White guy gloating at a “mudshark” being murdered posts with a picture of him and his Asian wife and kids.

I’m really bad at naming posts.

I saw this today. This is more empirical, in-your-face proof that white guys who marry Asian women oftentimes, like my father, are seeking out “replacement” white women, having been turned off by the “liberation” or “sexual proclivities” of white women

– i.e., the 1 out of a thousand white women that sleeps with black dudes (as opposed to the 1/2 Asian women who marry white).


My dad literally has his mouth constantly open about black people despite living in a 90% white state… at dinner he’ll just randomly blurt out in a black accent or make comments about “brothers” and what not.

Anyways, a link posted about a Taiwanese woman and a white woman’s murder at the hands of a black male was on Reddit.

I really don’t know the whole story nor do I care… the guy was an ex-con, surprise, surprise, ex-cons are violent people, people wound up dead. It happens.

I won’t go into the details, since you can read them yourselves.

I have absolutely no opinion about the article itself, but only want to be one hundred percent truthful about this dynamic within White male / Asian women relationships, since my dad is also a flagrant anti-black racist and Holocaust denier. Not all white men with Asian women are like this – but I’m starting to think this is more common among the FOB-type / middle-American couplings.

Now, most importantly is that I myself, despite being mixed, at once point ventured into racist territory. I learned this from my father and picked it up around 22-23 years old; despite going to school in an all-minority district, having all black teachers / administrators, and having a black girlfriend as my first love.

As to how I got into white nationalism is a long story, (I mention it in my earlier posts), largely as a result of being shot down by a white girl I liked for “having an Asian body”, despite me considering myself “white,” followed by rapid weight loss, an interest in extreme white nationalism in an attempt to be “white.”

This mental illness seems endemic to some Hapas, such as Elliot Rodger, Marcus Epstein, Daniel Holtzclaw, when they seem to target blacks as a means of proving our whiteness to ourselves; ironically  I went through a phase where I disliked seeing black men with white women too. You can figure that one out for yourself.

Below were the comments on the article by a man named Steve Beineke.

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Someone said that the photos were made up?

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I don’t really give a damn who did what but saying that someone deserves to be burned to death… no. Yeah, I am a hypocrite, but I think it’s high time that Eurasian mentalities get brought to the forefront, since I’m one of the most extreme examples.

39 thoughts on “White guy gloating at a “mudshark” being murdered posts with a picture of him and his Asian wife and kids.

  1. How can you know
    – all these men are white men
    – all these white men live with an asian woman
    A picture doesn’t mean anything. People can pick any picture in internet to troll.

    My white french husband has always liked dark skinned women. He said me he could have sex with a black woman if he was single, but he would not marry her, he wouldn’t want any half black children. But he still thinks I am not dark shinned enough.


    • 1) Go to his Facebook profile and you’ll realise he has 3 hapa kids (1 daughter married to a white guy, 1 son married to a white woman and another daughter married to a Latino guy)

      2) Sounds like your husband has a case of white God complex. You know, it’s the power fantasy of having the “inferior” races submit themselves to him lol


  2. I want your opinions on the dynamics between Eurasians vs Blasians vs Monoracials. The mixture as well as the sexual opportunities.

    The stereotypes that leads to one’s perception of the three races are:

    Black males= allegedly the MOST masculine(physically) and aggressive coupled with with the big dick myth. This adds to his supposed desirability. This helps in the sexual arena with women and IR dating.

    Black women= allegedly the MOST masculine and less feminine. The broader/darker features which allegedly make black males the most masculine, coupled with negative stereotypes, allegedly work against black women in the sexual arena and IR dating.

    White men=allegedly the second most masculine(physically) and allegedly thee most masculine OVERALL because they have the POWER. This works in the sexual arena and IR dating.

    White females=allegedly the second most feminine but allegedly the MOST beautiful women. This helps in the sexual arena and IR dating.

    Asian men=allegedly the LEAST masculine and plagued with the little dick myth but holds some power in society. Considered the LEAST desirable male. This hurts in the sexual arena and IR dating.

    Asian women=allegedly the MOST feminine woman and an “exotic” beauty. Her favorable stereotypes help her in the sexual arena and IR dating.

    So we have the public perceptions of all groups above.

    Now let’s explore the RACIAL dynamics, STEREOTYPES, and how they lend to the advantages and disadvantages between Eurasians and Blasians.

