One of my trolls proves my points for me (mentall illness, claiming Hapas are white, etc).

I guess Asian women / white men (or both?) don’t like my blog? This should sum up the deep, deep, racist and mentally unstable mentality found among Asian women who seek out white men. Not only is she going through the effort of writing so much under so many different names….

But the tropes of Asian male bashing, racism against blacks, and general mental illness rings a bell. All I can see in my mind is my mother holding a butcher knife against her veiny wrist; that level of insanity.


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22 thoughts on “One of my trolls proves my points for me (mentall illness, claiming Hapas are white, etc).

  1. Please stop writing “hapa male” or “sons of WMAF”. There is no such thing. The mutant “male” offspring of WMAF definitely can’t be considered male at all, and are nothing more than shemales. Go back to fapping with your chopsticks.


  2. Jason Tobin – looks 70% asian
    Daniel Henney – looks 85% asian
    Chloe Wang – does look white
    Shannon Williams – looks full asian

    This person is delusional. Except one person on her list, all the eurasians look asian. So yes MOST Eurasians DO look asian. I’ve only seen one white looking hapa in my entire life, all the other ones looked asian. Even with brown hair and/or blue eyes, their asianness was undeniable.


  3. “It’s weird that the autor thinks Eurasians look Asian when they mostly look Italian or Eastern European” – LOL!!
    Eastern European- seriously? Says the person who haven’t seen too many Slavic people and haven’t been to Central or Eastern Europe for sure. Jason Tobin does look Russian? Probably like a mixed Asian/Russian from the Eastern part of this country.


  4. Even though Im not Eurasian I find this blog fascinating. Quick you think this WMAF phenomenon is far more pronounced in the US? Im from Europe and it just doesn’t seem to be so one sided over here, especially in France (I haven’t bothered looking at the stats but France could almost be 50:50 WMAF AMWF from what Ive seen – look at Francois Trinh Duc). America does seem so much more self conscious about race.

    Also, your blog seems so…Oedipal. So much of the sexual discussion ends up being directed towards your mother. Its as though she is this matriarchal figurehead who embodies the cuckoldry of east asians in America (who you seem to identify with more). Why?

    Lastly – the most fucked up half asian dude I know had a white mum. Nicest guy on the planet, very good looking, smart/successful but a total basket case when it came to mental stability. Also a social desperado. I know you exclusively slam WMAF but wondering if hapa issue are the result of more of a systemic issue, rather than just asian mothers representing racial self hatred/the sexual failure of asian americans? These are honest questions. Im white and am clueless about this racial identity kind of thing.


    • Well it’s complicated. One part of it might be Oedipal, wherein I was raised to think everything was colorblind but learned far too late during young adulthood that race mattered. Long before I had this blog I denied that I was Asian and I admit now that the environment that Asian women themselves contribute to that is staunchly pro white that being an Asian male was a bad thing. Add to it the fact that WM who seek out AW tend towards… Certain qualities made for a bad upbringing.


    • I’ve also spent a lot of time in (western) Europe (as a hapa female) and I think the issues are similar, yet also slightly different. Anecdotal evidence (from what I have seen)suggests there are more AMWF couples in Western Europe. I don’t know why.

      There is a problem with racism in Europe but it appears that generally, the USA is way more racist (it’s subtle and everywhere). The Asian women in Europe who prefer white men are overall still self-hating, mentally insane retards who want to breed out their Asian genes, but the white men who fall for them aren’t always as loser-ish as the ones I have met in the U.S., Canada or Australia. (The American ones are almost guaranteed to be complete losers). In Europe, more of the WM in WMAF relationships seem to be actually normal (however, there are still plenty of fetishising weirdos…) and don’t have a fetish. The poor guys just don’t realise that their wives or girlfriends selected them purely because they were white. I can see through that kind of woman though, and I think many Hapas can tell too.

      I don’t know how to explain the above phenomena, but i believe the European tradition of human rights (no matter what the skin colour is), colonialism, history, ww2 etc all play some role.

      I haven’t made my mind up about whether I believe WMAF is worse than AMWF. The white women in AMWF relationships can be extremely racist towards hapa females and LOVE the attention they get for no other reason other than being a white female with an Asian male, especially if they are in Asia. I’ve noticed European (as in born in and fromEurope) AMWF females are not generally like this, whereas the American ones are. Again, I don’t know why. Based on other Hapas I have met, it’s also true the most balanced and ‘less insane’ ones were generally from WMAF, including when they looked 100% Asian and no doubt suffered from racism because of that. But I still see similar patterns of fetishising and white worship coming from the Asian male in many of these AMWF relationships.


  5. Expats in China and Taiwan who are English teachers are called LBH (Losers Back Home). They are called this because they can’t find jobs in their home country and Western women don’t want them. Once they are in China or Taiwan they are able to get both with little effort. White worship in Asian countries is insane. Loser white guys can get Asian women with little effort. The only requirement for these Asian women is that they be white.


  6. Most of the messed up Eurasians I have known are from WMAF. The fathers can have a “fascination” for Asia but won’t see Asians as equal. Many of them believe their women should “thank them for taking them out of Asia” if the women are FOBs. I know it only because they say it publicly. And some of those Eurasians have absentee fathers. Raised by their moms alone, talk about the “Ideal Man”. I’ve only known one fetish AMWF couple, and one messed up AMWF Hapa girl.


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