My experiences as a Eurasian around Asian women in the U.S. as well as in Asia proves how fickle their definition of “love” Is and how Asian women don’t actually “love.”

Above is a current thread from Reddit where a half Asian woman describes her experiences being stared at by Asian women, an experience I have also shared and which causes me a lot of discomfort and anger.

For reference, I am 6’0″, relatively half-half looking, good looking, and look more like a Central Asian / Xinjiang person than a full blooded Asian. I will detail my experiences with Asian women, both Asian American, and Asian-Asian women, in an attempt to demonstrate just how their “love” isn’t actually love, and how they seem to come and go with the tides rather than forming relationships like normal people.

Keep in mind that Asian women, and only Asian women, marry out at an incredible rate, implying that they are unique in their mating choices and that they take race into consideration while dating – rather than love.

My experiences in the US are as follows.

  • Very positive interactions with some non-Asian women,  some of whom are very, very beautiful, who seem to be attracted to my looks, or my abilities, but generally do not want to maintain a relationship, because, I suspect, I am half Asian, and an average looking white guy from a well off family is far superior.
  • Asian American women in relationships with white men will ALWAYS give me snide looks in passing. I don’t know why but I suspect this is because of their haughty “this is what we can make.” Other times when I am out with a woman, they will give me a “stare” and sometimes will even drop their boyfriends’ hand – proving that they don’t actually like the white male.
  • Asian American women with their white boyfriends (generally unattractive) will always look at me with a smirk on their face – to which I frown given that I find their white worshipping disgusting.
  • Asian American women with their white boyfriends will sometimes just stare at me with what I can only describe as a look of desperation – like just a sad, distant look.
  • Asian American women will sometimes, on finding out that I am half Asian, view me with repulsion or disgust – ironic since they are the ones creating half Asian sons like me.
  • I noticed that many Asian American women with their white boyfriends / husbands, seem to be completely miserable, rarely talk, look very depressed, and have a cold, standoffish behavior with them, which oftentimes involves a very nagging, condescending tone. My cousins and aunts, all of whom are in relationships with white men, are with men who are extremely awkward, weird (one has extreme allergies to virtually everything, another who is 5’5″ and can’t drive) and routinely humiliate or degrade them behind their backs, or even in front of them (arguing about directions).

My experiences in China are as follows.

  • Asian women ignore me. By and large, Asian women in Asia want Asian men, and even the lower class women are immune to my “charms and looks.”
  • Asian women in Asia will not chase down foreigners, due to social stigma. The ones that came onto me were morbidly obese or generally ugly with horrible skin defects (giant moles).
  • Asian women who date white men tend to be very ugly, and I get similar “looks” from them in Asia, as if they want to feel as if they are “justified” in their racial preference.

All points indicate to the fact that Asian women don’t seem to marry for love. Looking at my parents’ sexless, loveless marriage, I realize that she married primarily for integration and whiter children, and after realizing the very cold, callous nature of how Asian women view marriage, and seeing how cold my parents’ marriage was, I realized how depraved they are.

A thread is up on Reddit now, if anyone is interested, where Eurasian girls discuss being gawked at by Asian girls in public.


12 thoughts on “My experiences as a Eurasian around Asian women in the U.S. as well as in Asia proves how fickle their definition of “love” Is and how Asian women don’t actually “love.”

  1. I think the majority of Chinese women in China want to date/marry someone they can communicate in Chinese with. They also want someone who understands and practices Chinese culture.

    I’ve seen those WMAF relationships where one partner does all the talking and the other one is quiet and autistic like. It’s either the white male talking to the Asian female in English or the Asian female talking to the white guy in Chinese. I don’t think they are totally understanding each other. What kind of relationships are these? If your relationship lacks any mutual communication, I think you need to break it off.


  2. Hi, I just discovered this blog, it’s a very interesting read (I just read a small part of it yet) but I must admit that something already puzzles me, as a Frenchman. Out of those articles, I get the feeling that the racial question is much, much more pregnant in the USA than it is in Europe (1). I compare to my experience at home, actually I was childhood friend with a family of 4 children who fled Laos at the time of the boat people, and as far as I remember, the main question for the children was wether to remain inside the large but rather reclusive Laotian refugees community, or to go and make friends outside the community. Their parents tried their best to make their children become integrated as completely as possible, but on the other hand they also tried to make them know Laotian culture and buddhism.

    To sum that up, I felt that for my Laotian friends and their families, culture and religion were something a lot more important than what you would call “race”. I don’t know if I’m right, but if I am: is it because French ethics negate the whole concept of “race”? Or because Laotians identify as Laotians first, as Buddhists second and hardly at all as “Asians”? I would gladly read testimonies to enlighten me about that aspect of the question.

    (1) I wouldn’t even use the word “race” if I was writing in my own language, because, a) boy do I hate that word, b) the concept of human races died when the Red Army took Berlin, end of story.


    • Erratum: in the previous post forget the word “pregnant”, it’s a mistranslation from the French word “prégnant”, which means “significant”.


    • WmAw is racist by default so, no. There’s a reason you didn’t travel to Saudi Arabia or Argentina. Because you know your whiteness doesn’t go far there.


  3. “Once we deny the idea that different cultures have different beauty standards, Xu gets down to brass tacks in a stinging critique of Chinese society, blasted for being too focused upon the material world:

    “When finding their (ideal marriage) partner, many foreigners aren’t like we Chinese in being so fixated on things like appearances, money, or power. Instead, they are looking for something compatible with (the other person’s) inner quality. They want to find a real, authentic soul mate.””


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