    It would appear that Biracial men(black and white) are more desirable than Eurasian men and ASian men, in general.
    It would appear that Blasian men are more desirable than Eurasian men and Asian men, in general.

    A, Shemar Moore and Boris Kodjoe(black and white mixture) would be more desirable than an Eurasian male in general.
    -With this pairing, the black gene supposedly taints the pure white blood. I’m on the fence as to which race made them desirable. White people would love to take credit for their genes adding beauty into mixed people, but black males are allegedly the most masculine so this would work in males favors TOO, and MORESO(as evidenced with Blasian males).

    A, Will Demps, Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Tyson Beckford(black and Asian mixture) will be more desirable than a Eurasian male in general.
    -With this pairing, the black gene SAVED the person’s desirability. The mixture made them more attractive and more masculine. Which women would turn down either of these men for being part Asian and ethnic looking?

    Do you agree or disagree with my perception? Please explain why?

    Now onto the women:

    It would appear that Black women, Biracial women(black and white),and Eurasian women, are more desirable than Blasian women.

    Considering that Asian women are purported as the most desirable(best stereotypes, most femininity, etc) amongst the three races, this seemingly does NOT help in the Blasian women mixture. Seemingly the only group of males who’d be excited about Blasian women are black males(Chris Brown/Karruche, Omarion/Apryl Jones, Russell Simmons/Kimora Lee). I don’t see white men nor Asisan men jumping up and down about Blasian women. Nor do I see a lot of successful white male celebs with Blasian women. The only one I can think of is Kimora Lee and her new white husband.

    Now, it could be said that the BLACK mixture brings down the value of Blasians. Ok, then why are FULL black women able to marry white men(GARCELLE BEAUVAIS(ex wife of Mike Nilon), Alfre Woodard(wife of Roderick Spencer), Mellody Hobson( wife of George Lucas), Rapper Eve(wife of Max Cooper) Iman(Widow of David Bowie), GraceHighTower(wife of Robert Deniro), Oluchi Orlandi(wife of Fashion Desginer Luca Luca), Chrystal Wall(wife of rapper Paul Wall), Chaz Ebert(widow of Robert Ebert), Jessica Olsson(wife of basketball player Dirk nowitzki), Mats and Lydia Carlston, Keisha Chambers(wife of actor Justin Chambers), R&B singer Jon B’s wife, Gelila Assefa(wife of Wolf Gang Puck), ROXIE ROKER and husband, Heather Headley and husband,Aisha Tyler and husband, Janet Jackson and husband, Tyra Banks and her beau, Lark Voorhees and Mark Paul Gossler(of Saved By the Bell)were once engaged.Kerri WAshington used to date white guys, Sanaa Lathan, Whoopi Goldberg(ex of Ted Danson), Robin Givens(ex of Brad Pitt), Venus Williams and her white beau. Diana Ross, Boris Beckers ex wife. I think of Naomi Campbell as a full black women but it’s alleged she has Asian in her? Not sure. Anyways, you get the gist.

    Then there are BIRACIAL(black and white) female celebs with white men also(Tia Mowry, Paula Patton, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, JOSEPHINE BAKER, Tara Wilson and Chris Noth, Robert Patton and FK Twigs, Lisa Bonet, Thandi Newton, William Cohen and Janet Langhart)

    so full black women and biracial women(black and white) are married to, dated, white men(including millionaires and billionaires), yet you don’t see lot of Blasian women with white men. My list shows it cannot be because they are made up of half black as full black and half black mixed with white get white men. What would be the difference if you are half black and white vs half black and Asian? The Asian part should cancel out the “bad” black because of the desirability stereotype that works for them in all other cases. It works in the Eurasian female’s favor.

    Are Blasian females just low in numbers for white males? I just don’t hear white hyping them up as they would “Hot black girls” “Hot white girls”, “Hot Asian girls” “Hot Eurasians girls” “Hot Hispanics” “Hot black and white biracial girls”. Have you heard white men hype up Blasian women?

    Seemingly, Eurasian women win over Blasian women while Blasian men win over Eurasian men.

    I guess you can say the common denominators are the stereotypes attributed to white women and Asian women working in Eurasian women’s favor(2 for 2-white and Asian females are supposedly desirable) while it’s 1 for 2(undesirable black, desirable Asian) with Blasians BUT it’s also 1 for 2(undesirable black, desirable white) with BIRACIAL black and white women TOO. Not to mention FULL black women(0 out of 2=supposedly nothing desirable) get white men.

