The New Ideal Family


It’s funny because both left, and right, seem to say this about half Asians. “They’re all so attractive.” And nobody ever criticizes them. The entire thing reeks of eugenics. Note that they never mention anything about mixed-Hispanic, or mixed-black (with women), or mixed-Arab children. It’s always half Asians are so beautiful.

Right wing white men love Asian women because of their perceived “familial” qualities; left wing white men love Asian women because they’re more “palatable” to nerd White male tastes and vice versa. Both sides have this leering entitlement, where they genuinely think Asian women are better for white men and vice versa; and they market their kids as such.

It’s no surprise so many half Asians like Kelly Baltazar and Emma Sulkowicz and now Krit McLean try to strike out as hard and as fast as they can / to shatter the slave master like ownership our parents lord over us.

They make no mention of:

  • Eurasian beauty having no real meaning; and that most half Asians look Asian and suffer from racism and “of course your mom is Asian, right?”
  • Having to endure psychological and emotional abuse growing up under a conservative / non-understanding white dad, and a cruel, status climbing Asian mother who sees white men as being “better.”
  • Having to endure being abused and turned down for your Asian looks – and seeing your own family contributing to this trauma.


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