?Have a half Asian son on the way? Let me explain what he’s in for, in 2016. Nuanced racism!


One of many half Asians who have died at their own hand.

Anyone interested in a brutally honest explanation of what it means to be half Asian with a white dad and an Asian mom, and what your children will experience, let me save you the time and do it for you. Are you an Asian woman who absolutely hates Asian males and is going to have kids with a white guy? I feel sorry as hell for the kids, so I hope you have as many kids as you can, so you can feel the pain I felt. 

Are you an Asian guy with a white woman or vice versa? Oh, wait, lest I forget, the white women who seek out Asian men or happen to fall in love with them are anti-racist, have to deal with mountains of shit and passive aggressiveness from society and create children who go onto win Academy Awards and make the world a more beautiful place, while the White men who seek out Asian women and vice versa are oftentimes hyper-white-supremacist and get a free ride.

Let me explain in skin-crawling detail the reality of being half Asian (the bad kind, the kind that are under 190cm and have more stereotypically dainty Asian features, so in other words, the reality as opposed to the fantasy).

  • You’re Asian; maybe it shows up in your eyes, or your hair, or your cheekbones, or your body. You grow up knowing your own parents both hated Asian men. You see White men and Asian women walking down the street by the hundreds; and none of the reverse. But you look in the mirror – and see an Asian guy, or your white friends will literally sit in front of you (this happened to me so many times I lost count) and nitpick your Asian features, to humiliate and degrade you, even though I don’t even look that Asian. You get turned down for being Asian? “Just be yourself, son.” You faced discrimination? Your dad shrugs his shoulders. You might have whiter skin and be slightly taller – you’re still Asian in white society’s eyes.
  • Family? What family? Because of the lingering racism and self-hatred in your family members, your entire family will be disjointed, your mother (who probably like mine is completely depressed, miserable and married due to deep, deep self-hatred and status) and father (who actually permitted such extreme bias simply because it was an easy way for him to have sex) will constantly be fighting because of cultural clash (my parents were in separate bedrooms their whole lives despite trying to put on an image of a happy White / Asian couple), and you’re essentially on your own, from start to finish. Did your mom emotionally abuse you because she was hateful, and mentally ill, and had this insane complex where she Tiger Mommed my full Asian looking brother, and ignored and beat me because I looked nothing like her? Mine sure did. I was surprised to even see Chinese moms holding their children’s hands when I first came to China! Sometimes I wonder if my mother’s coldness to me was because I looked nothing like her.
  • Your friends will all say extremely racist shit to you about other Asians, assuming you don’t care. Examples: “There are so many Asians here in the library.” “He’s a try hard, he’s an overcompensating Asian.” “You blend in here (i.e., Flushing, San Fran, Chinatown, Shanghai).” “Are you taller than everyone in China?” I can’t stand all these Asian engineers here.”
  • In fact, men will say extremely racist things about Asian people while having sex with Asian women. I had a non-white (Middle Eastern) roommate for three years in college who did the same thing; and he humiliated Asians constantly despite having sex with Asian women – because they were the easiest (especially Chinese immigrants, and even funnier, a Hapa girl at UMass Amherst). He was then surprised and disappointed with me, when after three years of doing this to me, when I became super racist, and a white nationalist, in an attempt to compensate for my Asian blood.
  • Think you can use your “high status” and “white skin” in Asia? Think again! Once I arrived in Asia, I went from being a handsome man who would be turned down for being Asian in America – to being a man who was ignored as being part of the Xinjiang minority. I have to listen to my coworkers talk about how shorter, uglier English teachers were “so handsome” – reminding me over and over that it wasn’t my Chinese blood I was to be proud of; but how my mother was “one of those” who took me away from the burgeoning economy of China and gave me a “life” that was hell on earth with barely enough food to eat because she needed a white man.
  • Especially fun is when you walk down the street (with a girl) and other white male / Asian woman couples will look at you in a way that makes your skin crawl; as if they truly think they own you, and think that their racist relationship is justified in “creating” you. However, when I wear glasses, I just become another Chinese guy – and I’ve seen Asian women look at me with such disgust in their eyes – one of their own sons.
  • Asian people do not accept you unless you speak fluently and change your last name to an Asian one. Expect a lifelong experience of being called “white” by Asians, and Asian by whites. The only difference between the two is that Asians don’t say it in a way that is meant to degrade and dehumanize you.
  • When white people find out that your mother is Asian they will nod, “of course.”
  • People will seek to degrade you by bringing up your Chinese or Asian heritage. “You look Asian when you wear ________.” This is uniformly an insult. 
  • Nobody cares at all about your Asian side; they will respond with “cool,” but generally they will seek to humiliate and bring you down with it; when you try to explore other cultures, even your own. Examples: “You’re not German, you’re Asian.” 
  • Sometimes, people will remind you that the only reason you’re “handsome” is because you’re “not full Asian.”
  • In Western society – the pathological hatred for Asians is so extreme – that any ounce of blood becomes a point to attack you with. Now, I assume Asian women understand this and try to breed it out, with white men. Or maybe it’s because Asian women truly believe white men are innocent Prince Charmings and don’t care. The only problem with this is that it just reinforces your son’s “laughable” low status in society. Hollywood has been writing Eurasian characters with White dads and Asian moms as bit parts since the 40’s.
  • Many white women will despise you after finding out you have Asian blood. Asian American / British women in particular will hate you even more, hence it was always a good idea of me to play down my Asian heritage. So extreme was this that I considered wearing blue contacts and coloring my hair to be “super white.” I turned into a raging racist and lost all of my friends because I wanted to be white, that bad. 
  • Mentioning you are Asian at all is a fast track to getting sidelined even in online dating. In fact, for years, I just put “white.”
  • It’s much better, and more convenient to identify as White in order to avoid blatant discrimination in work and dating making Asian pride ridiculous.
  • Expect no support from home; after all, since the marriage itself was built on such flimsy foundation of hatred, white male racism and escapism, that the marriage will have been broken 20 years from now – and your mom just saying “you’re white.” 
  • Your dad of course, has no idea what we have to go through.
  • Dating – what a shit show! 95% of White women do not want a single ounce of Asian blood. Westernized Asian women don’t, either! Westernized Asian women are notorious for openly voicing their hatred of Asian guys! But then again, Asian women from Asia probably don’t want us either! Hapa girls – we all know they inherit their mother’s hatred of Asian men, so dating another Hapa is almost impossible. Then let’s also remember how our Asian moms try to push us towards Asian girls in a weird attempt to control us out of their own insecurity.
  • Confusion! Even Amanda Rosenberg, marketing manager of Google Glass, has admitted to being mentally ill!


