White Supremacist Kyle Chapman (aka “Based Stick Man”) arrested at Trump rally; has an Asian wife, Uber paralegal Haley Ly, and an Asian son

See the full list of White racists, Nazis, conservatives, and alt-rightists that are married to Asian women here.

A white supremacist – the husband of senior Uber paralegal Haley Ly – was arrested at a Trump rally. Chapman is clearly white supremacist because of the Facebook groups he is involved in.

In 2017, men who are involved with groups called “Europa Rising” and “Nordic Germanic front” are actually married to Asian women,  because Asian women want to be white, and have white children badly.

Aside from this being incredibly problematic for the Asian looking sons (Elliot Rodger, etc.,) I think it is problematic that so many White Nationalists are actually raising non-white sons.

I am a former White Nationalist / Neo Nazi with a 100% Asian looking potential “spree killer” brother, with a Nazi father and Chinese mother.

Haley Ly’s twitter archive

Post documenting Chapman’s activities and White Nationalist / White Supremacist leanings.

Excerpt from the above article details Chapman’s activities as being representative of the far-right.

In many ways, it doesn’t matter. 
The events in Berkeley on March 4th should serve as a warning sign to anyone that seeks liberatory social change and the dismantling of social, economic, and political hierarchies. The far-Right is coming together and taking action. It sees social movements and struggles as the key enemy of both the Trump regime and themselves. It is growing increasingly violent and keen on taking the streets.
To be a liberal in today’s age is to be a true believer in an ideology that doesn’t fucking matter anymore. Today, while far-Right Trump supporters were marching and beating people in the streets, at times stopping so police could move them aside and attempt to attack anarchists and antifascists, one lone liberal screamed in the middle of the street, “No violence!,” while all around them violence reigned down.
This is what is means to be a liberal in today’s world. Screaming at the top of your lungs and denouncing someone being attacked for defending themselves for the sake of validating your ideology.
One of those arrested, Kyle Chapman, born November 12th, 1975 according to arrest records, was seen throughout the day wearing a helmet, hitting people with a flag pole and also was seen with a large knife. On close examination of Chapman’s facebook, it shows that he is a fan of various far-Right, Alt-Right, and Neo-Nazi pages, books, organizations, and media projects. Even Chapman’s appearance throughout the day, complete with weapons and a shield, seem reminiscent of the Golden State Skinheads that stabbed and attacked numerous people on June 26th, 2016 in Sacramento, who had much the same getup.
Screen grabs of the Archived Facebook page of Mr. Chapman shows numerous “likes” devoted to far right, Nationalist, and even Nazi groups.
Some of his “likes” are listed below:
  • Warriors for the White Race
  • I love being a White guy
  • Valhalla Awaits
  • Angry White Girl
  • American White History Month 2
  • White Girls who love White Guys
  • Stop White South African genocide
  • This is Sweden
  • This is Norway
  • Nordic Beauty
  • Heritage Not Hate
  • British National Party
  • Hail Odin
  • No More Brother Wars
  • Before We Were Europeans
  • March of the Titans History of the White Race
  • The Beauty of European Girls & Women
  • Nordic-Germanic Front
  • Generation Europa
  • White News Now – The Original
  • Europa Rising

An archived link to Kyle Chapman’s Facebook page is seen here.


17 thoughts on “White Supremacist Kyle Chapman (aka “Based Stick Man”) arrested at Trump rally; has an Asian wife, Uber paralegal Haley Ly, and an Asian son

      • UBER is a sexist company that promotes rape culture so I highly doubt they gave any shits, if anything, they probably promoted her. You do know that the UBER CEO supported Trump right? Also the Uber CEO’s girlfriend/fiance whatever looks Eurasian so he probly has an Asian fetish.

        Also, jokes on these toxic WMAF couples since Kyle Chapman dumped her. Goes to show how white men love to use Asian women and dump them after they are not needed. Then again, she totally deserves it tho for being a dumbass… Feel sorry for her kid tho since 85/100 times, a self-hating asian woman will raise an eurasian kid. Because Asian women who arent self hating do not usually lust after white guys.