    Thoughts on Eurasians vs Blasians and who has more opportunities mixture-wise and gender-wise? Anything to add or contend? There’s a great volume of text so just answer to whatever stands out and leave the rest, if you’d like.


    • Okay, finally got around to this.

      I’m on the fence a lot, whether preference is weighted largely by social or biological factors. I tend to think it is a mixture of both. This is a pretty contentious subject since this borders on human biodiversity, a subject pushed by right wing racists a while back. But you have to consider all sides when looking at overall trends for sexual preferences.

      I believe largely in the “law of exception.” People tend to gravitate towards what they grew up around, combined with a million different other factors; women like bad boys, aggressive guys, especially in American culture, and I know this because I was a bad boy and reasonably successful with women. Asian men are viewed largely as meek, but I think their meekness comes from being raised in a certain way as well as developing personalities according to their looks; our “race” is largely determined by how people react to our appearances.

      I personally think black women are more attractive than white women assuming they are both of reasonable attractiveness, I would probably pick the black girl. But this is largely because of my early life experience growing up in an urban area. So there is the issue of being attracted to what you are around during infancy and childhood.

      Preference for lighter featured women is millenia old, and has highly erotic undertones, likely due to latent pederasty in the human genome. Preference for darker featured men likely has some kind of throwback to age old sexual connotations of aggressive pillagers and cavemen warriors.

      The exceptions would be, I don’t think any woman would turn down Godfrey Gao, nor do I think any man would make racial preferences against an 18 year old, slender beauty from Uganda.

      I’m confused about the cultural / physical aspect of it for several reasons; one, my mom, like many Asian women, was after a tall, bearded man. The fetish seems to be largely for tall, bearded, light featured men, when it comes to Asian female preferences. I place mention on the beard, you’ll notice that if you pay attention.

      Black men don’t seem to be hairy yet seem attractive to white women. I consider myself attractive to very attractive. I have a broad face, a defined jaw, deep set eyes; my Asian features are on my body, hairless chest, arms, hair around my nipples, and my hair texture is Asian, it peaks in an Asian manner, and swirls in the back in a way I used to hate. But at several points I was turned down for white men I would consider less physically attractive, on the hearsay alone, that I was half Asian. I.e., I didn’t look that Asian but I was turned down as a result.


  3. @brownwomanwarrior, Blasian women, just like anyone else mixed with black, is considered black and probably dates the way some (not all) black women date, I also want to say that many blacks and Asians don’t end up together so there are not a whole lot of Blasian women out there to be noticed in the dating world like black and black and white are. The same thing can be said for black and Hispanic and Hispanic and Asian.


    • Thank You for your insight. Gives me some things to think about as I notice behavioral patterns with dating/marriage/mating due to the hierarchy.

      Blasian women, should have MORE of a desirability due to the, “limited supply=higher demand” (along with being part Asian).

      Even with them being such small numbers, I never heard NON- black males tout their “hotness” like I’ve heard them do the other groups…especially Asian women.


      • In a previous comment you mentioned, “White supremacy uplifts the lightest within all groups(Lightest blacks, lightest Brazilians, lightest Hispanics on Telemundo) because a light skinned/mixed woman is closer to the white beauty standard and does not challenge it, ” and When it’s light(biracial, multiracial, light-skinned ethnic people) vs dark, light wins(BECAUSE THEY NOTE LIGHT IS CLOSER IN PHENOTYPE TO WHITE).” I would say this is probably why Blasian women are not in high demand among heterosexual men that subconsciously desire a child that can pass for white or looks less ethnic compared to other members of their race.


      • I actually was thinking about this. Did you ever notice that blacks and Latinos are automatically aligned, both by the media, popular conceptions, and also sexually? Whereas Latin women are seen as the “de facto” property of black men… look at how J-Lo made a career off of her association with black people. Other examples are Eva Longoria, who was heralded as a Latin success symbol, and of course she was paired off with Tony Parker. Eva Mendes was routinely mentioned in rap songs and paired off with black male leading men such as Denzel Washington and Will Smith.

        Asians and whites are “de facto” linked, not only culturally but sexually. But in both cases, the balance is way off in favor of the women.