How do you circumvent these problems? Fairly easily. Make sure you marry the tallest, biggest, strongest white man you can, and make sure your kid has the emotional endurance of T-1 tank so that he can survive the next 20 years!

37 thoughts on “?Have a half Asian son on the way? Let me explain what he’s in for, in 2016. Nuanced racism!

  1. Hey man, you just have to learn to love yourself. Maybe if you stopped being such a geek or so angry all the time, more girls would want you. Lift weights brah. You can’t change who you are. Just suck it up; there’s no use complaining. If you work your hardest, it doesn’t matter what race you are.

    Nah, I’m just kidding. I hear that shit all the time though. How’s life in China ET? How’s dating?


  2. I can empathize with some of this, especially my sh*t parents having such a horrible marriage. In the end though, they really did love each other and did the best they could.

    I can’t really relate to people asking me “what are you” because I look 100% white. That pale white alabaster skin you describe as common among hapas makes me look even whiter. My brother however, looks very Asian but I don’t think he’s ever dealt with any anti-Asian discrimination from neither whites nor Asians I suspect because he is an ultra masculine alpha male type sitting at the top of the sexual market food chain. He had a terrible relationship with my mother but I think it was because she was a selfish c*nt and not because he looked Asian (I could be wrong about that).

    It’s pretty sad that the only insurance we have in life being born a hapa is whether or not you’re one of the lucky few to hit the genetic lottery and turn out very attractive, because it’s apparent the alternative to that is nothing short of pure disaster. Then again, it makes you think, is it possible that ugly people of all races face the same struggles, just in their own significant way?


    • — “…my sh*t parents having such a horrible marriage. In the end though, they really did love each other and did the best they could.

