?One of Elliot Rodger’s Victims, George Chen’s mother blames Rodger’s mother. “His ridiculous Asian mother brainwashed him with severe self-hate…”


Asian women know my blog is 100% correct. They know their sons will look Asian, no matter what – and that it is fundamental to not create an environment that will hurt them.

However, the ones that do know this and don’t care just hope for a daughter. Example 1. Example 2.  The ones that know this and care just sit by in desperation. Nobody knows Asian women better than Asian women.

Koto Nakamura was astounded when she was told her new baby was a boy.

As I’ve said – Asian women nowadays even go so far as to attack half Asian men as being no different from full Asians. They are literally attacking their own sons ten years before they are born. Expect more Elliot Rodgers. This is the soundest warning you’ve ever heard; black people, white women, other Asian women, Latinos, Muslims – be very aware of this.


By the way, in 18 months we’ve amassed such a large collection of information that it’s no longer viable to just store it on Reddit. I will try to post as much of it as I can on HalfAsian.org – if people are looking to explore this topic more… I’m aware that there are ethnographers, black activists, even white nationalists, or just people interested in why their friends behave a certain way, reading on this subject, so you’re free to take what you want from there.

4 thoughts on “?One of Elliot Rodger’s Victims, George Chen’s mother blames Rodger’s mother. “His ridiculous Asian mother brainwashed him with severe self-hate…”

  1. That Twitter feed says it all. Girls are indoctrinated by society to think of asian men as undesirable as a partner, even by asian women, as if they have a higher status in society.

    When really, their status is almost always to be on the side of a socially undesirable white man double/thrice his age


  2. This kelly woman is either a fake account or she really doesnt know what she is saying. Self hate ? Why does she and her dead son have western names ? Why didnt she teach him to protect himself against a crazed racist white man that killed 3 Asian men ? Many real Chinese families teach their children how to fight and get them into martial arts at a very young age. It is “Kelly” Wangs fault her son is dead.

    His Asian father is also to blame, he is a failure which is why we need strong father figures like white men. Not tiny feminine Asian men. They are not men. They should be left in the fields to perish after birth not the baby girls.


    • Who are you to say that they shouldn’t have western names? They have the right to have western names. And who are you to tell that the “Asian” father should have done his job properly just so his son can protect himself from a racist hapa? Everything happened within a heat of a moment! You must have never experienced an actual shooting before. Believe it or not, they go by very fast. You can never detect who the shooter is going to shoot next! You’re ignorant and your attitude proves the point from Eurasian writer in all of the articles.


      • ^amen. You said it better than myself. Noorelluh, your love for Asian woman to satisfy your fantasy is so strong that you have to emasculate Asian men and dehumanized Asian women who are involved with Asian men. Your half Asian son in the future, no matter how white he looks, is still Asian because of his DNA 🙂


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