I wish non-Asian people could understand the shit we go through; and other brutal truth about being half Asian

Most people do not like WMAF. The history of it is repulsive, and the imbalance of it, is telling. I don’t care that Asian women want to rebel against their strict parents, or whatever. If 50-60% of Asian women are perfectly fine with Asian guys – that means that not all Asian males are bad. 

When my wife and I first started dating, I did consider myself Chinese, but I was deranged, so I was obsessed with Naziism and trying to look as white as possible. I wore Ralph Lauren, had a Nazi youth cut. After all – all the white men the women in my family had married were ultra conservative, ranging from Giuliani-ists, to Pat Buchnanists, to Hitler-ists (my dad). And when out with her, I would get nasty stares – not from Asian men (which happened once and made me feel like shit because I’m half Asian and have been told that I was less because of it), but from Asian women themselves.

A Chinese woman who was around my age literally gave me a death stare while out with my wife. Then, a while later, a “normal” white waiter, a young man, at a TGIF or Red Robin or some steakhouse grilled me REALLY hard for being with an Asian woman.

Most “normal” men don’t date Asian women because the history of it looks really bad, it is incredibly unbalanced, and it just looks…. really bad. I mean really bad. I’m half Asian and  after these experiences, I went to lengths to disguise my white heritage, while out with my wife, because of the looks that I got from… you guessed it, other Asian women. Even other normal white men grill me HARD when I’m out with her, because it looks bad. So I started wearing my hair back, dressing like a Kpop star (yankees cap, white sneakers) and now people think I’m Korean, and the problems went away over night.

Also in solving these problems, I realized that being Asian was okay; ironically by embracing my Asianness, I probably avoided an Elliot Rodger episode where I would have spent the rest of my life trying to be white, like most half Asians.

This doesn’t however prevent other white-worshipping Asian women from either looking at me with disgust (half the time), and the other time, looking at me like I’m some kind of prize for their white worship. It’s all very confusing and I can imagine how hard this is on many half Asians. The whole thing is insane.

AMWF kids don’t have these problems. From what I understand, most “normal” white men probably accept AMWF and like to see Asian men do well. WMAF is largely about autistic, problematic white men with fucked up notions about Asians in general, and Asian women who want status. It’s literally worst of both worlds.

So I hope non-Asians can at least give us some leniency, if at least let half Asians know that they’re okay.


28 thoughts on “I wish non-Asian people could understand the shit we go through; and other brutal truth about being half Asian

    • Dude, no offense but you can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to have a fetish couple as parents. The worst of your problems probably have to do with racism – imagine your own mother saying shit about Asian guys and you look in the mirror and see an Asian guy.


      • I get that the dynamics is a bit different, but AMWF couples also have their baggage. One shouldn’t assume that they are more progressive and undertanding. In fact my parents suit the general scheme = white person with issues + Asian with issues seeking status or whatever it is…

        It’s far more than just racism. I’ve never got any support from my parents concerning these issues. “it’s just in head” “Everyone has problems” “Don’t exaggerate” They don’t understand what I’m going through either. Hapa experience is alienating either way.


  1. I don’t see anything wrong with afwm couples or their children.I”m white my wife is asian both of our daughters are collage educated one is a nurse the other is a school teacher.I have friends that are doctors Hapa


    • As if collage education was an indicator here. That’s just on the surface. It does not exclude the inner struggles.


      • I have a hapa son. If it’s OK to ask, what issues should I be aware of when it comes to am/ wf couple hapa issues? Would really appreciate any answers or advice.


  2. I really enjoy breeding asian women because they love to give birth to children with more occidental features. I do feel for the plight for the Asian. I do what I can and we all should. Every Asian woman needs to thick veiny white phallus stretching her womb to the tearing point.


      • You owe all women an apology, you misogynist. There’s nothing disgusting than you putting down white women and seeing and treating Asian women like toys. Men like you are the reason why feminism exist in general. Once you procreate with an Asian girl and find out that your kid is a “slant-eyed”, or looks more Asian, that’s your karma for bashing Asian men. I’ve seen a handful of white men with your mentality who got their karma for being a racist misogynist. Good luck with that.


      • You are such a buzz kill. I am planning on bringing in the new year with a bang. I’m having a breeding party with all my favorite Asians ladies. I’m hoping to knock up 5 or 6 of them and have happy couples ready to adopt my beautiful hapa Babies! I split the proceeds with my mamasans and we are one bIG happy. So where in that equation does it sound like I hate women. I have an expanded appreciation of women that is beyond your ability to comprehend.


      • Dude, you’re a misogynist. I don’t have to prove your point that you treat women “fair”. Reread every single comment of yours in this blog and if you can’t see how disrespectful you are to women, you prove yourself that you’re a racist misogynist. You’re going to the blog where creepy white men are exposed. Keep talking and keep proving Eurasian’s writer perspective.


      • Top08 – Do you seriously think a human being would have as crazy breeding party and write about it? Maybe Trump would. Now I write all kinds of nonsense to get a rise out of people. But Eurasian writer isn’t wrong. Ok, he had a fucked up childhood and family, but I do see the trend he writes about. It isn’t all in his head.

        Now, can I get back to my ritualistic breeding altar and ceremony? LOL


    • I’m an AM and I grew up in all white area in North Dakota and man did I get a lot of white a**. As I moved to more diverse neighborhoods in Minnesota, I still dated white women but then got my shaft wet with my first Asian women and I was hooked. After dating few more Asian randoms, I ended up with an Asian girl who similarly grew up in all white small town. She cheated on her white boyfriend with me while she was away for college and we ended up dating for 5 years. I’m married now to a girl that fits my needs. She is a hapa girl. Both her parents were hapa but they were straight Asian fobs. Her features are from the Anglo-Saxon and culturally mixed of an Asian fob girl, Minnesota nice, and a hint of thug life from her time spent in ATL as a teen.
      I grew up around white people my whole life and some of my friend’s parents were like my parents. I tell you that white men compete with each other white males and there are many beta white males that can’t compete for the white female. The white girls above a 6 know their hot and only go for the alpha males. There are so many beta average white males like there are beta average Asian males. I notice many beta white males go for Asian females because those Asian females are insecure about their own self vs those of white females. They are worst because they try to remove all Asian self and easy prey for those beta white males. It works both ways. I was friends with this WMAF couple. She was a rich girl from overseas and was in the US for college. She was extremely beautiful, well-educated, and worked for the big four accounting firm. The guy was just a white nerd but well educated. My friends and I were wondering why she married this nerdy white guy. He was totally out of her league. We find out they are getting a divorce just in time to qualify for a green card.
      @ Real American Man, you sound like a beta loser white male because you feel you so much more superior to those FOB nerdy Asian males and getting low self-worth Asian girls. Total ego booster isn’t it from what you are used to from the white males and females.


    • I gotta throw a flag on this Story! Putting aside the Asian geek with glassessential stereotype for just a second (only a second), that woman it TOO HOT for the nerd.


  3. “Even other normal white men grill me HARD when I’m out with her, because it looks bad.”

    How does it look bad? Do they think you are a sexpat?

    When you see white expats holding hands with Chinese women does it make you disgusted?


  4. White man here who loves Asian women. You sound so self-loathing, I’m surprised you haven’t shot up a school or shopping mall yet. Why are you so fucking beta that you burn with jealousy when you see a white man with an asian woman?


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