I’ve accidentally discovered two horror cases in China – URGENT!

While reading through reddit.com/r/chinaparenting, I came across this thread where a user named /u/AntiNSA2 (a fairly typical right-wing, conspiracy theorist white male, like my father) posted a video of him walking his two half Asian sons through the streets of what I believe to be Guangzhou.

An Archive here.

What immediately stood out to me was that his children seemed very aloof from him (comparable to my and my brother’s aloofness from our father, and what other users and commenters here have reported about the aloofness of biracial children to their white fathers / Asian mothers), and within the first five minutes he refers to one of his children as “Mr. Autist” – representing a complete detachment from his own son – fairly typical of racist white men who get Chinese women pregnant.

Look at his comments in the thread, he left a brief description of his activities in the video. Multiple references to his son’s autism. Note how his writing patterns indicate someone who is mentally unstable – as well as the titles of his threads. 


On further inspection I followed up on him and noticed that he admitted that his mentally ill wife drugged his children for three days as well as having stabbed them.

This harkens back to my stories of my mentally ill mother – who also married a racist white man – and her physical abuse of us using knives and other violent behavior to intimidate us – along with suicidal behavior, and violence against my father. I have repeatedly said that the weakest, most low-value white men deliberately seek out Asian women because they are easy if you are white.

Many of them view their biracial Asian looking children as an afterthought and have no idea how to parent us correctly. These women more often than not suffer from severe mental illness, which is inherited by the children.

Please listen. Please watch the video.

Link where he admits to beating his wife and his wife’s abuse of his children.

41 thoughts on “I’ve accidentally discovered two horror cases in China – URGENT!

    • — “They sound perfect for each other.

      My thoughts exactly—was just about to post the same thing. Two mentally ill individuals raising two innocent Hapa children… these boys are already fucked. And their futures? Dismal.


  1. This white dude is a typical LBH (Loser Back Home). He can’t get a western woman and he can’t get a decent job back home so he goes to China to get both, with little effort. He probably can’t speak of lick of Chinese. He makes Youtube videos for chump change. He can’t live in China (his fantasy world) forever. He will one day have to move back to whatever western country he is from and deal with reality. He’s a loser, just a plain shit loser.


    • True, true… and whaddya know… the White male bastard teaches English (LOL).

      Both he and his wife need to be institutionalized and their children off to a better home.


  2. Also, he’s just as terrible as his wife. He shouldn’t have hit her. That’s domestic violence. He needs to get some mental help also. He’s a loser crackkker shithead.


    • — “He shouldn’t have hit her.

      I’ll have to disagree there… if it IS true that his wife is drugging—as well as fuckin’ STABBING—their children, then he IS justified to hit his wife to prevent her from harming (or killing) those kids. If he’s hitting her for petty reasons, then that’s another matter.

      Asian women—at least the ones who are mentally unstable individuals (and there are many of them across Asia)—are cold-hearted and callous. It is these “types” of Asian women that need to be monitored and, if need be, beaten to keep their crazy asses in check. If not, then they WILL cause mayhem, not only to themselves but to others as well—especially those who are closest them (i.e., family, children, etc.) You CANNOT be “soft” toward these “types” of Asian women (nor any woman, for that matter). Just check out these two videos below—another crazy Chinese bitch abusing her child, as well as a deranged Malaysian broad beating a helpless baby. Asian women… tsk, tsk… as an Asian man myself (who is very familiar with the various Asian cultures/societies), I see this kind of “brutal parenting” that Asian mothers tend to exhibit toward their innocent children (who have no damn clue how to properly raise a child).


      • Dude, domestic violence should not be tolerated in a relationship. The guy’s adult wife shouldn’t not be hit like a child to be disciplined. Restraining her is okay, if he is trying to prevent her from harming him or their children, but hitting her is not okay.

        Bottom of the barrel white dudes + Bottom of the barrel Asian girls = ?????


