🔥Eurasian males and their disrespect for their own heritage, and mothers; and how trying to explore my Asian side was the biggest mistake I ever made.


Once in a while, I will come upon a half Asian guy who bashes his own heritage. I used to do the same, but I never bashed my mother other than when telling white guys that “Asian women are not that submissive.” Other than that, I was plagued by nightmares of my mother for ten years, and for ten years constantly made fun of Asian people. My relationship to my mother was… non-emotional. Sometimes I imagined that I had no mother, that I was just, somehow, born. I didn’t feel Asian, nor did I want to be, nor did I want to be associated with the woman that she was.

When Asian women marry white men – they do so not because half Asians are attractive, but because white men are more attractive for whatever reason.

My guess is that it’s because Asian women feel white – or at least that they have a place in “superior” White Western culture. One that is a lot more de facto “high class” or “high culture” by virtue of being white. Love is certainly not colorblind – especially when I was at the top of my class, funny, outgoing, and yet heard “I only date white guys, sorry.” 

I guess I missed the cut on being that super hot half Asian.

I mean, white male / Asian woman couples are so common because it’s clear that Asian women just don’t want Asian partners. No other race of women acts like they do; white women marry out, but at a rate of 5%. When Asian women marry out – they go for the most Aryan phenotype that they can get; tall is good, blue eyes is great, extra masculine is very, very good. My dad was two for three – maybe even two-point-five for three.

The goal is to have a white-passing son, and they will be happy. No complaints, a happy social life, white looks, a normal chance at a normal life. This is the ultimate goal.

It’s easy to be “proud” to be Asian – without having to look like it. You can laugh off the jokes, you can claim you’re Hapa without having to deal with the fallout. It’s an added benefit if you are 6’3″, athletic, and very good looking – but I fell three inches too short.

For whatever reason, the ultimate goal is to create white children, without having to change their race; Asian women can just wing it. And until that point they will just sleep with white men, take the brunt of literally every joke about Asian women being white-worshippers, to the point that their children are simply white.

This is why Hapa pride is a joke. Relying on a Eurasian male to have any sensitivity to racial issues is laughable, as long as he can party and have sex and have a hot girlfriend. And I guess this is what our Asian mothers were really hoping for – a son that can just survive in this wasteland of partying and having sex. They might slap on a Chinese or Japanese name, or give you a Chinese middle name but the result is the same. For some reason they can’t see the logic as to why Half Asian males hate being Asian and rather just pass off as white, especially in Western society, which Asian women desperately want to integrate into. After the first fifteen hundred times of hearing “of course it’s your mom who is Asian,” and “you’re handsome (because of your white father)”, half Asian pride becomes stupid.

I was one of those. I would make fun of the Chinese accent, sing fake Chinese songs, even bully some Asian friends. My non-Asian friends thought this was funny, and they encouraged it. After all – nobody wants to fuck an Asian guy. Everyone wants to fuck that cool White guy.

That was until the “I don’t really like Asian guys” started.

Now you can understand why it’s so hard to find a half Asian guy who will date Asian women; because I think, deep down, they all know that we’re just luckier than full Asian men, that even Asian women like our mothers reject in droves. So while these guys might, on paper, claim that they are proud – the bulk of them reject their Asian heritage, and with them, Asian women. Even though they might like them. The real saddest part of half Asian identity is that most of us essentially acknowledge the irony of the situation – that no matter what, we’re better off – and our mothers?

Well – how could we ever take them seriously, knowing this? How could you take seriously a woman who tells you to be proud yet her and all her sisters and friends married white men? The writing is on the wall. How could you respect an Asian woman who threw herself at white men – the same white men who built a universal culture that hates half of us – that humiliates half Asian men for being Asian?

This seals the deal on the issue forever. I don’t want to hear any more sociological musings coming from obscure university offices.

I’ll tell everyone here a real ugly truth. I married my wife because I love her dearly. I married her because I was proud to be Chinese, my mother had encouraged me to marry Chinese, and after all these years, I still considered myself Chinese and left America looking for a place that I could die in peace, and wouldn’t feel so worthless anymore. And there are days that I regret it. I regret it so much. Because I don’t want my children to suffer. And because I simply have no way to explain to them how their lives are worth less – according to millions of women who look like my mother. Chinese women actually make me regret marrying Chinese, for the same reason that many half-Asians don’t want anything to do with them. 

But that’s the American Dream, right? Party, fuck, don’t complain; send some money to people in Africa, but never complain. As long as you’re white, or damn near white, don’t complain.



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  1. I found your blog by accident. After reading many of your posts, i think that the fundamental reason for almost all your problems is your racism against Asians which stems from your parents. Being Asians or Hapas is not the end of the world, yet I’m surprised at and even admire your ability to repeat the same arguments and whining over and over on this blog. You can be a happy Hapa, as long as you have a correct attitude towards your identity and Asian men.