      Nope… do you see just how contradictory that is? Sorry to break it to ya, but your parents are but the typical WMAF fetish couple (explained over and over again on this site). There was no love to begin with.

      And just so you know (if you haven’t already), WMAF Eurasian females—”White-passing” or not—often have it “easier” than their WMAF Eurasian male counterparts. A Eurasian male who “looks Asian”—like Thomas up there—WILL experience shit/misery in their lives (which, in his case, drove him to “end it all” via suicide).


      • Nice of you to make assertions about my life, you uppity arrogant jackoff. My parents were together until death, never slept in separate beds, stuck by each other through hard times and loved each other to the end. My father’s issue was alienation of affection towards my mother because that’s how he was raised by his father (men of my father’s generation notoriously frowned upon showing any sort of “feminine” softness or traits). He didn’t honor his marriage vows and my mom sought affection elsewhere and cheated, meanwhile always begging my father to be romantic, to tell her she was pretty when she dressed up for him instead of being constantly ignored by him. He refused. What’s a wife, or husband, supposed to do?

        No marriage is perfect but I am actually one of the only kids in my peer group whose parents didn’t wind up divorced. They loved each other, never hated each other, were never abusive, didn’t drink or take pills and were never thrown in jail for violent psychotic outbursts. I grew up in a normal family environment especially compared to my white friends’ parents who are all divorced.

        Both of my brothers look Asian and have never had any problems dating or marrying up. They are also well off and well adjusted men. My nephews are also hapas and are successful young athletes who are very popular, socially apt, well-developed young men. We are a big family of hapas who are far more functional than most modern white children from white families or otherwise. We also have great genetics, my brother was drafted as a professional baseball player, my mother was a model in the Phillipines and my dad was an extremely handsome Scandinavian man. My family is living proof the hapa combination can work IF the couple has superior genetics to begin with and are not the disgusting, defunct genetic rejects found in most WM/AF.


      • — “Nice of you to make assertions about my life…

        Not you, dear—your parents. It was a simple and short paragraph—you fail in reading comprehension. Unless I specifically ask or am interested (which I didn’t/am not), I don’t give a damn about the details of your life. So, I’m gonna say it and I’m gonna say it again: “Your parents are but the typical WMAF fetish couple. There was no love to begin with.” With the info you’ve divulged, it’s clear as day as to what your parents’ relationship is/was like. For your info, Eurasian Writer’s parent’s never divorced either, yet there was no love between them. It just goes to show that Asian women tend to be clingy and desperate, especially if they have a White husband. Now, however, that you’ve willingly shared a little more about yourself, I’m going to dissect your flaws

        — “My family is living proof the hapa combination can work IF the couple has superior genetics to begin with and are not the disgusting, defunct genetic rejects found in most WM/AF.

        LOL… you have a fuckin’ superiority complex—an attitude of superiority that conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure. Also, nice job being condescending toward other WMAF Hapas (that’s sure to bring their spirits up, if they read your comments… LOL). Did you get that characteristic from your FAILipina mother? Philippine women have a tendency to exhibit snobbish behavior, especially once they’ve snatched themselves a “prized” White male (as with many other Asian women). It’s not all about “superior genetics”, but whether an individual had a fortunate or unfortunate upbringing (with that attitude of yours, you fall in the latter), including one’s morals, values and the like.

        You’ve pointed out that “I look 100% White“, but ALWAYS remember: You ARE a WMAF Hapa/Eurasian. Whether you like it or not, your Asian bloodline and heritages (Philippine and Japanese) will always follow you. Now, get off your high horse… alright, bitch?


      • Indeed… I’ve pointed out before that I have a younger male WMAF Eurasian cousin (who had a very rough childhood/upbringing)—one of the reasons why I can empathize for troubled WMAF Hapas. Fortunately, he had Asian male role models in his life to look up to (me being one of ’em).