      • You can tell with the video that the children are already completely messed up. I only discovered this last night by accident. It’s terrifying seeing his treatment of them and it’s a larger symptom of mental problems.


      • At least they are in China where the kids are not discriminated against because they look Asian. Once they head back to America or whatever western county they are from those kids will start to face racism. The fact that they are autistic and Asian, they will have less of a chance to get a white girl or Asian girl. This will make their mental problems worse.


      • -” The guy’s adult wife shouldn’t not be hit like a child to be disciplined. ”

        Sorry typo, it should be, “The guy’s adult wife shouldn’t be hit like a child to be disciplined.”


      • Grow a fuckin’ spine, bro—don’t “white knight” for these crazy bitches. In fact, some women are perpetually in a child-like mental state (emotional and tantrummy) and must be disciplined by a man.

        And don’t get me wrong, for I love women (who are sane, that is); however, I’d knock a crazy bitch out if I saw her abusing a helpless child—let alone STABBING one to death. Have some dignity, damn it.


      • Z.J., get some help dude. Violence should not be tolerated! I’m guessing you’re a virgin and can’t get a girlfriend. It’s because you’re a violent motherfuker who has no respect for women. You’re just as bad as that white trash crackkker in the video above.


      • I’m a “virgin” ’cause I don’t agree with you? Nice logic (LOL). You need to grow the fuck up, boy.

        So, you’d just stand there like a little bitch as a child gets beaten or even killed by a crazy broad? It’s pussy-whipped Asian guys like you that give us Asian men that negative “effeminate/emasculate” stereotype. Pitiful you are.


      • Chill, just discuss the kids here. What can be done to help them? I will try to publish this in China / Taiwan and Hong Kong in an attempt to bring awareness to this.


      • To help these kids, all I can say this: It’ll be tough. The parents are an WMAF couple, after all (and, both, mentally ill)—they will be extremely possessive of their kids and will, most likely, be hostile to criticism or a even helping hand. They’re in China, so the best way IS to spread awareness amongst the community/society—best if these types of situations make it in the news to further reach out to the masses. It’ll surely prevent more kids (Hapa or not) from suffering at the hands of irresponsible parents.


      • For the children’s mental help, they need to be given up for adoption. They need a loving home where both parents are sane. The guy in video and his wife need to get their tubes tied so they don’t have anymore children. Problem solved!


      • Zigoat Jackass, did I say I would just stand there? Get your shit together and go to college. If a woman was hitting a child I would try to RESTRAIN her, I wouldn’t hit her. You’re ghetto Asian ass gives us Asian men a bad name. Good look getting a girlfriend in the future. Why do some ABC’s in America try to act ghetto? It’s disgusting.


      • Nice goin’ with your lousy attempt at ad hominems and whatnot. You’re being too emotional and childish, just like these White male man-childs I’ve encountered here and on YouTube (LOL). Again, grow up.

        Just to get it through your head, if restraint doesn’t work, then hitting a woman should only be a last resort. Asian women, in particular, will “play dirty” even if you restrain them (like biting you or injuring a man’s nuts). Obviously, you don’t have much experience with women (especially the crazy ones). Alright? Quit bein’ a bitch.


      • Z Jackass, you’re the one who needs to grow up and be rational. Violence doesn’t solve everything! From what you wrote, obviously you’ve been around too many crazy women of all races. Because of this, you have become a bitter pessimistic ghetto thug.


      • — “Violence doesn’t solve everything!

        Of course it doesn’t… did I even state such a thing? You’re just pulling assumptions after assumptions out your pitiful ass. Control your emotions and breath.

        Problems are best solved via dialogue & diplomacy (some folks—especially the mentally ill and/or violent—just CANNOT be dealt with via rationalization & logic). And I’m an Asian-American man… so, yes, I’ve seen many crazy women of all races (Ever seen the show Deadly Women?). Fortunately, I’ve never had a relationship with one (nor hit a woman) myself—and, hopefully, will never have to. Again, only a last resort.