    It is natural for Asian men to be demonized in the US, not because they are innately inferior or unattractive but because Asians are a minority group in the US which accounts for less that 5% of the population, and so it’s natural for negligible minority to gradually end up with being absorbed into the mainstream via marriages, particularly the kind of marriages between minority women and mainstream men. But why not minority men and mainstream women being the normal? Because this is a men’s world where men make and dictate the rules. Despite the progress of feminist movement, women more or less are still being perceived as property within their own racial group or trophy if they are taken from other groups.

    You may argue that Jews are minority too but Jewish men are doing pretty well compared to Asian men. Unlike Asians who look very different from caucasians, Jews are not a race per se, as most of them in the US are descendants from European whites. In other words, Jews are white but they distinguish themselves within white by their culture and traditions, as well as their sense of superiority that comes from their influence in modern times. Therefore, Jewish men, as white men, can more easily marry white women and other minority women.

    What about Blacks and Latinos? Their women, according to the statistics you found, do not act like Asian women who by and large prefer whites. First of all, blacks and latinos have much larger populations compared to Asians which slow down the process and effect of being absorbed. Yet given what the NBA athletes’ and Hollywood latina’s marriages are like, i’m sure most ordinary blacks and latinos would also be willing to marry a white person if given such an option, because again, this is a natural process of evolution that minority being absorbed by majority if quantity of population is the main/dominant factor. Secondly, unlike Asian Culture which has sprang independently and developed from a separate source of civilization, the black and latino culture in the US are mainly an outcome and a subset of the present western culture that can be traced back to the European civilization. Although black people also look a lot different from white people, culturally they are not exotic and post no threats to the America’s mainstream culture. Therefore, the elites are more willing to accept or even embrace them with open arms, which is why you have many black coders in Hollywood movies yet at the same time an affirmative action that favors and encourages black students to study coding. The media are good at brainwashing people, just as they have done a great job in shifting the general public’s opinions towards gay marriages. With that said, nothing is categorically right or innately good. Like an acquired taste, attractiveness and standard of beauty can be told and cultivated on your terms provided you have an effective media or even better, a culture hegemony.

    To sum up, there are reasons why Asian men are still being discriminated and having a difficult time despite their success in the US. They are not innately inferior than white and knowing that can help you solve the identity crisis as a Hapa. Still, being proud of being an Asian man may seem impossible to you given your lifelong racism towards them and the difficulty you have received as a Hapa. I will say this, given the rise of China and the decline of US/EU, more Hapaes will be proud of their heritage, although some racist Hapa will be depressed by the fact that they are still 1/2 white.


    • I think it’s very difficult for people who feel the occupy a low rung on the social ladder to figure out where their value lies. On the one hand, racial divisions are real and being born a certain race will endow you with certain advantages and disadvantages that transcend social hierarchies.

      Eurasian Writer chooses to blame all AMWF couples for his lousy lot in life. And legitimately, there may be some behaviors that AMWFs engage in that cause hapas and Asian men to get less than their fair share out of life.

      But where he loses credibility with me is that in his irrational rage and desire prevent him from being able to analyze the dynamics of these relationships objectively. He refuses to accept that there might be things that he could do better with women. And he refuses to see how nursing his pain and hatred probably lost him more opportunities with women than any penalty he might incur for being hapa.

      It’s the same kind of helpless wounded animal vibe that I feel when I watched the Elliot Rodger videos. He blames the women all around him for refusing him, but yet his narcissism and social isolation prevent him from placing himself in the shoes of others and see how they might view him. The false self of the narcissistic personality is very very powerful.


      • You’re wrong, for one reason. ER started off at the bottom and tried to get to the top. For me I started off at the top – well liked, popular, outgoing, intelligent, highly educated, from a very well off, influential extended family – but around 20 is when I started to face open racism against my heritage because I was half Asian.

        I came from a high rung of society.


      • I don’t doubt that you experienced going from having a high social value to a low one. But I think it’s a mistake to hate AMWFs as artificially keeping you down.

        The racial hierarchy with white men on top and Asian men near bottom also exists in the gay male community. But in the gay community, it would be pretty ridiculous to try to try to make the argument that the reason you aren’t finding a boyfriend is because rice queens are taking all the good Asian men. Is a rice queen just a beta fag that no white guys wanted to date?

        Guess who’s in demand in the lesbian community? Asian females. Big surprise. Of all lesbians, they’re the LEAST likely to date outside their race, just the same as gay white males. So do you think that only straight Asian females are internally racist white worshipers, but Asian lesbians aren’t?


      • I don’t give a fuck about semantics. If I can help any minority of hapas who are suffering or considering suicide I will try to help them.


  2. “And because I simply have no way to explain to them how their lives are worth less – according to millions of women who look like my wife.”

