More on Asian women, white privilege, and why they set their Hapa sons up for failure as opposed to Asian fathers / non-Asian mothers

Someone posted this on Reddit today about how their friend met a Hapa guy who was outgoing, charming, handsome and successful. He said, “is his mom Chinese?” and the woman’s response was, “no, his dad, of course.” Of course.

I was grabbing dinner with an old friend and former co-worker earlier (gorgeous mixed race black girl, works in tech, really smart, super insanely successful career that’s left mine in the dust, and just a really friendly kind person). She mentioned she dumped her ex (white dude with no job, no ambition), and started seeing a new guy, who she couldn’t stop bragging about. For about 10 minutes straight, she told me how he was a really good guy, and also smart, successful, insanely jacked, teaches yoga and is a semi-professional race biker on the side. She talked about this guy for 10 minutes straight without once mentioning his race (could you imagine WMAF going 10 minutes talking about their partner without mentioning their race? I can’t either). Then she showed me a photo of this guy, and I had to ask…
“Is he hapa?” “Yeah, he’s half Chinese.” “White dad?” “No, Chinese dad, of course!”
I didn’t ask her to elaborate on what that “of course” means… but I think everyone on this sub (hell, everyone in the world) knows what she meant when she said “of course”…

People don’t really understand Asian women very well – they’re not in a position to truly understand their psychopathy. Amy Chua was the first inkling something was wrong; then Tila Tequila, the literal Asian-female Neo-Nazi; Celeste Ng, who lied and wrote an entire book to frame Asian males / White women as the culprit in a family tragedy despite the story being based on her own experiences with other White man / Asian woman couples. 
Ever notice how the vast majority of Asian women even in metropolitan areas bee-line for White men? They don’t go for black, Latino, Arab, or Asian men – only white.
Want to know why? My mother encouraged me to check “white” on my university application. She complimented my tall nose, and light colored eyes – all of which turned darker in time. My father, of course, not once taught me anything about my Asian heritage, only hoisting old copies of Western epics onto me with the assumption that I would be able to “carry on the flame of the White man,” as if my Asian mother was some noble alternative to degenerate white women.
Asian women want their kids to be white. They want to fit in, to feel privileged, and they want their children to look white, think white; ever notice how Asian women give their sons White-Western names (Tom, Jordan, Chris, Brad) and their daughters names like Meiko, Lin, Keiko, Leili or something? Not always – but it happens enough. They want to recreate White men / Asian women couples in their children.
Here’s the proof, from a Chinese-White Australian girl who won an award for best youth filmmaking in Australia.

So when guys like me, replacement white guys raised by replacement white people, tried to enter into the upper echelons of society (Ivy League), I encountered racism for my Asian side, and of course, a lot of this came form Asian women themselves.
There’s literally nothing you can do to counter anti-Asian male racism from Asian women themselves. If you have an Asian father, you can gloat about it, about how your parents helped defeat stereotypes. But at that young age I was like, well I guess I just lost, period.
Asian women want their children to be white. Period. And when the children inevitably fail, we have a combination of white-fragility, plus a sudden blow out of privilege being stripped away, and a complete lack of support from our parents.
That is why so many WMAW Eurasians are absolutely crazy and AMWW Hapas actually teach their kids resilience and how to succeed.
What’s even worse is that Asian women actually marry down. Their only priority is marrying white to the point that they marry men way beneath them economically. My mother snapped after my dad turned out to be a conspiracy theorist believing Holocaust denying guy who didn’t want to work simply because he believed Jesus was coming back to punish the Negros and Jews in New York.
I was raised to believe white is right and so when I was in my Ivy League school I was just floored by the racism I met. It was like a shotgun blast to the chest. Being a “nice guy,” egalitarian, outgoing and friendly really doesn’t mean shit when you have the literally worst people on earth raising you. And for the White woman / black woman + Asian male couples out there, please understand this. There’s nothing wrong with being mixed, but there’s something fundamentally wrong with Asians and Whites, particularly the WMAW couple. Period.
That’s only a tiny bit of the difference between AMWF and WMAF. Lots of it otherwise has to do with the fact that only cream of the crop Asian males reproduce with non-Asian women, and pretty much any white loser can get an Asian woman. Of course this might seem like hocus pocus unless you really lived it. And I really lived it.

2 thoughts on “More on Asian women, white privilege, and why they set their Hapa sons up for failure as opposed to Asian fathers / non-Asian mothers

  1. This is funny because I have come across a lot of Asian women like that, and they are the ones who shit on the indigenous Asian groups (the ones who have blond hair, chestnut red hair, and light colored eyes in their genotype) for having no country of their own, yet they want their children to have their traits when they procreate with white people.


  2. I’m glad that writing about your experiences has been therapeutic for you.
    I do notice after reading more than a dozen of your posts that Black (people) is nearly always written in lowercase. White (people) is written in uppercase approximately half of the time. For example:
    “Ever notice how the vast majority of Asian women even in metropolitan areas bee-line for White men? They don’t go for black, Latino, Arab, or Asian men – only white.”
    Other ethnic groups ( Latinos, Asians, Arabs) are always written in respectful uppercase. Many writers in the USA refer to Black and White this way so it is hardly unusual.
    It is a small observation and quibble. A person’s true worldview is often revealed in the ways they write and use language.
    Good luck on your journey.


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