  3. I’m constantly bewildered at how neither parties in these types of equations seem to do ANY introspection before deciding to pursue a committed relationship. The fault (white women and feminism/East Asian men simply not being white) seems to lie with everyone but themselves. Watching couples like this is like watching two trains collide and not being able to do a thing about it!

    I feel even worse for the kids. I am beginning to understand why so many are moved to do drastic things (suicide/homicide). Unless they have someone in their extended family that takes an active interest in helping to raise them despite their parents blunders, it can take decades to undue that type of damage. Eurasian Writer’s blog helps because it’s bringing much needed attention to this issue and before long I think, or at least I’m hoping that more Hapas will unite as a community to provide practical support and assistance to each other. Really, each other seems to be all they have.

    Just from what I’ve observed personally as a person whose been around Asians for half my life they definitely have a huge problem with white-people worshipping. I remember watching a documentary about mail-order bride type matchmaking companies in places like Russia and SE Asia. At one point, in Thailand, the director of a matchmaking service said that she’d been asked by western men (aka white men) if the women will worship him like he’s a god. How narcissistic and disgusting!!! I’ve seen for myself how in Asia some white men walk around as if they are gods. And to see people treating them as such…….it would literally make me feel nauseous.


    • — “…neither parties in these types of equations seem to do ANY introspection before deciding to pursue a committed relationship.

      Due to their narcissism, solipsism, self-absorption, narrow-mindedness, ineptitude, etc., etc. They’re simply unfit for any kind of relationship to begin with (let alone raising children).

      — “Really, each other seems to be all they have.

      Hapas who’re open-minded and self-aware about Hapa issueslike EW himself—are the ones who can help out other Hapas who are… well… open-minded and self-aware about Hapa issues, as well. I’ve seen some self-proclaimed Hapas—on EW’s YouTube vids, for example—who ridicule him and are too close/narrow-minded to grasp EW’s message(s) (some of them just CANNOT be helped nor dealt with—due to their upbringings and/or parental dynamics). Furthermore, positive and/or masculine Asian male role models/friends/etc. can help Hapas out, too (especially the Hapa males who have more distinct Asian features—i.e., “Asian-looking/passing”).

      — “Just from what I’ve observed personally… [Asians] …they definitely have a huge problem with white-people worshipping.

      And your personal observations do not lie—myself, as well as other self-respecting Asian men, can confirm this to a damn T. And the problem of “White-worship” usually lies with Asian females (although some Asian males—with self-esteem issues and whatnot—suffer from this “illness” as well). For example, just look at the skin-lightening/whitening products that are advertised via commercials ALL ACROSS East and Southeast Asia (even in South Asian countries like India). Video below confirms this and, indeed, it is a HUGE PROBLEM amongst Asians.


      • I have to admit, Asian girls who have lighter skin look slightly better. Those with brown skin look good, but not as good as the ones with lighter skin. Brown skin girls are like Hondas and light skinned Asian girls are like Lexuses. Hondas are nice cars and last long but Lexuses are better and more classier. Which one would you buy?


      • My Asian bro (assuming you’re an Asian guy like me)… no offense to you, but your mindset is bullshit—comparing light/dark-skinned Asian girls to cars? They’re not commodities, y’know (LOL).

        Anyways, that’s your preference… in reality, however, skin color doesn’t matter—it’s more about personality & character that truly makes a quality woman (personal hygiene is another factor in my book). Asian girls who are either naturally light or tan/dark-skinned should stay just the way they are—it’s the Asian girls who are naturally tan/dark but bleach/whiten their skin that have all the mental issues. Best stay the fuck away from ’em.


      • From what I’m learning just here on this blog many hapas are becoming more willing to admit the truth to themselves about the toxic households they were born into. And I’m sure that many other Asians will be there to offer help and support. Not surprisingly, most of the Asian men I know ARE masculine and competent. I think that it’s the hatred that they experience here in the west that makes them doubt themselves.