    Why would you ever want to teach your children this ET? Instill pride in them and make them aware of the world and its difficulties. Your kids should be aware of the screwed up system that exists, but sometimes your posts make me think you actually give credence to the screwed up system.


  3. I think Winston gave a very thoughtful comment on racial dynamics in the US.

    By the way, Agent Frosty, I think you’ve mistaken between AMWF and WMAF. EW is not blaming AMWF (Asian Male Western/White Female). He’s putting forward WMAF couples and why they are menace to the society.

    I completely understand where EW is coming from and what he’s pushing forward: a common worldwide toxic coupling of WMAF. Although there are strong, legitimate WMAF pairs, but when you put into worldwide phenomenon of WMAF pairs, you begin to see the twisted mindset of Asian women. You also begin to see the common prevalence of loser White guys globally. What else? You also start to wonder the failure of Asian men on their masculine department as well.

    Each one of those factors contribute to the worldwide phenomenon of WMAF pairings. Certain segment will contribute more to the phenomenon, but it doesn’t exclusively put the blame on that segment.

    White men will always claim Jealous Asian guys are telling white men always choose ugly Asian women. Of course it’s not like 100 out of 100 times you’d see ugly Asian girls. But majority, composing 99.99% of the time, everytime I come across on the street, online, you name it, Asian women in WMAF pairs are indeed homely faces. That doesn’t mean that all Asian couples are fine and dandy. There are ugly couples as well. But at least, those ugly Asian couples wed out of mutual love, understanding. When majority of WMAF couples wed out of exoticism, fetishism, all hell broke loose and the fallout effect is entirely up to their children.

    Some will say AMWF, WMAF couples are almost the same. 50/50 chance for them to grow as white or asian. I laugh at common sense because it’s not like there’s a 0.50 probability that any kid will be Asian or White. They will be mixed. It’s not like you’d pull out a ball from a bag full of equal number of red and blue ball. Then it’s likely that there are 50 percent of the time you’d end up picking up red ball or blue ball. But imagine if you mixed red color and blue color. Do you either get red color half of the time? or blue color half of the time? Nope, you’ll get a mixed hue between red and blue color. The 2nd scenario is what happens when two people reproduce together. It’s mixing between two different colors. It’s not picking up from the mixture.

    I want to throw some lights on biological perspective because most of the time when this racial mixing happens, people tend to overlook what actually happens in biology. It’s not because of their fault, it’s because of general lack of public knowledge in biology.

    Human have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Sex chromosome pair is what differentiate between male and female. Let’s take a look at what compose male and female in sex chromosome pairs.

    Men (XY) Y chromosome comes from Father.
    Women (XX) each of X chromosome comes from father and mother respectively.

    So when you have a daughter, you have equal contribution of genes from both father and mother. If mother has a defect gene in X chromosome, father X chromosome will compensate for the defect, or vice versa. What happens when you have a boy? Yes, all genes on X chromosome (coming from mother side), will be full blown expressed, either good or bad. The genes that makes your penis come from “Y” chromosome. So you become male due to Y chromosome, but at the same time you are vulnerable to any genes associated with X chromosome from your mother, there’s any compensatory genes from other copies of X chromosome because you only have one copy from your mother.

    That’s why you don’t see lots of major defects in WMAF daughter because they have two copies of chromosome for every 23 pairs. If you look at WMAF sons, it’s a different story.

    There’s also another biological effects on racial mixing, which I found it completely stunning and lack of literature on my observation is mitochondria DNA. I have yet to come across any literature on racial mixing of hapa, Eurasian, Asian, White couples.

    When a sperm and an egg fuse together, there are equal contribution of 23 chromosomes from father (sperm) and mother (egg). But you also have to remember mitochondrial DNA as small as it may seem, entirely originate from mother egg. There’s no contribution of mito DNA from father sperm. Not at all. So when you think about it, mother eggs have some influence on their progeny via mito DNA as well.

    That’s why you go figure why AMWF (Asian Male White Female) is entirely different from WMAF (White Male Asian Female).

    In AMWF pair, mito DNA comes from White females.
    In WMAF pair, mito DNA comes from Asian females.

    If we look at the sons from each couples

    AMWF sons
    XY = Y chromosome from Asian father, X from White mother (mito DNA from White mother)

    WMAF sons
    XY = Y chromosome from White father, X from Asian mother (mito DNA from Asian mother)

    So you have so much Asian influences in WMAF sons. That’s why we see more White looking sons from AMWF pairs than from WMAF pairs. That’s biology. No one can deny that. No matter Asian women brainwash their hapa son, or keep touting the wishful thinking of “50/50 to have either White or Asian” is as ridiculous as I’m saying the Sun rotates around the Earth. No. Biology is there.


