“Strange Bedfellows.”


In case you’re wondering what it means:

Asian feminists (like Celeste Ng and Deanna Fei) love white men because of their supposed progressive qualities.

It seems as if anti-progressive white men seem to love Asian women even more for their anti-progressive qualities.

Ultimately the two groups look exactly the same, and to us, their children, there really doesn’t seem to be any difference worth mentioning. I find it insanely ironic that Asian women seem to champion left-wing causes and leap into the arms of white males while white males like my father sought out Asian women precisely because they were not as left-wing.

Today, June 1st, this article was published.

Pauline Hanson says she has no problems with Asians, saying One Nation members ‘have Asian wives’

One Nation is an extreme far right, nationalistic, closed borders Australian political party, by the way. Like my dad, who is an extreme rightist, he married an Asian woman simply because she provided the white skin, the values and “family oriented” behavior that he believed white women lost. People also seem to forget that Asian women happily take up the mantle of extreme right wing politics.

Anti-black, anti-gay, anti-liberal and generally pro-white. Asian culture in itself is almost inherently pro white in its beauty standards, its culture of emulating whiteness and hyping up Europeans.

39 thoughts on ““Strange Bedfellows.”

  1. I like the added touch of the Thailand national flag, very nice. The MGTOW guys do seem to hate white women, I can see those types going after Asians.


  2. EW, you’re such an exceptional loser that I’m rather surprised you’re not full Asian. Just like 99% of typical studyAsians, you’re entire world is focused on status, social signaling and credentialism at the expense of rational thought, creativity and morals hahahahaha. You’re so pathetic that you had to put Dartmouth in the title of your blog, assuming that it would give you some sort of pseudo-hipster liberal credibility, yet the irony is that it’s a 3rd tier Ivy and a SJW cesspool. And in half of your rebuttals on here you can’t help but signal your status though dinners and people you’ve met. How impressively (pathetically) studyAsian of you!

    I don’t even date Asian women, but it’s not a surprise that they want the BWC. Almost all Asian males are brow beaten betas without a single distinct or creative gene in their bodies. Sure, you guys can optimize, memorize and cheat on all manners of standardized testing no matter the Asian country, but fuk if any of you can come up with any sort or original thought or unique idea. Ant people the lot of you who value conformity and rules, no matter how stupid, above all.

    Now go signal your college credentials and your inflated sense of IQ (no chance Asians are smarter than whites, you phaggots just simply memorize the entire verbal section of the SAT prep book while other kids are playing sports and trying to get to 3rd base with white chicks as well as your women). You probably wallow alone in your bedroom every night constantly considering suicide. You’re so fukked hahahahaha.


      • And it didn’t even get graded! How will I ever know where I stand amongst my peers, my siblings and my cousins!? (/every Asian thought in every activity they take part in)


    • Wow, I didn’t know Dartmouth was such a shit hole garbage college from 3rd world.

      I hope you went something better than Dartmouth and has a BWC have a high IQ and invented something creative or invented wonderful new product in your life.

      If not, you probably should question whether you are white or not.

      BTW, where is your original thought? Something missing here.


      • He’s a Miscer. On top of Miscers being insecure bodybuilders who probably, yes, do rely on Asian women for his validation – it just proves worst of both worlds again. The amount of hate White males have for Asian men is staggering and I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy has a half Asian son.


      • Why can’t you recognize your own immense deficiencies? There is absolutely nothing meta about Asians whatsoever, and I tend to wonder if you guys even have souls. EVERYTHING with you losers is about signaling and credentialism (things that absolutely destroy the soul and mind), but youre just gonna deny that?


      • And nah bro, you got it wrong. I don’t date Asian women and I have no more disdain for Asian men than I would have for other losers of different races (white faggy hipsters or Dindus). The issue is that you’re basically the epitome of everything that’s wrong with Asian men for reasons I’ve stated, and you can’t even recognize it. I’ve been around Asians my whole life and the only cool ones I’ve ever met were Viets and a few Koreans. I’ve never once met a cool, normal Chinese dude cuz signaling and status are the end all be all for those guys, and they’ll cheat, steal or kill to maintain image and follow the beaten path.