        Needless to say, we’re going to see blacks / Latins paired off against whites / Asians in a racial coup d’etat especially with Trump in the forerunning.

        The “melting pot” was and is a pipe dream. Just look on Facebook, in multicultural cities, how people are almost uniformly paired off socially according to skin color; i.e., Asians will be friends largely with other Asians and whites; Latinos will be friends with other Latinos, some whites, and blacks, and blacks will be friends with blacks, some Latinos. The only “melting” involves people who are perceived as “safe” ethnic groups blending together, forming new underclasses and overclasses. Essentially the plan was for Eurasians to be at the top – at least within the quasi-leftist faux-progressive ruling class that used Asians as a proxy for minority equality. I.e., we cannot be racist, as we are interbreeding with Asians. Yet in actuality Asians are used as merely a substitute if not a parallel to whiteness in 2016, and also a weaponized defense against claims of institutionalized racism.

        So essentially the “melting pot” is merely dark people melding with dark people; light people melding with light people; the whole thing haphazardly slapped with labels such as “multicultural” and then passed off as proof of progression.


    • There’s primary and secondary preference.

      Primary preference, in it’s most natural, unmanipulated state, is due to human nature and the 1st rule of survival—reproducing oneself. In that case, it’s automatic and biological for all groups/cultures to seek out those who are the mirror images of themselves. It just so happens that those people grow up around each other as well. So one thing lends to the other. 1.)a biological need to reproduce oneself and 2.)growing up around your own people.

      Secondary preference is the result of brainwashing and self-hatred. It can also be because you grew up around another group. Secondary preference IS an unnatural. Many times on a subconscious level. Secondary preferences involves ulterior motives, Things such as subconsciously NOT wanting to reproduce yourself and seeking out the genes of others who will help “dilute” your own. There is a saying, “Lighten the race to go better”. Seeking status, and most of all, believing all the media promotions of all groups. Positives are attributed to others while negatives are attribute to the rest. If media wasn’t 100% effective, there wouldn’t be a need to advertise anything and spend billions on it…nor for think tanks coming up with ideas on how to sway the public into buying whatever they’re selling. They wouldn’t deliberately leave out other groups in media/only show said groups in a one-dimensional way(propaganda).

      Secondary preference is ALWAYS due to brainwashing, while the person claims it’s “Just preference” They don’t want to admit to being programmed like a drone. They’d like to believe they aren’t that “weak” to be manipulated and that their choices are their own.

      With the above said, people can still like others from another background and it not be due to manipulation or the media’s reach. It’s tricky because the white supremacy machine is everywhere. However, people have mated with other groups before white supremacy ever came into play. People do like to “try” things that are foreign and rare. Rarity brings higher demand. That would happen without being brainwashed. However, liking someone of another background IS different than declaring a preference for something that is not you. That is simply UNNATURAL no matter how brainwashed people try to intellectualize it. It’s no coincidence, if they try to be politically correct about their “preferences” and no one buys into it, they go straight to why they don’t like the opposite gender of their own race. It’s always superficial things, stereotypes, self-hatred, and running away from what they perceive as bad that they ONLY attribute to their race.

      With that said, you zoomed in on minor part(preference and whether it is biological or societal) and totally skipped past the crux of my post. Apologies because the volume of text was too big and it can be overwhelming to grasp the crux.

      I really want your opinions on Eurasians vs Blasians. Both half Asian, but will the other side help or hurt? Also, the differences between the sexes as seemingly Blasian women do not have it “on lock” with non black males as Eurasian women do while Blasian men would seemingly be more desirable than Eurasians and their female counterparts. Thoughts on the dynamic?


      • I’d say that bias against black blood is probably equal to bias against Asian blood. So ultimately Eurasians / Blasians are probably in the same boat. However I think stereotypes towards black people in terms of sexuality help the desirability of Blasian men in the early stages, while they harm Eurasian men in early stages of development, which is probably what matters the most. E.g., Blasian men probably have more partners, Eurasians less.

        Also you are right about most people preferring those who look most like themselves. There are peer reviewed studies on this subject readily available. Anything deviating from this probably is the result of external pressures from the environment.

        The black woman / Asian male dynamic is probably entire the result of negative external forces working on both parties. This doesn’t mean that BWAM relationships are forced; the opposite in fact, and probably are very healthy as a result. But they likely wouldn’t exist in great numbers were it not for the behavior / stereotypes of black men and Asian women.