        By the way, I’m just so happy, in ways I can’t fully explain here in these comments, that there is someone with an Asian background that is calling out the white people worshipping that many Asians participate in. When I try to explain it to my friends or my family, they just completely don’t understand how deep it runs. Sometimes I regret having gone to Asia because I exposed myself to a deeper level of ENTRENCHED racist (white worshipping) views I had NEVER been exposed to before. Even though I’ve been navigating racist “minefields” all my life, Asia was sickening. I had a good time. But to witness other non-white people worship Europeans………truly disgusting!!! It’s one thing to show respect, which they deserve simply because they’re human, but to worship and venerate them?!? I don’t even want to imagine what goes on in a household where one of the parents is a white supremacist and the other worships them. I hope Eurasian Writer continues to call attention to this because it’s vile.

        To be honest though, skin bleaching isn’t unique to Asia. It has become a cancer among women of theAfrican diaspora as well. Black women are not doing it as an act of worship to white people. But the reasons do have roots in white supremacy. It’s complicated and many Black women are addressing this issue. But it just goes to show how wide-spread white supremacist ideology and how destructive it is.


      • We will need universal awareness of this from all Hapas. Many of them will be unwilling to do this for fear of losing their privilege. But unless this becomes something we can all rally behind it’s going to be worse, more people are going to die, and there are going to be more and more monsters out there. The pairing is completely unique in that it combines Asian female ferocity + white male racism to a degree unparalleled by anything else. It’s a disaster in the making.


      • — “…most of the Asian men I know ARE masculine and competent. I think that it’s the hatred that they experience here in the west that makes them doubt themselves.

        You’re right about that (I’ve got fellow Asian brethren from all across Asia and we discuss about this shit all the time)—and it can be damaging to the morale & psyche of individual Asian males out there (which can lead to an influx of suicide victims). But, then again, there’s more to that (which can get complicated for “outsiders” or for those who aren’t familiar with Asian male issues and/or the various Asian cultures/societies that we stem from). Many Asians will try to deny it, but there is an underlying inferiority complex that plagues Asian peoples—AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX TOWARDS WHITES. Just to give you a wide-rough (and historical) perspective, the Japanese have developed this Eurocentric-White fetish ever since Matthew C. Perry opened Japan to the West; China had a rude awakening when she realized that she wasn’t the “center of the universe” and the “barbarians (i.e., the Brits)” were at the gates (see Opium Wars); the vast majority of Filipinos—who are Christians of the Roman Catholic denomination (introduced/forced to/unto them by the White-Spanish conquistadors)—worship Jesus Christ who, although is a Middle Eastern Jewish figure, is seen as a “White man” (on a subconscious/unconscious level) by the brainwashed Filipino masses; nearly all present-day Southeast Asian countries were once colonized by Western powers—except for Siam (now Thailand—although present-day Thailand can be debated, as well); India was colonized by the Brits for a LONG time (some say ~200+ years, some ~400+ years—more or less, not exactly sure); the United States has played “big brother” in the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan (and still does to some degree); and so on and so forth. Asian peoples have a long stretch in which to recover from the effects of European/American (White) colonialism/jingoism. Anyways, if you’re interested and would like to delve more into “Asians”, you can also check out Reddit’s /r/AsianMasculinity and /r/AznIdentity (and, of course, /r/Hapas, as well).

        — “To be honest though, skin bleaching isn’t unique to Asia. It has become a cancer among women of theAfrican diaspora as well.