    I’m not proposing which pairs are better than the other. I’m pointing out the basic principle (biology) why the hapa are the way we see they are. If Asian women and White guy fall in love each other, and have a mutual respect, it’s all good and there’s nothing wrong with that. Society will accept that.

    But social hierarchy is already here. It’s as fluid as time goes by, but at the same time it also has an impact on those who become a part of the society. If all WMAF hapa migrate to Mars planet, and live there, there won’t be any problems. There’s no racial hierarchy, there’s no social stigma. It will be fine and dandy. But they are here. They live among us. Either they like it or not, they have to adapt to the existing social structure, which sometimes can come with a price and clash with their idealogy. They didn’t choose to come here. They didn’t choose to be born this way. But they are the products of some twisted minded people around the world.

    I want you to try looking at WMAF pair.

    Haruka Weiser
    A daughter of WMAF couple, who recently was unfortunately murdered in Texas by a black guy.


    Look at her mother.
    And two daughters and one son.

    What’d you think?

    Go online and keep looking at it. You’d come to realize, although women try to transform their looks with makeup and plastic surgery, millions years old genetics will show its true color no matter what.


  4. I’m not sure of any of this. I’m only going to comment my experience:

    My ascendancy is not only asian, but european and native south american, and probably somewhere black too. I’m from Latin America, and here no one talks about half or hapas because, everyone is one. But, I lived in one of more racists countries of the region.

    My grandfather was chinese, and grandmother white. My father looks like asian, my mother is latina, and here are us. I don’t know the details of my grandparents’ relation, but my parents had a healthy relationship without care about heritage.

    My husband is of both parent chinese (and I think he is handsome, why not?) and everyone is ok with it. He often talk how big was the cultural change between his house and outside (the language, a example), that’s true, but never experiment something like identity deals. The racism is a more difficult matter, but hey! The problem is not us, or our parents, is the racist society, you know?

    I knew a lot of racist asians (living in a racist country, what a nonsense). I can say that racists asians are even more racist than white people. I knew a (white?) guy who was rejected by his asian girlfriend’s parents because he wasn’t chinese. I cannot say so of my husband family, but I never saw nothing of that whitewashing desire form asian families before your blog.

    So, there is a lot of everything in this world. The real bad thing is the racist people, not us.


  5. “Cool white guy” is an oxymoron. “Cool” in America has always been synonymous with black culture seeing as the word “cool” as a slang word originates from Jazz clubs Uptown in Harlem. The truth is that white men are getting with Asian women en masse because white men feel emasculated by the black man’s “cool”. Tons of white women are choosing black men over white men because white men are not as big, athletic and, yes, “cool” as black men. Not by a million light years. Country music, redneck culture, Walmart, stiff white American corporate culture and formalities and mainstream American white culture in general is the antithesis of cool. And no, not “everyone” wants to fuck a “cool white guy”. Black women categorically refuse to fuck white men because white men can never match black men. Whenever you see a white guy trying to being cool by co-opting black slang, dress and mannerisms, he looks stupid and try-hard 99% of the time. This is why being seen as a garden variety “wigger” is complete social suicide for whiteboys. The only people who want white men are usually white women and sell-out Asian women. There maybe black and Latina bedwenches on the internet proclaiming their love of white men, but by-in large, average white men are not getting to fuck black and Latina women because black and Latina women are much more loyal to their men. Interracial porn featuring white men fucking black women is extremely popular because the average white guy doesn’t have a chance in hell with a very attractive black woman he would actually want to fuck. One of the reasons black women are so shitted on in the media is because black women are so adamant about not fucking or dating whiteboys. And white men obviously do find many black women attractive in reality seeing as there are much more black female sex symbols in the white mainstream American media (i.e. Beyonce, Rihanna, Halle Berry etc.) than Asian female sex symbols.


    • A narcissistic and kind of delusional black guy must have written this. First off, if all women really wanted black guys…every race other than African would quickly die off. Why? Because African men have a preference for any other race before African so they would quickly accept the oncoming advances and leave their own race of women alone…just as EW accuses Asian women of doing to their own men. Black women don’t ‘fuck’ white men because the majority of white men do not pursue them. If they do, it is usually not for the purpose of marriage and procreation. Also, their own men get angry when they see this. Latinas tend to prefer their own men usually for cultural reasons and because immigration is a big issue in the U.S. If they were not with their own men, most would choose European over African because most Latinas are at least partially European…to majorly…unless they are predominantly African blooded or Native American (then they would go for similar–though they might also want to whiten their bloodlines more just as Asian women do). It ‘is’ a status thing with people. White people are the standard of beauty and minorities innately trust them because they know they tend to have more sexual options and are not desperate. There is less of a chance of being raped or robbed (excluding white collar crime) by white people (except maybe hundreds of years ago when civilizations first interacted). In fact, it seems as though they have too many options to the point that white women might feel more secure in pursuing less sought after men. This is more like the ugly truth.


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