        It’s evident that a majority of you guys absolutely hate your lives and your work, but god forbid you ever told your parents “No” while deciding to follow a passion or interest. Absolutely soulless.


      • Pathetic studyAsian missing the point again. Sorry that the written word isnt the same thing as an algorithmic process flow, which are the only things you spergs understand…

        Now, it isn’t the point that EW went to Dartmouth or anywhere else (even though yes, that Ivy in particular is tuning into a chit hole), but it’s the fact that he is so insecure about himself that he has to put his Ivy credentials right in the title of his blog. It’s just so typical of the autistic studyAsian credentialism mindset, becaus the only thing that matters to Asians is what other people think. Sad!


      • Although I didn’t understood the problem well, you are getting there.

        Please tell other White Master race people that marring an Asian women is really bad idea because they are going to get a kids with “studyAsian credentialism mindset, becaus the only thing that matters to Asians is what other people think.”

        This is going to not just ruin the whole family but entire country and possibly even civilization and even create a mass murderer and whole lot of other fucked up and interesting people.

        You see, as long as White Master race don’t marry Asian women, this problem is going to remain among Asia and Asian. By marrying Asian women, this problem will spread like a wild fire to Europe and N.Amercia. You don’t want that do you?

        Why other Master race White people do not understand this is hard to understand. I wish they are smart as you.

        So what’s your opinion of all these White people who are keep marrying Asian women, despite we are hopelessly fucked up?


      • You can barely write a coherent sentence in English, but I’ll answer your question…

        EW is correct in the fact that most (probably 80-90%) white men who date Asian women are losers in the sexual marketplace. I wouldn’t say that wanting a more ‘traditionally feminine’ woman is what makes these white guys losers, but rather the fact that the large majority of them can’t compete for their own women of similar attractiveness level. Even many white guys who are by all measures ‘successful’ (solid job, money, etc.) know that they can’t compete for upper echelon white women because of a lack of game, lack of self-confidence, no backbone, etc., and they make no effort to improve their shortcomings. This problem, and hence WMAF pairings, has only been exacerbated over the last 25 years due to the extreme feminization of boys in the West along with the extreme rise in single motherhood (lack of a strong male in the household).

        OTOH, I don’t begrudge any interracial relationships assuming that the bond is actually genuine.


      • So, it appears you agree with EW on one point. However, I am not so sure what is upsetting you so much?

        You were upset with the fact that::
        – EW is Dartmouth graduate and like to show off his Alma matter(BTW, doesn’t a lot people do this whether it is Asian, Black or White, especially those who are proud of their school)
        – he is 50% Asian and in general you don’t like Asian, their attitude and also think that Asians are soulless and many other shitty characteristics are inherent Asian problems. (wow, thanks for re-affirming White people’s general attitude towards Asian)

        Also, it appears you believe that all these problems are something that can be overcome easily and nothing special about it. Is this correct?

        Have you ever thought that this might be more rampant than you thought of. Also, there might be a pattern to this and it may not be individual’s own short comings. Most of all, in order to improve the situation society as a whole have to make a change?

        BTW why don’t you be more specific when you are addressing a problem? What EW wrote is bothering you most? It appears you are only saying that this is simply Asian’s own personal short coming and there are nothing wrong with American society.


      • Dartmouth was signalling, but not for the reasons you say. When I started reading this blog, before he took it off, I read it as merely a way to clear the weeds for his Asian audience who do care about credentials. It’s not insecurity, it’s actually effective communication if you know the target audience. He’s saying he knows what Asians are going to think with a blog like this and he’s he wants to make clear what he’s getting at has nothing to do with status/lack of opportunity.


      • 100% agreement. It’s similar to the common white supremecist and Jew argument that Asians have higher median intelligence but fewer outliers. They always go to how may Nobel Prizes you got? but innovation, in every case from science to business to art, is based on social and cultural knowledge, the level of the “median” in Western society, as much as it is based on the “lone” innovator.

