted, spree shooter, Elliot Rodger clones, children raised by the new generation of white supremacists, yet still are shamed by both society and their parents for looking too Asian.


4 thoughts on “Actual Neo-Nazi admits to Jared Taylor of American Renaissance that he has an Asian wife and Asian children

  1. Hey Eurasian Writer, not really related to the post but, what do you make of YouTubers like Matt Ogus and other WMAW Hapas that are actually positively living their lives happily and appear to have none of the issues you bring up? Even if they do have them, they don’t seem as morbidly affected as you are. That and they’re really ‘ aesthetic ‘, seem to do well with women and just have confidence and are effectively goal-oriented. Matt Ogus, Jon Skywalker etc, thoughts?


    • Working out maniacally and hopping on tren seems normal to you? Vast majority of Hapas are aware of the WMAW disparity and just have different ways of dealing with it.


      • In my experience, a lot of them are actually in denial and unaware of these racial issues. They even get mad when I bring it up. Also, I think that about 80% of wmaf are toxic and that 20% of them arent, however, not everyone is as lucky as LaurDIY to have good parens. They are progressive and open minded unlike 80% of wmaf. Although I do agree with you that AMWF is 90% of the time better. The unsuccessful amwf are from Asian dads with white fetishes, which never ends up well and they just end up remarrying another blonde. Goes to show that sexual prejudice never ends up well. I think that it’s okay to have racial/cultural preferences but sexual prejudice/fetish leads to extreme downfall.


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