      • You can pretty much go suck a dick, you plebeian churl. Indeed, I have a “superiority complex” (btw only inferior losers spout that kind of crap) because unlike you, I didn’t come from a family of genetically abysmal ugly freaks, my parents were beautiful and my whole family is beautiful. I can have any gorgeous successful white man I want, athletes, doctors, musicians, ANY man I choose. Too bad the rest of you butthurt sad sacks can’t fathom the same for yourselves. Cry more, you whiny toddler. Life just isn’t fair. 😉

        I’ve never lied about my heritage to anyone, I’ve never felt inferior, I’ve never felt like I didn’t belong. Unlike you, I don’t have to hide from my heritage in shame. Keep projecting, maybe your therapist can give you some stronger pills to help you cope with your hapa psychosis. Meanwhile I’m hitting the gym and dating ballers. Muahz :*


      • Initially, I was being cordial with you, you know? Your comments show a lot about yourself and own deep-seated insecurities… but if you wanna be like that, then go right on ahead, baby.



      • “The trip to France and England began shortly after my birthday. We had been talking about it for a while at father’s house, and I was really excited to go. We traveled on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. I was extremely enthusiastic about this, as I always loved luxury and opulence.
        We stopped by in England for a couple of days to say hello to grandma Jinx. The cousins weren’t there, they were already in France, so it was a bit boring. When we arrived in France, the feeling of wonder and curiosity swept over me as it always did when I visited a foreign country. The last time I was in France, I was only a few weeks old. This was the first time I was able to truly experience the country. France was a whole different world, and it was a world that I liked. French culture is so exquisite and refined compared to American culture.”


      • Elliot Rodger’s family may have had money and prestige but what they obviously didn’t have is strong family values. According to what I’ve read, he was neglected by his father most of his life, he didn’t participate in any sports or recreational activities for young males, and he was socially retarded having been sheltered in his opulent lifestyle away from commingling with girls as well as his peers. His neglectful parents threw him in front of big screen of his home theater to play video games and watch porn his entire life, which no wonder why he was an effeminate, neurotic, deranged nut.

        The difference between Rodger and my family, particularly my brothers is that we weren’t rich, we weren’t privileged and we weren’t raised to be shut-ins. We were ballpark, baseball-bag toting, middle class Americans. My brothers were heavily involved in sports and outdoor activities which I think is 100% crucial for young male development. I absolutely do not identify with Elliot Rodger’s upbringing, we all had to actually go out and work hard to try to make something of ourselves.


      • “I was born to young parents. My father, Peter Rodger, was only 26 when he impregnated my mother, Chin, who was 30. Peter is of British descent, hailing from the prestigious Rodger family; a family that was once part of the wealthy upper classes before they lost all of their fortune during the Great Depression. My father’s father, George Rodger, was a renowned photojournalist who had taken very famous photographs during the Second World War, though he failed to reacquire the family’s lost fortune. My mother is of Chinese descent. She was born in Malaysia, and moved to England at a young age to work as a nurse on several film sets, where she became friends with very important individuals in the film industry, including George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. She even dated George Lucas for a short time.”


      • I will never namedrop like delusional psycho Elliot Rodger, I am not in desperate need to prove to the world that I am somebody because I’m a nobody. I will say however that I also do not identify with Rodger’s braggart bullcrap either because in my family, we were average, normal, everyday people.

        The only thing that has ever afforded me any sort of “social climbing” is my looks and I am fully cognizant of the fact that if I was unattractive I wouldn’t have any opportunities to date the men I can date. I suffer no delusions about that. Elliot Rodger’s life however, was one big delusion after another, clearly.


      • I fully understand your nuance and your alluding to me perhaps showboating in some form of Elliot Rodgeresque manic YLAM psychosis because I’m a hapa and you project those notions onto other hapas such as myself. However, I’m truly sorry to disappoint you but I’m not the kind of hapa you encounter on a daily basis and neither are any of the hapas in my family. I’ve never been mentally ill, I’ve never taken any medication, I’ve never had any trouble in the arena of the sexual market and I’ve never viewed my heritage as being a defect or a handicap. In fact, I’ve never even explored the dark side of hapa psychosis on the internet until very recently, yours being the only blog I’ve spent any time on reading in detail as this is not something I can say I could ever relate to. As I said earlier being a hapa was never a problem for me personally, socially, mentally or otherwise. I can however definitely empathize with others on how it potentially could be a big problem for them.