  1. Hey Eurasian Writer,

    what do you think of this guy:


    My opinion is he is trying to court the alt-right to sell more books. He is a PUA but instead of selling game, he sells “anti-game.” Only a few years ago, he was making fun of guys like Roosh V and saying they were losers that had to go to third world countries to get laid. Now he seems to be joining that club.


  2. The real white supremacist, the racist rich white men who are at the 1%, laughs at white men like him who are the scapegoats of their regime.


  3. His wife is begging people for money to help with his legal defense? Only other white supremacists are going to give this loser money. My prediction is she will divorce him because his will wind up with a criminal conviction and no one will hire him because of this and the fact that he is a racist white loser. Also, I don’t think she will want to financially support his pathetic ass. She will probably get fired from her job because she supports him. She might even become a bananarang.


    • AznPwr,
      She will support him no matter what. Only an Asian woman of such kind would support a ‘white’ like this in fear of losing him, the white status. I’ve personally known Asian women that paid more interests in their white in-laws then their biological Asian parents. They suck up to the white seniors like gold, leaving their Asian parents to rot in convalescent homes. I am just boggled and do not understand what is in their blood that causes them to do such things, in addition to their self-hating.


      • In a case scenario where I had came across the racist white in-laws, the Asian daughter in-law still does whatever it takes to please them, or will do whatever it takes to stay in touch with her Asianness (in which I don’t blame them for doing so, because they realized that they can’t be “white”). Only a few Asian women I knew of, who had racist in-laws, don’t give a damn about them because they wish upon them or ends up divorcing their spouse later on because they had realized that they’re not only married to their spouse, but to the whole entire family. I’m a hapa myself and I wish that monoracial people who believes that having mixed babies can end racism can understand that having mixed children does not end racism on the spectrum.


  4. The writer of this must be a filthy Kike. The White activists were outnumbered 5 to 1 and attacked by communist faggot antifa and sent 12 of thier sorry asses to the hospitol. It was the Antifa fags who brought weapons but had them turned against them.


      • I think being white means something different to alot of white people. It’s entirely possible Kyle Chapman supports having the U.S./Europe maintain its identity, and heritage, of a European Christian culture and accepting of others and capable of loving an Asian female in a genuine way. Civilizations are made up of many, many, many individuals with shared characteristics. If there are still many many many people with same characteristics most people do not deem the culture or civilization threatened and therefore find genuine appreciation for individual differences. Maybe you are a little libertarian and focused on the individual, however, many people view civilizations and cultures as their own entity that develop only in the existence of a critical mass of people with a shared belief.

        Anywho, just stumbled on your site, I wish you find heavy dose of acceptance (we all need it from time to time); whether it be religion, some girl at a volunteering event, or an elderly person you help out on your block.You’re here, and your above average intelligence. Cheers man!


  5. Your entire premise is flawed and strawman-y. Kyle Chapman isn’t a “white supremacist” by any stretch of the imagination, unless you subscribe to a binary worldview of “progressive-white supremacist”, or somesuch. And that you preface your entire article with that assumption speaks volumes of how misinformed or wilfully misleading you are.

    Identify awareness does not equal supremacy, in case you weren’t aware. That’s simply projection from your part.


  6. First of all, Kyle is not a white supremacist and stating that in writing is considered Defamation of character and given that is a fallacy- you could and should be SUED. White Supremacy is a white persons desire to rule over other races. White Nationalism is simply requesting what black, asians, LGB groups and the like get to do all year long- and that is be able to take pride in their heritage and celebrate it without being deemed a racist for being proud of your ancestery. If you are going to try to be a somewhat valid news source, due some research. Kyle is one of the nicest, most protective, caring men I know and you saying things that are so far from the truth about him is DISGUSTING.


    • Yeah? Is that why he did ten years in prison? Go ahead and try to sue me. There are dozens of websites around the web that call him a white supremacist. Do it. Go call your lawyer, and file a defamation suit against me. DO IT.


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