        Yeah… I’ve seen it and am aware of that (Trina McGee or Sammy Sosa, for example—more here: http://tinyurl.com/jmrale2). And it’s not just skin bleaching either—some take it to the “next level” by artificially changing their eye color (like this pathetic punk: http://tinyurl.com/z7gxunl). Just like Asians, these issues are underlying/deep-seated (subconscious/unconscious) and harkens back to the subjugation and colonization of Black Africans by the European powers. Fast forward to present-times… the difference between Asians and Blacks, however, is that Blacks have a stronger sense of identity & community and are less likely to “pander” (i.e., suck up/kiss ass) to the White-majority, Western societies in which they live (sadly, many Asians do this despicable behavior—especially Asian females). This Black girl, below, touches on this and says it like it fuckin’ is—and as a proud, self-respecting Southeast Asian guy myself, I’d choose a girl like her (whose values align with mine) over a so-called “beautiful” Asian girl any day.


      • I am familiar with some of the history of parts of Asia outside of Japan. I’ve been to a museum of history that’s dedicated to the arrival of Matthew Perry in Yokosuka, Japan. I remember learning that initially the Japanese made fun of white people’s noses. Now, well over a hundred years later, they desire to have or either marry white men with prominent noses. I’ve met Asian women who’ve told me that they want to look white. It’s like being white/European is something to aspire to. Anyways,I’ve also done a little reading about how the Philippines got their name. I think it’s really sad that the whole nation is named after a European monarch. But, it’s really no worse than what has happened in Africa.

        Actually, black people have been oppressed by the Arabs FAR LONGER than any European nation. The Arabs were the first encounter Black Africans ever had with white foreigners. And yes, in Africa Arabs (like Hosni Mubarak) are considered to be white. African men did a poor job of protecting African women and carelessly (poor strategy) gave them to the Arabs as wives and concubines. Before you know it, the children of these unions sided with the Arabs and became the “middle-man” the whites (Arabs) used to enforce Arab Islam and push the Blacks out of North Africa. In addition the Arab slave trade paved the way for the Europeans to ALSO rape and pillage Africa. And in some African countries, blacks are STILL being enslaved by white Arabs. In fact the Arab word for black people is Abeed meaning slave. Anyways, I think on some level Africans, especially, strongly believe that black is beautiful, especially considering how melanin is such a blessing and a protection when you live in the sub-saharan sun. I’ve talked with many Africans who believe that white people are weaker physically because their skin “can’t take sun”. So there is a sense of pride. But, throughout the centuries it seems like any foreigner with a boat and a dream could come in and invade Africa and push the blacks out of their land and further and further south. Smh!!! Since black Africans as a whole haven’t won any (or many defining) wars against Arabs or Europeans in nearly 3,000 years there is a sense of inferiority because they know that they are poor strategist.

        What that girl posted on facebook really had me thinking. In all the years I’ve been around Asians the majority of them are extremely status conscious. But I think for different reasons. It seems that the men just want to fit in, but the women are extraordinarily status hungry and are willing to throw their fathers, brothers, and sons down a flight of stairs for it. They’ve gotten found out and now it won’t be so easy to hide behind the cloak of “preference” anymore. Btw, I’m probably going to look up most of what you mentioned because I like history, so thanks for that.


      • @ZJ
        I just want to point out that initially African women were (foolishly) given to white Arabs as wives and concubines. But centuries later after the birth of Islam, Black women and children were handed over as sex slaves. The children of these unions though, before and after the birth of Islam, were treated as a buffer race and middle-man. They sided with their Arab fathers in conquering parts of Africa and enslaving the blacks.

        Sorry to get off track, but I had to make this correction.


      • — “…I’ve also done a little reading about how the Philippines got their name. I think it’s really sad that the whole nation is named after a European monarch.

        Hmmm… I’m impressed you know this (as most “Filipinos” themselves have no idea nor interest in the origin of their country’s name and their national demonym—from Philip II of Spain). They just ignorantly shout out “Filipino pride!” or “Proud to be Filipino/Pinoy!” without knowing its historical “stigma”. As I’ve stated earlier, I’m Southeast Asian—of full-Philippine, Southern indigenous (Mindanao) ancestry. Where my ancestry and bloodline stems from, we NEVER refer to ourselves as “Filipino”—due to the fact that the Spaniards NEVER fully conquered/subjugated the indigenous Muslim groups of the Southern Mindanao regions of what is now called the “Philippines” (contrary to what the West “believes” as “Philippine history”). Therefore, I was raised mostly in a Islamic (Islamo-Christian) household/environment (although, now I’m an atheist, as I can see that these Abrahamic, monotheistic religions are full of BS and are only a means to instill fear and control among the common masses).