      • Nope. I actually love Asian men provided they are very hot and masculine. I’m not anti-anybody unless they are anti-white, which it appears comprises a lot of people on this site to be honest. Lot of nasty, jealous, irate people here demonizing whitey because they can’t be white. Sad, frankly.


    • “It’s pretty sad that the only insurance we have in life being born a hapa is whether or not you’re one of the lucky few to hit the genetic lottery and turn out very attractive, because it’s apparent the alternative to that is nothing short of pure disaster. Then again, it makes you think, is it possible that ugly people of all races face the same struggles, just in their own significant way?”

      Krit Mcclean is super attractive yet he’s messed up and rejected by women. I have known a little too many attractive asian men and black women that were single for a long time (or are still single) to know that something is wrong with the western world. In contrast, you’ll see the fattest white chicks and weirdest looking white guys literally married or still being able to date often times MORE than normal to attractive AM and BW. You really don’t need “studies” (though they confirm it) if you really observe the lives of those two groups around you to see this. There will be exceptions but they are ahem… exceptions.

      Ugly people of all races don’t face the same struggle in my opinion. An ugly white or girl has more chances of positioning themselves than the perceive bottom of the totem pole. I even knew a black guy who was ugly with big glasses, picture Steve Urkel but really ugly, and not the most confident man in the world, not rich (for those who may think it was because of his money) but he got girls… tons of them. He was tallllll and black, some wanted to experiment others probably obsessed over his “sexy black skin”. The more I live the more I realize that race matters more than looks in the subconscious mind of most people. I’ve seen a little too many ugly white guys with asian girls (and sporadically a few other non-white girls).


      • You live in a bubble. I see more single white men and women now than ever before. White people aren’t marrying or having children. That is also what is spawning the MGTOW movement is our society full of nerdy white men who cannot get laid, even by the gross fat white women you talk about. And there are plenty of ugly, fat single white career women who can’t find husbands, sure they can get f*cked for a night or be someone’s FWB or something pathetic like that, but they aren’t successful in finding an actual meaningful relationship. Big difference.


      • I don’t live in a bubble just because I disagree with you. I see it not only around me and in the workplace constantly. Maybe there are “more single white people than ever before” but certainly not more than minorities. Why does the blogger mention than most WW rejected him? Please don’t act like the “bottom of the totem pole” thing is a myth, people date based on what they perceive is datable, and the trend is now anti-AM and anti-BW.


      • Well I’m sorry to tell you this, but life isn’t fair. That’s a very harsh reality so many people these days refuse to accept. Whites or “minorities” (a redundant BS PC term) aren’t deserving nor entitled to acquiring the best of the best, people aren’t equal and they do not and will never have equal opportunities. That is the law of nature.

        What matters above all is genetics. Adriana Lima’s heritage derives from that of nearly every continent on Earth and she can have any man she wants. She isn’t even white nor does she look white. She does however have probably the most demonstrably superior genetics out of any woman I can think of. Should I be angry at the world and start shooting people up like Elliot Rodger because I’m not as hot as Adriana Lima? Of course not. Am I supposed to feel sorry for Asian men and black women because they aren’t perceived as sexually desirable by the majority? I could be wrong but it seems as though you feel I should feel sorry for them when I don’t. Once again, life really sucks and it just isn’t fair. Suck it up, buttercup.


      • Umm no, nobody cares if you feel sorry or not. It’s a place where people state facts about racial relations. Bottomline is, you stated earlier that I “lived in a bubble” only to confirm now my statement that those two groups are perceived differently, hence fat white girls having it easier. Thank you for admitting the obvious. And your obsessions with “superior genes” says a lot about your upbringing. Yeah ok, your parents were different.


      • The fattest chick I’ve ever seen in my entire life is a woman working in the company I work in. She’s married. Guess what? Blonde hair blue eyes. Come on.


      • Your obvious envy towards blonde hair and blue eyed white women is palpable, and typical and rampant among minorities these days. I respect the author of this site and his contributions on this subject, however the more I read here the more it it becomes apparent that this site is a hotbed of envy and resentment towards white people and it’s pretty tacky and retarded to be quite honest. I’m also not impressed by your pleading for my sympathy that you do not have blue eyes and blonde hair. It’s not my damn problem, it’s yours.


