Half Asian Pro-Gamer says “F*** Koreans.”

Professional gamer “MapleStreet” – son of an Asian (possibly Korean) mother, and a White father – berates Korean players in order to fit in. Another sad case of a half Asian with an Asian mother who lives a life of sadness and isolation and submission and demonstrates his hatred for Asianness.

This phenomenon of “I’m not Asian” being spoken by clearly half-Asian sons was even documented by the New York Times.

10 thoughts on “Half Asian Pro-Gamer says “F*** Koreans.”

  1. This self-hating Asian will have mental problems later on. White society doesn’t see him as white, he will always be Asian to them. Two Wongs don’t make a white everyone knows this, however Mrs. Wong (Wrong) and Mr. Wright (Right) don’t make a white.


  2. While there could definitely be potential underlying aspects to this but this is completely out of context. The player in question plays a very popular computer game where the Korean competitive teams and players are arguably the best and have won 4 years in a row their world championships. Additionally, it’s been stated that he’s half Chinese and half Scottish with his mom is from Hong Kong and his dad from Scotland.


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