        Anyways… I, as well, appreciate your insight into the history of the peoples of Africa. You and I share a common interest in world history. *wink*


    • Definitely-it makes me sick. No wonder hapa kids are generally messed up, the exceptions being as always the rare ones with parents who chose each other based on mutual respect and love rather than a fetish, and/or those who by pure chance pass as ‘white’ so aren’t reminded with every racial taunt of the sick system they were born into.


  4. “Loser back home” is a label affixed to an expatriate who was a loser in his home country and attempts to craft a new, more glamorous and interesting identity for himself in his new country of residence where no one knows him and the locals are unable to read the cultural signs which mark him as a loser. This often entails knavery, clumsy seductions of local women, public intoxication, and generally shameful behaviour that tarnishes the reputations of all the LBH’s fellow expats, causing them to be viewed forever after with suspicion and distaste. Like an alien entering into our atmosphere, we would be captivated by it’s differences and oddities, but far from our minds would be the label of a loser no matter how different they seemed.
    An LBH is a “special” type of person that just doesn’t quite fit in. Back home, they may have been teased, out-cast and shunned and either didn’t know how or want to change their behaviour, to be able to socialize on a day-to-day basis with others. This is why so many LBH’s flock to China because they are accepted for who they are and not judged and shunned as they would be back in our culture. Their impoliteness, loud mannerisms, overstated opinions and general know-it-all attitude would still make it a difficult process to attain the label of ‘loser’ in China, but like with any alien, one person will eventually step forward to learn more. It’s when you are another Westerner meeting this type of weirdo guy or girl, in China, that you can recognize the social awkwardness and gag reflex behaviours they provoke, and safely look into their eyes (if you can manage this) and think that’s an LBH in the flesh!
    For those of us who don’t possess a finely tuned LBH-radar, here are just a few ways to spot one:
    Never had a successful career – has moved from place to place and job to job (train wreck to train wreck)
    Doesn’t have a stable family life – often has left a string of broken dysfunctional relationships and a number of children to different partners and has not contributed to the financial support of them (train wreck to train wreck)
    Is in China because he couldn’t make anything of himself in [insert western country name]
    Lacks self-awareness
    Has delusions of grandeur (e.g. thinks himself a misunderstood genius)
    Invents an exciting and interesting background story about his life at home (that doesn’t make sense on closer inspection)
    Indignant/angry/violent when details of his back-story are questioned or discovered to be obviously false
    Expert on China and all things Chinese (likely to live in a western style gated community, drinks and eats almost exclusively in western style bars and restaurants, has probably never been more than one hour from home-base)
    Expert on foreign politics, Chinese politics and anything newsworthy and will argue his opinion whether you want to hear it or not.
    Believes themselves to be untouchable and above the law (I’m an [insert country], they can’t do anything to me/I know [insert title of local official they met once])
    Dear friends, if you know an LBH or meet one (oh the humanity), smile, agree with everything they say then politely excuse yourself and get the hell away from them. Should you develop a relationship you will be automatically assumed to also be an LBH and when something bad does inevitably occur you will also go down with them.

    (Some of this blog is copied from others and some is original content. This is the internet afterall.)

    Comments and personal stories about an LBH you have met are welcome.



    • Generally, they are a little older in age too, usually 30+. I’ve seen plenty of weeaboos & koreaboos who go to Japan/Korea to teach at a younger age(typically just out of college) to get experience and make a living whilst immersing themselves in their oft times cultural fetish. Some of these will return to normal lives. But also, I’m certain many of these, especially males, will go on to become full blown LBH.


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