      • No I don’t envy people with blue eyes and blonde hair. I don’t perceive them as prettier than others so nothing to envy here. Your initial question was about whether ugly people of all races faced the same struggles, just in their own significant way. My answer was simply no they don’t face the same struggle at all. If they’re at the top of the “totem pole”, which is slightly different for men and women, they will live different lives. An ugly black guy can position himself better than a normal everyday asian man. A fat white woman (which equals to ugly for women, since even pretty fat girls have it hard, except when they’re white) can get the ring before a fat non-white woman. Pretty much like an ugly white man can get an asian woman easy. Don’t ask questions that you don’t want answered.


      • P.S. Not saying fat and/or ugly people shouldn’t be loved, just to male it clear… just answering your question. When you see a slim to normal pretty black or darkskinned indian chick getting less attention than an plain looking overweight white girl, or weirdlooking fat white dudes get married while even normal pakistani dude has a hard time finding a life partner…you don’t wonder too long if all ugly people experience the same struggles come on.


    • There is no fucking way Hapa look like 100% White.
      There is also no fucking way Hapa look like 100% Asian either.

      It’s because they are mixed between Asian and White (AMWF, WMAF do not matter here.)

      Are hapa becoming dumber and dumber? Or are they fucking pathetic? Trying to get away with Asian genes in their ovaries and sperms? as if “I look more White” or “am I passing White”?

      I’m venting out here, Eurasian writer. Bear with me this one.

      This kind of attitude and personality is really pathetic af.

      I’m saying because this kind of mentality is what makes society revolves around this idea of
      “More White, more fit in.”
      “Less Asian, more beautiful”

      Genetic lottery? Jesus fucking Christ.

      Look at this White woman.

      She’s 100% Full Fucking White. But she’s nowhere near the “Beauty”.

      You may be Asian, you may be mixed hapa, but if you’re pretty, you’re pretty. If you’re attractive, you’re attractive. There’s no fucking way “I won the genetic lottery, and look 100% White, therefore, I must be beautiful” BS.

      One day, if I have time, I will write a lengthy article on this hapa issue and send it to Eurasian Writer or Eurasian Tiger or LFD to post in this blog or r/hapa.


      • It’s rather obvious the example of the person you used in that picture is a person who has incredibly terrible genes, white or otherwise, and definitely appears to have some sort of congenital defect/developmental disability. In fact, her genes are so terrible she would breed horrible looking children no matter who she bred with. She is a very sad specimen indeed.

        Unfortunately, most AF/WM couples the white man has similarly dismal genes as this woman. These white men are very often horrifyingly unattractive sexual market failures who have to venture outside of the US and visit the orient to even get laid. These are the white men causing this problem for hapas, being repulsive omega cretins and not having the fortitude to cease breeding with anyone, Asian or not, they are propagating and perpetuating the species with yet even more undesirable genetic hapa rejects when they should just completely die off.

        My father was nothing like the present day fat omega degenerates who go on sex travel excursions in Asia, he was in the military stationed on aircraft carriers in the Pacific. He liked all kinds of women and dated all kinds of women, both Asian, white and otherwise. He met my mother who was a showgirl on the U.S.S something or other and she was already considered “wealthy” by Filipino standards. She also wasn’t the typical Filipina woman that emigrates here who hated her culture or Asian men, nor was she into money or being a social climber, as I said she had already amassed all of that for herself in the Phillipines.

        It appears my parents’ relationship was a unique one and nothing like that of the AF/WM relationships described here. And as a result of that, I am one of the more fortunate hapas. I know it’s hard for you to wrap your mind around the fact that I actually look 100% white but I do. People don’t even ask me “what I am” as they don’t see anything but white. When I actually tell them I’m half Asian, they always say “they never would have guessed.”


  3. I understand that Asian looking Eurasians from wm/ af relationships suffer while European looking hapas suffer not as !much. What about European looking hapas from am/ wf relationships? How do they relate to an Asian father? I also am glad to hear that am/ wf hapas will not have complexes as long as they are raised in love and respect.


    • svetasbooks and Hapa White Girl, here’s an article online that you both should read: “Why Half-Asian Girls Have it Easier (Than Half-Asian Guys)” (https://mixedincanada.com/community-post-why-half-asian-girls-have-it-easier-than-half-asian-guys/).