        StudyAsian argument is the equivelant of blacks saying white people have “no soul,” which triggers the white man to no end. If you post more than 3 sentences on a forum with blacks, they will call you autistic. They cannot understand that other people are actually more intelligent than they are, which is a product of their low IQ (not all blacks, just the ones bitching about “autistic” because they can’t read). The difference though is that white is socially dominant while black is not, except where white liberalism has given them free reign to claim “superior black.”

        I’m not worried about Asian innovation. White people like TSL can’t understand that intelligence is simply the ability to acquire, retain and manipulate information, and that in this sense Asians are more intelligent than whites on average. Nobel Prizes are products of intelligence applied by a society over time to specific real-world challanges, and the West simply got a head-start really due to the Mongol occupation of China, the transfer of technology from Asia to the West due to Mongol’s policy of weakening China’s center by sending skilled craftsmen (as well as gold and silver) to the periphery, and the subsequent insularity of Asia. The “median” of Asian social and cultural knowledge is rising faster right now than it ever did in the West. The innovation will follow.


    • East asians with their high IQ are extremely innovative.. Most of the technology you are using today have been refined and advanced further by east asians. Sure Bill gates had his time, and it doesn’t matter who invents what first. East asian americans have the highest proportion of Nobel prize.winners. Why don’t you google the most innovative countries? South Korea and Japan ranked top. As I said before, most of the technology you interact with on a daily basis have been made by East asians. From your mobile phone, apps(silicon valley programmers), advanced display technology, and even the Operating system you are using are made by asians. Forget about the bamboo ceiling, look at who is making this technology? Asians once again. Go inside Google headquarters and you see a diverse mix of people and predominately asians heading the technical positions. The chairman and spokes people are white for a reason- to give a white face to corporate America.

      Even video games/animation/finance/investment banking/hedge funds/top tier law firms are dominated by asians. Once again a nazi anglo supremacist. Anglos/UK and perhaps some germans are the last bastion of white supremacy. There is no more place to run. The governments are run by low IQ cucks.


      • Hahahahaha. All of your so called innovation is simply derivative work built on the backs of Americans, Slavs and Jews, with the latter actually being the highest proportion of Nobel winners. Like I said, you ant people can optimize like a motherfukker because of your rigid social rules, but your “innovation” is pathetic and borderline theft in a vast majority of cases. All one has to do is look at the vast history of Asian cheating scandals, both in their native countries and in Western countries. Such amoral people and you can’t even recognize it.

        As well, it is well documented that Asians continually underperform throughout their careers in both the private sector and academia when compared to what their grades and standardized test scores predict. Sure, you losers can copy/paste code off of google and bust out 16hr days as ibankers, all in the name of saving face, but very few Asians are taken seriously and move up in western business because 1) no one wants to be around you, 2) many have undeserved superiority complexes regarding their work (sperg Chinese tech guy anyone? 3) very few of you are natural leaders, and unfortunately you can’t learn how to lead by studying a textbook.


      • Yah, so what do you think of people from Iceland, Georgia, Portugal, Denmark, Latvia, and many other country which really don’t make anything that worth a fuck or invented anything.

        I don’t think they even bother to pretend to invent shit. It’s like they given up totally for last 2000 years.

        What’s wrong with these people? Do they really fit into your ideal image of White master race? May be they should be excluded from White master race.


      • Actually, even the original algorithm that Google started with was written by an Asian–Robin Li. Of course, that doesn’t make him creative. Only Jews are allowed to be creative. Now Li runs Baidu in China. Hmm… Why couldn’t Li start Google in the US? Why was Google run out of the Chinese market? Must have to do with innate, natural creativity.


    • This comment can be summed up by ‘muh dick’.

      Besides, who cares if asian men aren’t as innovative as white men, asian men are still more intelligent than other non-whites.


