Nice little post on /r/Hapas where a Hapa girl describes how her own mother admits that Half Asian sons look “too Asian” and how Asian moms try to push us to marry Asian women because they’re afraid we get mistreated by White women.

Want to know the incredible racist scam half Asians live under?

Read this post on /r/Hapas – the biggest Half Asian website of all time, which received 970,000 views in a single month.

The post is a Half Asian girl grilling her Asian mother about what kind of man she wants her daughter to marry; then questioning her Asian mother about her Asian looking brother.
Here ya go!
The archive is here. Original here!

I was super apprehensive after stumbling upon this subreddit. But…yall are actually on to something. Especially if its a WMAF.
So anyway I wanted to test this with my own mom. I asked her what kind of man she would want me to marry one day. She responded with, “A white man. You look white anyway.” I pressed on and asked her why not an Asian man. She grew kind of irritated and asked me why it mattered. She eventually said “Asian men don’t like white girls anyway. It is just better to marry a white guy.”
I asked her which she would prefer Id marry: an asian or a black guy. She had to think about her response much longer this time. But eventually said black.
I always loved being mixed. I don’t believe I look completely white passing, although I would say I lean toward looking more white than asian. I never realized it but as a younger girl, especially early teen years, I would purposely try to look more white. At the time I never really thought about WHY I wanted to look more white; it was just something I did as I saw my mother lighten her skin, dyed her hair, got colored contacts etc.
Damn. I’m really not trying to adopt my mom’s self hatred. Where do you go from here?

Her follow up.

Back with an update!
Conversation didn’t go over so well. I asked what kind of woman she wanted my brother to marry, and without fail, said she wanted him to marry an asian women as they will “treat him better than white women”
As for the suggestion of me marrying a hapa. She said hapa males come out looking too asian. She said it as if it was a bad thing which then prompted a long argument. I fiercely love my younger brother (he is 11 I am 22) and I had to step up and raise him when he was first born due to family issues.
I brought up what this subreddit is all about. She said she wanted my brother to marry an asian women because they will ‘treat him better’, but I mentioned how is that possible when tons of asian women, like herself, disregard asian men. I didn’t expect her to give a well thought out answer of course. After accusing her she let me know what an ungrateful daughter I am and that I will not understand the struggle asian women face as I look ‘white enough’
Taking my brother and gonna sleep back at my apartment tonight.

7 thoughts on “Nice little post on /r/Hapas where a Hapa girl describes how her own mother admits that Half Asian sons look “too Asian” and how Asian moms try to push us to marry Asian women because they’re afraid we get mistreated by White women.

  1. Mmmmm… reading this is elating and makes my blood boil at the same time.
    Again, well done, /r/Hapas—only half-Asians, born from WMAFs (and who’re brave enough to speak out), can expose these fuckin’ cretins for who & what they truly are (particularly, THE Asian female herself).
    Gonna go slightly off-topic here, but this post reminds me of the contrasting parenting styles between AMWFs and WMAFs—specifically, between White women and Asian women. Take, for example, Olivia—I remembered watching one of her vids (below) where her son trips and starts bawling. Between 11:51–12:54, notice how she easily calms Liam down (very loving/doting—how a NORMAL mother SHOULD be).

    Shit… now, imagine if Liam had an ASIAN MOTHER—especially those straight outta Asia with broken English + heavy accent + self-hatred + White male-worshipping (LOL). Based off psychotic Filipino mothers, I’d picture it going something like this…

    Mai Gad (My God)… wat yu du nao? WAT YU DU NAO, HAH!? PUTANG INANG BATA KA! Yu want “palo”, hah? HAH!?” *begins to smack the child around with a slipper/broom/belt* “Yu sit ober der en biheib (You sit over there and behave)!” *the child is neglected & traumatized (for life) and she begins to “service” her White “master”—and the cycle of misery continues*


  2. I think it was a troll who posted. Most Asian moms don’t want their daughters to marry or date a black guy. Asian women love white skin and the status it brings.


  3. Asian doctor gets beaten up because United Airlines got overbooked. AmeriKKKa loves to pick on Asian men.


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