      — “What about European looking hapas from am/ wf relationships? How do they relate to an Asian father? …as long as they are raised in LOVE and RESPECT.

      You kinda answered your own question with your last bit there—and that’s exactly why children from AMWFs are often more wholesome (in other words, just generally more happy/better individuals than their WMAF counterparts). Regardless if the Hapa child is “White-passing/looking” or not, AMWF parents will love and raise them regardless and to the best of their abilities (none of that racially/politically loaded BS you see with MANY WMAFs—hence why they’re such a TOXIC racial and parental dynamic). I discuss this in detail with Duoduo (White girl with an Asian guy) here: http://tinyurl.com/gmazgbm

      And, below, are images of Taiwanese singer and actor Wakin (AKA “Emil“) Chau and his Eurasian “White-looking” son Andrew Chau (with family, as well). The father & son clearly have a very strong bond (regardless of Andrew’s “looks”).

      And here’s another “White-looking” AMWF Eurasian (Japanese father | White mother): https://www.instagram.com/andy_bigisland/ (who also has a strong relationship with his father).

      Then folks wonder why so many WMAF Hapas is so messed-up, while AMWF Hapas often aren’t. Bottom line is that the VAST MAJORITY of White males & Asian females are utterly incapable of raising, overall, happy & healthy, mentally sound and successful Eurasian offspring—and they vehemently deny it. (LOL)


      • Pretty amazing how these white passing Hapas could live the white life, especially the guys in this day and age, but they are openly proud of their asian dads and heritage. That’s fantastic.


      • — “Pretty amazing how these white passing Hapas could live the white life…

        Fantastic, yes, but “White-passing” or not—for AMWF Hapas—it’s not about the “White life” (nor, even, “Asian life”), but just living life itself and acknowledging their respective heritagesAsian (from their father) and White (European) (from their mother). As Eurasian/Hapa individuals, that’s what makes them better, overall, than their usual WMAF Hapa counterparts. And the same can be said for AMBF HapasAsian (from their father) and Black (African) (from their mother).

        Below are 4 couples (Asian man/Western woman), each having varying socioeconomic backgrounds/statuses. Each have children of their own (as well as YouTube channels). Now, what do they all have in common? Love & respect (simple)—not only for each other, but for their respective heritages, as well. They’ll impart/instill these values unto their children and, thus, are sure to turn out as fine & wholesome individuals (unlike the many unfortunate Hapas kids from the hordes of toxic WMAF parents).

        East Asian (Korean) Man | Black (African-American) Woman
        YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vmarie401

        East Asian (Korean) Man | Black (West African) Woman
        YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/mazelee

        Southeast Asian (Philippine) Man | White-American (Western European) Woman
        YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ourhalfasianadventure

        East Asian (Chinese-Hongkongese) Man | White (Spanish-Catalan) Woman
        YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/oliviaschoiceblog


      • I know right. Obviously they’re raised differently. My only point was, instead of taking the “white route” to avoid discrimination and a lot of other problems, which could be understandable objectively specifically for the MEN, they not only take pride in their asian heritage as well but they’re very proud of their asian father! Which speaks volumes. And yes these channels rock, I know 3 out of 4 (didn’t know the pinoy/white woman channel), thanks for sharing!! Very healthy families.


  4. I wanted to post this video of a speech given by the actress Thandie Newton. Thandie is a biracial woman ( English father/Zimbabwean mother) and on the video she speaks of her difficult experiences as a biracial person and being othered. I feel that much of what she says can be helpful to hapas that may be having a difficult time and I wanted to post it here since this website gets lots of traffic. Hope a little of what she says can inspire someone.


  5. I would like to point out that Thandie Newton had the skills and luck to become an actress early in life. Early life success gave her the stability and financial resources to mature and develop as a person. Additionally, her career as an actress facilitated her ability to explore the nature of self / identity in a way many mixed people do not have the time or ability to do. I would say most mixed people are not as lucky as her. There needs to be more web sites and public awareness campaigns so that we are not constantly treated as “other”, socially shunned, and discriminated against.


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