    • TSL, while obviously a douche, insecure and a bully (which merely reiterates the former), makes a reasonably valid point about Asian innovativeness (putting aside all the innovation of Asian companies like Sony, Samsung, Honda, Toyota, etc.). However what he fails to note is the reasons for that problem are purely cultural and neither genetic nor inherent to Asians. The fundamental issue is a Confucian culture that is perpetuated primarily through Asian women (the mother) that emphasizes an upbringing that arguably crushes individuality, non-conformity and arguably “the soul”. Hence his observations if the product if this cultural production. So while his intentions are malicious, his observations are not off the mark, but he attributes it to something inherent when it is not. I recommend a book called “The Confucian Mind” to understand this phenomenon.

      Also, I’m fairly sure the Vietnamese kids who he thought were “cool” probably took him as a douche bag also lol.


  3. EW, serious question…

    What’s up with your hybrid SJW/racist realtalker persona? You’re clearly emotionally disturbed, but even by those standards you seem to lack consistency in your belief system.


      • Because it was rather fascinating to read the blog of someone who has severe emotional problems, kind of like watching a car wreck, so stop acting like a pissy 12yo girl experiencing her first period and engage with your audience.


      • I like how you dropped the Misc talk now. You’ve done nothing but insult since the first minute you showed up, I really don’t feel the need to engage you when literally 95% of my other comments are in sound agreement.

        The fact that you’re not means one of two things: you like Asian women and don’t want to admit it, or you like Asian women and don’t want to admit it.


      • You need a heavy dose of cyber bullycide because you’re whiny AF in between your interesting insights, but even with me being a shitlord misc bodybuilder I still communicate better than 99% of your sad followers. And you really need to get out of your own head; not every white dude is interested in taking up with Asian women, to your surprise I’m sure.

        I also agreed with you on certain WMAF issues if you see my reply to Dirk Diggler above.


      • If you’re that desperate for someone to talk to just google “Hapas” and go for the top hit. 580,000 views a month.


  4. Lol, pathetic emotional wreck blogger gets upset when people have the nerve to comment and “talk” on his open blog. So very millennial.txt of you. Can’t even handle a little shitposting, then you stay butthurt when I extend an olive branch.

    Whatever, I’ll just go back to bullyciding you since it’s what you’re most comfortable with. Carry on with your day…


    • Dude I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m sitting here chilling and you’re the one getting upset. Relax. You want to talk, Skype me and we can record it. If not, fuck off.


      • Record it?

        At least you took “Dartmouth educated” out of your blog title. You might be learning something after all.


  5. Your cartoon has me dying laughing Eurasian Writer!!! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and I’m floored and inspired by your honesty. Couples like these need to be called out! Good for you!!! I’m a black woman and I had a brief stay in East Asia. I know and have been witness to the “white people worshiping” that you speak of on your blog, so I know that you are 100% true. Most of my Asian girlfriends have gone on to marry other Asian guys and are well off financially plus their relationships are emotionally fulfilling. Asian men are not all the same. They have variety in looks, personality, etc. And just like how not all Black men or White men are handsome, not all Asian men are ugly. It depends on the individual.

    Anyways, even though I’m not part of your community I do see the importance of what you’re doing. I feel that this blog and your YouTube channel can help other Hapas in similar situations. Maybe this will inspire some Hapa that’s thinking about doing an Elliott Roger or Daniel Holtzclaw to think twice before doing something drastic and realize that they’re not alone or crazy.

    Just know that your blog is definitely making its mark on the world!!!


    • Ideally I’d like to help all POC in seeing the reality of interactions between races that are not their own and understand racial hierarchies by someone who actually lived it.

      I am very familiar with how white people think, since I almost was one.


  6. Obviously your experience is very limited. Not all white males seek out Asian wives for the qualities you have mentioned. Sometimes people meet under certain circumstances and things happen without thought of some sort of gain. My wife, who is Asian doesn’t like Asian men because they drink, gamble, sleep around if they can and are just basically low life scum. I have very liberal views but am not left wing and do support One nation. I am also an immigrant and love Australia the way it was and would like to keep it that way. It seems to me that all the left wing ultra liberals are worrying about is the here and now and not the future. Their regressiveness is astounding.


    • Your wife sounds like an idiot making generalizations of Asian men to cover up her own self-hatred. Congrats to that find stupid white trash


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