      • To your point saying you’re going to see Blacks and Latinos paired off against whites, I HIGHLY doubt that.


        I heard somewhere that most Latinos classify themselves as white. And while the two groups tolerate each other, there is great animosity between Latinos and Blacks. Latinos don’t even like the BLACK/darker Latinos within their group.

        Since we black people failed to successfully establish social, political, and economic power, we are only FOOD to other groups. No respect is given by ANYONE. People come around to EXPLOIT US. Join our movements, then run off with all the fruits of our labor. Have us march with/for them then leaving us high and dry. Steal our swag, dances, musical genres, inventions, labor, physical attributes…the list goes on and on. Then turn around and act as we never contributed anything to society and are just the scourge of the earth,

        Yes, the groups are linked but for nefarious reasons. Said linking is used to easily exploit us. For instance, whites do not want to see black unity and love on screen. So they usher in a replacement for the black woman. Someone else of “color” to make the replacement less contentious. Meanwhile, you’ve erased the black woman. You put the idea in black women’s heads that black males love non black looking women. You put it in black males heads that they are SUPPOSED to have a non black looking woman on their arms to be seen as going up in class. You put it in white people’s heads that black women are to be erased(this eases their fear of their own selves being genetically annihilated BECAUSE when you take out of the mother of the race, you take out the race). Reproduction is thwarted. ANIMOSITY IS CREATED. Resentment turns to hatred. Unity is then impossible. That group is weakened and ripe for the picking.

        On the other side, average white men complain about “JEW MEDIA” using these same images to interrupt their procreation. Trying to come after their white princesses by selling them the image that they should be hos for black males-MUDSHARKS. (I told you, I pay attention to EVERYTHING and who is complaining about what).

        JLO associated with Puffy and black artists, because like all other females, they know the black male’s willingness to replace their mothers and satisfy their light-skinned, silky hair, fetishism is a way to rise up(through exploitation). Non black women(ie Kim K) realize when they get with black males, not only will they siphon the little bit of money the black male manage to accrue, but they get nonstop coverage on supposed Black websites. Black media(who is OWNED by white people who then APPOINT biracials, gay males, and usually ONE dark women TO go along with the program as not to seem angry, or they’re just simply self-hating) instruct said EMPLOYEES to make sure and broadcast NON-black women with black male celebs(Kim K/Kanye, Tya/Kylie, Khloe/Lamar/James Harden, Jaden Smith, Ice T/Koko, Omarion/Apryl Jones, Bow Wow/Erica Mena, Fabolus/Emily, Laura Govan/Gibert Arenas, and very light black women(Black Chyna, Beyonce, Rihanna) and biracials(Tiny/Ti, Jordan Sparks/Jason Durlo/Sage-The Gemini, Zendaya) Said employees do it under the guise of controversial topics =more views= revenue but the whites in charge know there is a bigger picture at hand.

        As a rabid black feminist, I try and school unsuspecting black females who think things are “Just entertainment”. My first directive is usually to have them quickly glance at websites like “TheShaderoom” “MediaTakeOut”, “Bossip” etc. Look at the complete erasure of anything DARK skinned WOMAN is on said websites. Ask themselves why would anyone think it is good market-wise to market NO DARK women on supposed “urban” blogs composed MAINLY of black women who are mainly brown to dark-skinned? Yes, other groups are there but the overwhelming MAJORITY will be WOMEN. And if it’s an urban blog, it will be OVERWHELMINGLY black women as they don’t go to Perez Hilton, TMZ, Gawker, Radar Online, etc. I mean, they successfully did this in music videos and on black male magazines, but in those instances(especially the magazines), the target audience are black males. When you see dark women they are usually filed under “ratchet shit for the week” or some other comedic category. So one must ask two things upon seeing/hearing ANYTHING 1.)Why are they doing this? 2.)Who benefits? These things are ASSAULTING one’s VISUAL SENSES when you arrive on the blogs. It IS psychological warfare. It negatively appeals to your subconscious.

