Ever notice this archetype?

The scowling red-eyed Asian woman walking ten feet in front of her white boyfriend / husband, who looks like he uses Linux at work and in his personal life and had zero chance of reproducing without the help of Asian women, pushing the stroller.
The miserable Hapa son / daughter who looks like she’s in tears.
The screaming Asian woman driving while the white husband cowers in the passenger seat.
Every single one of the Asian women in my family (5 out of 6 of them are with white men) has the same behavior – screaming, insulting behavior (“what the hell is wrong with you?”), constant anger, resentment, and bitterness towards their husbands, who are all very, very meek men. Compare these to how happy AM/WW couples look.
Ever wonder why these couples exist?
Ever wonder why Asian women seem so angry despite getting what they wanted – a white man?
My parents were the same way. Fifteen years of no sex, constant fighting, constant physical abuse where my mother would hit her two Hapa sons, her white husband, and scream on the phone to her sisters about how he was such a loser. Pulling me into her bedroom talking about how her husband ate a bag of chips at once. How he ate sugar right out of the bag. Hitting us with spatulas, hitting us with the dull end of a Chinese cleaver, and coat hangers. She called the cops on him not once, but twice, winding up with two Italian barely-20-year-old-cops listening to an Asian woman explain how her husband wasn’t letting her watch “Schindler’s List” because it was directed by a Jew, in front of two Asian looking children.
Wonder why?
It’s the same reason Asian women complain about yellow fever – it’s because they know that being Asian, they are not the first pick for white men. They are the last pick. Asian women are favored for being “anti-feminist,” for being less “pesky” than those white women. They are favored, most of all, for being “easy” as long as you are a white guy. That’s it. They’re the best you can do as long as you’re white and can’t do anything else. It’s easy Asian pussy – or no pussy at all.
Note how White men always refer to Asian women for their “slimess,” their feminine demure. It’s almost like referring to a child. And nobody is really, truly sexually attracted to children. It’s always “my Asian wife,” not “my wife.”
So by getting with a white man – the Asian woman actually lowers her status, rather than raising it. She lowers her status, like my mother did, by being with the lower end of white men, because real athletic, confident, outgoing White men do not get with Asian women, because the stigma is far too great. So the anger is that in pursuing a “better life” (like most Asian women are trained from birth to do), they actually pursued a worse one. And by pursuing status, they actually wound up crashing it, because by being with white men, and only white men, they just wind up looking exactly like a stereotype. Nobody likes stereotypes. In fact, not even the white men like being with a stereotype; they don’t like looking like stereotypes, and deep down they always are holding out for a White woman.
The nerdy white guy, plus an Asian woman? In the eyes of the world – that’s a stereotype, one that nobody likes. An Asian women are smart enough to know that.
So the constant micro aggression, plus the fact that they date and marry white, yet realize that their husbands and boyfriends are white women’s leftovers, plus the realization that their sons looks Asian, plus the realization that their integration plans fail since nobody takes them seriously –
Angry faces, all the time.
Compare that to the White women who like Asian men, because, frankly, they’re good looking and are nice guys and actually work for a living and make the women feel good about themselves.
If Asian women and white men were so happy in their relationships they wouldn’t constantly be hating on AMWF.

12 thoughts on “Ever notice this archetype?

  1. Not true. It is the very low quality of white women that will jump ship over the vague rumors that are circulating from watching Dr. Phil all day. In brief, white women are useless and stupid.


  2. Every breed of women has its fair share of stupidity and uselessness, but this isn’t the subject here.


  3. White men tolerate shit from Asian women because they know they can’t get anything better. Otherwise, they would leave Asian women and pursue someone better. How pathetic is this? This fear that white men have is making them stay in these abusive relationships.


    • Stories flew around for ages saying that Asian men were abusive, therefore Asian women needed to flock and seek gentlemen love…so the real abusive ones here are Asian women, and not Asian men? I’ve always thought those ladies were mean as hell. What evil lies they’ve deceived the world.


      • Stories flew around for ages that white men loved to control white women. White women got tired of this and developed feminism. They spoke up and wouldn’t take shit from white men anymore. Now white men are afraid of this and are seeking Asian women because they are considered replacement white women. More and more white women are starting to see the beauty in Asian men and starting to date and marry them. More are being educated about the benefits of having children with Asian men. When AMWF have children their kids are mentally healthy, smarter, and many are gorgeous. These kids go on to become doctors, politicians, and professional athletes. When you see the kids of WMAF they have mental problems, are unemployed, and looks like aliens. They also have social problems, probably inherited by their trev beta dads. I’d rather be a child born from an AMAF couple than a child born from a WMAF couple, at least I would be proud of my heritage and not have parents who transfer their hate onto me.
        Kenny, go on and believe whatever you want to believe. Continue to troll and live in a fantasy world. One day you will have to face reality. The reality is, one day you as a white man will be irrelevant and very much replaceable. You white currency will be worthless one day. You will be an Asian man’s or Hapa man’s little bitch. White women and Asian women will be seeking Asian men. Asian men outearn and are richer than white men. Asian men are smarter. Asian men do not age as fast, when they hit 40 or 50 they will look like they are in their 20’s. Many Asian men don’t go bald easily.


      • Oh, without a doubt! I’m beginning to see lots of western women of different heritage dating, marrying Asian men. They look more decent in terms of normality compared to the usual White men/Asian female couples. Now I’m not saying all White men/Asian women are abnormal, I personally do know a white man/Asian woman couple, as a matter of fact they’re good friends of mine. She is different than the others and they are very deeply in love. They have two boys and a girl. The couple never have any negativity toward Asian men or the Asian community, rather they are living the culture. This is rare if you compare to the mass majority of ones specifically applied to this topic.
        By the way, I am Cantonese Asian/American with a non-Asian (Mid-East/Mediterranean) girl for more than 15 years.


      • There aren’t enough “good WMAW” to offset bad WMAW. You don’t understand. The bad far outweighs the good, and the fact that WMAW couples aren’t actively fighting the bad ones who are bringing Elliot Rodgers into the world, makes me wonder just how “good” they really are.


      • I believe this very problem or culprit (to the dilemma) lies within the Asian woman itself. Self-hatred is a disease that carries on and passes down from generation to generation. I myself has never experienced any type of resentment in terms of being Asian while growing up. I’ve always had my fair share of sleepovers and baseball games with different types of families, one of which was white and I spent most of weekends at their home out in Sunland CA during my childhood years. If anything, and come to think of it I get rejected more in comparison from the matriarchs of Asian families – which I do not understand for the longest time. Not saying everything is hog-heaven and times have definitely changed, but looking back of how a certain Asian friend’s mother or aunt reacted towards me, the picture is much clearer now, maybe they wanted me to stay away from their Asian daughters. It is nostalgic Joy Luck Club.


  4. You sound just like your dad- a racist, close-minded Mr. Know It All who likes to generalize and label groups: a White Man and an Asian Female cannot love? Bullshit.


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