“My son won’t look Asian! He’ll be a superior half Asian and won’t have problems with being the son of a fetish couple!

Half Asian son of a white dad from the Air Force and a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant mom makes videos documenting the self-hatred and white supremacy in the Asian-American community

This is him now.

This guy has a Chinese mom, and White American father. Apparently his mother was a Chinese prostitute and his dad a typical… I guess… that kind of guy.

By the way, as if I needed to reiterate this any more – the kid is mentally ill, but not less than my brother. Ignore his video message, I just randomly selected his video.

Keep in mind:

  • Bottom of the barrel white men go for Asian women
  • Asian women actively seek out white men to “integrate” and to avoid racism and to join in on societal-wide Asian  bashing.
  • Racist white men love Asian women, as I’ve pointed out before.
  • Racist white men + Asian women join in on laughing at Asian men, calling them small dicked losers, etc.
  • Asian women themselves don’t care, since “personal choices” and all, but they do actively contribute to anti-Asian racism
  • Mentally ill Asian women who default to a violent, controlling white guy
  • Broken homes, broken marriage
  • Racism against the sons as Asian women seek to integrate into small towns
  • Tiger Momming, Asian parenting style of violent and deprivation

What do you think would happen? If you don’t think Hapa young men need extra support you’re delusional.

BTW this a picture of an AMWF couple. The AMWF couple, in this case, features a very atypical looking Asian male + a very beautiful White woman. Both are above and beyond “average.” Yet for some reason below average White men and Asian women are convinced they produce Eurasian Brad Pitts.

Am I cherrypicking that generally AMWF couples are more equivocal and generally have standards?



7 thoughts on ““My son won’t look Asian! He’ll be a superior half Asian and won’t have problems with being the son of a fetish couple!

  1. Those guys are all gay looking for Asian women to be beards. Also, the announcers are the most effeminate oafs imaginable. This is gay dating game


  2. I live in Beijing. And I have noticed that among my circle, although Asian Male/ White Female couples are very rare, when they do occur the White Female is always conservative, wholesome, oftentimes a Republican voter. So another irony is that a lot of these white supremacists men, who idealize a traditional white girl from a rural or Southern part of the U.S, are being beaten out by Chinese men. Maybe White supremacist, white genocide-believing, conspiracy theory-believing, holocaust denying white guys are too much even for the most conservative of white girls. (Other studies have also shown that when it comes to Asian men dating out, they actually do better among conservative, republican voting girls instead of liberal democratic girls)


  3. Dude in last pic looks Kazakh, girl looks Russian. If its the case they could be in Kazakhstan. Wrong example then. These silly savages over there have not caught up with race dynamics.


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