NYC Subway Ad “Faces of Depression” features a grown up Hapa baby boy

“Oh this doesn’t mean anything. A major print ad visible to 2 million consumers daily featuring an Asian passing Hapa.”

What about government statistics?

People always joke with me. They say “you were SO cute as a kid – what happened?” And it’s true. Being cute as a kid doesn’t equal being a cute adult.

Now why would a Hapa be depressed looking Asian and walking around the city and seeing thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Asian women with white men? And nothing resembling himself?

White men and Asian women love to play the victim – that they are “under attack.” It’s an added bonus for white men – they can enjoy sex and “love” while claiming to endure racism… which isn’t true, since guys like my father are the most racist and use their “colored wives” as examples of their non-racism. My dad has adamantly campaigned against homosexuals his entire life.

Society supports white men (who can just exist) and Asian women (who have high sex appeal) – but doesn’t give a shit about half-Asian males – which their children are.

Understand who the real victims are – half-Asian sons. Don’t let Asian women fool you. Those girls you see sitting in Manhattan outside under a chic restaurant canopy, ten years down the line they start panicking and nagging tall skinny white guy to sign little Bobby Hapa up for karate class.

My parents had few friends. Know why? Nobody liked them. They tried to keep up the image of a happy WMAW family but everyone knows it’s not love. If you know couples like this really examine them and make your own decisions.

11 thoughts on “NYC Subway Ad “Faces of Depression” features a grown up Hapa baby boy

    • That comic is hilarious. My new pickup line is going to be “Hi, my name is David. I think girls with access to state secrets are hot!”


  1. I have so many feelings and such empathy for all of the people out there who are struggling with this.
    But what can I do, anyway? I’m a white woman, so I’ll always be seen as part of the problem. Doesn’t matter that I love asian guys, or that I’ve never shown sexual interest in white men. In fact, the fact that I’m a white woman will cause most people to assume that I couldn’t care less about other races’ issues, *or* men’s issues on the whole. But I just feel really, really sad about this whole situation.
    Keep writing, stay strong. You are awesome.


  2. E Writer, I’m curious, do you still get treated badly by Asian women? If so, what do you do about it?


  3. This is kinda worrying because I just left China (because I can’t stand it) and am kinda in the process of trying to get my Chinese gf to come to the uk. The kids things really worries me…I feel that the world is racially divided and that it will be real difficult for them, but maybe it depends where you live, and maybe it’s the next step in Homo sapiens evolution?

    I feel bad for my gf because she is Chinese and might be shamed by her people if we finish but at the same time there is my life and she can be horribly practical, with no mention of love or care, when planning her way to the uk and for that matter about us having children.

    I hope you guys see that I’m just trying to throw some light on the situation.

    I hope you’re well❤️


    • Lol if you think raising an Asian child in the second most racist country on earth wasn’t problematic enough, OP here openly started that his relationship is loveless. Another winner child brought into the fold.


    • The world is racially divided, that’s true. Whites think on a conscious level and unconsciously the are better than other races. You’re probably a typical LBH who couldn’t get a western woman and couldn’t get a real job so you went to China to get both. Do us all a favor, don’t get married to your Chinese girlfriend because you are in a loveless marriage and you most likely are racist. If you do get married to your Chinese girlfriend and have children, your children will probably hate you.


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