Imagine a child born from this

Just a reminder.

My father is an extremely ineffective, unemployed, emotionally deranged man. Hyper racist, hyper religious, believes in conspiracy theories (Bush did 9/11, Jews created the Protocols of Zion, chemtrails, FEMA camps) unable to meet eye contact, unable to withstand confrontation – even abandoning his hapa son on the street when he felt “menaced” by two men walking his way.

My mother was mentally ill; she believed marriage to him would increase her social standing, and her mental state became worse as she realized the man she married was a monumental loser who abandoned his retirement plan because he believed the Revelation was nigh.

All in all, Asian women do have white fever, and they do not care what kind of man can fulfill it – and unfortunately for them, only the worst do.

Be warned.

4 thoughts on “Imagine a child born from this

  1. Tie her up, whip her and anally violate her a few times AND that bullshit Ends! You gotta be man…an All American White Guy!


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