        Whites/Jews have mastered selling both propaganda to the world about black people ASWELL as selling black people, themselves, propaganda about themselves USING black faces(especially celebrity faces). These celebs were once poor, extremely politically naive, and ready to sell out due to their self-hatred and assimilation/white-trusting mindset. They never know, nor think about the greater implications for the black race at large. They are there to sell you drugs, rims, anti-blackness, black male killing, black female denigration(hoes, bitches, ugly, gold-diggers, thots, pass-her-around-to-the-crew, slip-her- a date-rape-drug, take some Molly, some wack ass new dance, etc) to the young, black impressionable collective who are without parents or guidance due to the war on the black family. Again, pay black celebs CRUMBS compared to what the white folks in charge get to sell a self-destructive image to blacks, and ABOUT blacks, to the larger society.

        Whereas, the rule USED to be the fastest way to kill a non black woman’s aspiring singing, modeling, and acting career WAS to be seen with a black male, it’s now PROFITABLE simply BECAUSE it creates division and distrust amongst black people, self-hatred with dark people(as well as ERASING them). The end goal is thwarting black procreation.

        Are these non blacks defacto? Yes. But it’s for a BIGGER reason that has nothing to do with black/brown unity. This HISPANIC community never does anything for black people. While they lobby for their own causes. Also, it will Hispanics who will have the voting power, and best believe, they will align with whites. It has been proven that every group who was accepted into the white club acted as white people’s soldiers against blacks(many times, even more vicious than whites as they have something to prove).


      • It’s war. You understand as well as I do. I no longer believe in morals.

        My stance is: fuck this world. The sooner man is wiped off the planet the better.


    • Hmm…but heterosexual white men who do date out, forfeit their “all white kids”. If they are willing to get with black women, and Asian women(especially since Asian women REALLY make Asian looking kids….even black women can give white men, white-looking kids…I’ve seen this so many times. All the while blacks folks chant that our genes are so dominant.)

      White men are very calculating, If you notice, the ones who TRULY wish to preserve their white genes, they make sure to marry white women when they are young and get their white kids. Then later on in life, they will get with other women. So you have that group of white men who don’t have to worry about producing “lighter kids” with non-white women.

      And then the other group who gets with ethnic young(before having white kids), they have to know they are forfeiting having all white kids. Asian women are their number 1 choice, they produce Asian looking children(so not passing for white) more times than not.

      (I’m enjoying this convo. I like to pick people brains and have respectful dialogue…thanks for your input).


      • In response to the first paragraph, the average African American is only 70% black, while the rest is white and to a smaller degree Native; that’s probably why a lot of black/white biracials look the way they do.

        To the second paragraph: I’ve never thought about this before, but it does open my eyes.

        To the third paragraph: I knew this, but I’ve always wondered why they would get with Asian women since, on a wider scale, Hispanic women have more Eurocentric features than Asian women.


      • Your last point: the Asian option is largely out of the easiness of it. If you don’t have anything much to offer, offer your non-Asian features.


  4. I would really like your thoughts, Eurasian Writer, on the dynamics between Blasian men and Eurasian men, in particular. Are women turning down Blasian men for being part Asian as you said SOME women did to you?


    • I’ve seen African Women give birth to white looking kids. Very Darkskinned, unmixed African women throughout diaspora.

      White men who are willing to MARRY out, are good about making sure their resources go to their white children(I’d say MOST OF THE TIME), or they’ll get with OTHER women later on in life so that they’re both beyond their reproductive stage. Not saying that Rapper Eve’s husband planned to get with a black woman in life, but it sure worked out well for him that he has 4 white replicas of himself. Now if they have a biracial child, the wealth will still be in the hands of white folks. Whites folks are white before they are anything else. They make sure to adhere to whiteness, protect whiteness, and minimize how much of their resources are given away while gathering everyone else.

      -Asian women have the bodies they prefer. Hispanic women are bigger on average and can be very voluptuous. Asian women are deemed submissive/docile and family-oriented. Hispanic women are deemed spicy(pretty word for combative) although they’re also seen as family-oriented. Asian people are deemed as intellectuals. So white men would love that they get Tiger Moms who stress education. Hispanics, like full blacks, are deemed as being unintelligent. Hispanics are deemed “lower class”. Asians are culturally and class-wise closer to whites to make them more socially acceptable to marry and date(along with the physical preference for the females). Throw in Asian’s women hatred for other races(ie blacks). Hispanics can be blacks, themselves. Gives them and white men more than enough in common. They really are the best replacement white women.


  5. Reading these comments, I swear I must be the only person on earth who wants anything BUT what I grew up around, anything BUT what I myself look like. I’m white, and ever since I was a young child I had been saying to my parents things like “Mum, is it OK if I have brown babies?” As long as I can remember, my preference has been anything but white – now it could be due to a range of factors, I always thought it was down to evolutionary psychology of wanting to be as genetically diverse as possible, and I’m totally fine with thinking that my preferences are a result of biology. But reading these comments, everyone seems to be saying generally the same thing, that people want what they see as they grow up. However, I grew up in an *incredibly* white environment. Even still, I knew that I never wanted someone who looked like my father or brothers.
    Go figure. Maybe I’m just a really weird person.


    • You’re not. White people are hyped up by the media. I grew up deep in ethnic territory in NYC and met my first Anglo when I was 18. I’ve always been attracted to non-white women and found them more attractive than white women. I mean there are white women that are attractive but I think they usually look the most like ethnic women, with dark hair, etc. But that doesn’t mean I would turn one down with a good personality, which is all that matters to me.


    • Don’t know how I ended up on this site but I find the subject interesting, since I’ve never thought about the children of the many AFWM couples that I see often.

      As for Booboo and your comment, I think it’s a matter of one’s personality. I’m a brown South American (due to a strong Native American genetic background in my family) and though I’ve dated Latinas of several backgrounds and nationalities, I find it more adventurous and interesting dating outside of my own Latin American group. In my case is not so much about some racial fetish, or self-hate, or any of the issues that the blogger raises, but out of just wanting something different and beyond what I am already familiar with. The way I see it, we are in the U.S., a country that attracts people from every corner of the world, so why would I limit myself to one group of people? Especially out of some petty sense of national, ethnic, racial, or regional pride/chauvinism?
      It is OK to have a type/preference (In my case, my perfect woman would be a Native-American from the U.S. or Canada with a Bachelors degree, multilingual, 5’7″ or taller, and that is into fitness), but there is nothing wrong with dating outside your group – I’ve dated African-American, Vietnamese-American, Filipino, Hapa (White/S. Korean), Anglo-American, and would love the opportunity to meet someone of Indian, Middle-Eastern, French or Russian background.
      Hell, if I was a European-American guy like you I would probably date outside the European/Anglo-American group too, so I know what you mean. It’s just a matter of personality, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you are doing it for the right reasons – Not self-hate, fetish, neo-colonial power trip, etc.


  6. Eurasian Writer, having read your articles and background you just seem a very unhappy man, unfortunate to have terrible parents. This is not, however, an adequate excuse for you to spread race-hate over the internet. What you do is shameful actually. You say you are no longer a racist but you are, just manifesting it in a different way than you were before. I hope you become a more accepting person and less hateful as you mature in life.


    • Exposing the truth about WMAF relationships is racism. No it’s not. I hope you will get out of your comfort zone and experience life outside your little bubble. No everything the media or an educational institution says is true. Us your head and think for yourself. Don’t let others’ think for you.


  7. To the guy who wrote this website: I’m a White male with an Asian female partner and I know from what you’ve written your parents have basically passed their own racist beliefs on to you. I’ve grown up with many friends who’s parents were divorced which left lasting emotional scars, it appears you’re in the same boat. Your mother was essentially a bad woman, a bad mother, who never told you that you’re beautiful. All humans regardless of race are beautiful unless of course they act like animals which makes them a failure. Buck the trend of your parent’s racist beliefs and accept who you are and know there is a woman (or man) out there who would love you for who you are.

    My family has Scottish heritage which I’m proud of and my Asian partner is proud of her Chinese Nationalist heritage. You shouldn’t be looking down on who you are, you sound like an accomplished person and you should be proud of that. People focus on race so much they forget that the evil people in our world want people to act like animals, to divide us, sadly when people pick apart people via race it’s helping them succeed with this cause. I’ve met inherently racist White and Asian people and I look down on them, those people don’t really stand for anything and your diatribe about ‘fetish’ is something I’d expect from them, it’s perverted and you should be ashamed.

    The truth of the matter is men are raised in the West as weak effeminate men likewise in Asian countries. Instead of truly acting like a man they act like beta-males. How do I know this? I was like you blaming the world for what I look like when in reality society is making men weak which is all part of a bigger plan. You have the power to fix your own problems but having a website like this is only hurting yourself and others. Look I could go on but the only way you can be happy is if you help yourself and accept who you are. I hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that running a blog like this won’t help you it will hinder your progress. Thanks.


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