?Real life and Instagram confirms White men and Asian women are lying about Hapa babies; updated in real time!

Top left and bottom right, both AMWW. But don’t take my word for it, just go look for yourself.

Simple experiments you can do, such as browsing Instagram, where people upload photos in real time.

Do an Instagram search for the “#Eurasian” tag.

These are updated in real time, with no gimmicks.

All – and  I mean ALL – of the good looking, successful Eurasian men on Instagram have Asian dads.

All the others are women (naturally) who have a much easier time in life being Eurasian women (link to a post written by a half-Asian girl about how she openly admits her life is easier that her brothers).

The other men, with Asian moms?

Gay, or single.

It makes sense actually.

People do not understand the psychological toll of growing up under a white man / Asian woman depraved fetish couple, yet looking even vaguely Asian. If you don’t believe me just go meet some Eurasians – most of us are born from bottom of the barrel white-worshipping trash and opportunistic white males, so we really are the product of our parents.

Don’t listen to WMAW couples when they try to defend themselves. Just watch how they act in public, ask the father about his political affiliations or see if he has MRA or MGTOW tendencies, look at how the Asian mom defers to the white man… it’s a recipe for disaster.

As this AMWW Hapa says it:

Give me 5 minutes with a halfsy and I can tell you almost beyond a shadow of a doubt whether they are my kind of Hapa, or if they are from the dime a dozen bargain bin.

So even before I started writing another Hapa noticed that WM/AW are so cheap and common that being Eurasian is almost a given rather than anything special.

Updated in real time:

4/18/2016: Eurasian male “model” Chris Petersen… with what looks like his boyfriend.


11 thoughts on “?Real life and Instagram confirms White men and Asian women are lying about Hapa babies; updated in real time!

  1. Maybe this is because even though Asian guys don’t date white girls that often, when they do, they usually pick a pretty good looking one. The kids are more likely to be good looking and less likely to misattribute their problems to not having enough white privilege.

    Where as low end white (esp. American) guys are ecstatic just to find a chick that’s not obese with exotic (i.e. fugly by Asian standards) facial features.

    As far as you being so dismissive of MRA and MGTOW, I’m a little confused as to why that is. It seems that a lot of your anger towards WMAFs is due to being rejected by the women you want to date. MGTOW is a philosophy that teaches men that their value is not determined by women. Sounds like something that might benefit you. Or even if you don’t like it yourself, seems like you’d be more than happy for all those loser white guys to go MGTOW rather than dating Asian women. Or maybe you just feel an affinity with intersectional feminism seeing is that it’s a philosophy that encourages its followers to simultaneously play victim and aggressor roles.


    • Or how about I’m just pointing out the obvious that despite our numbers there are so few successful Eurasians and then my opponents are going to try everything in the book to try to spin the argument so that it’s somehow my fault.


    • Also, MGTOW isn’t Men Going Their Own way. It’s Men Sent Their Own Way.

      At age 24 I didn’t think it was a coincidence that of all my friends, only me and my Asian friends were the single ones.


      • What you said about MGTOW isn’t exactly accurate. It is true that a lot of MGTOW followers tend to be more beta, but just because a man is beta doesn’t mean he has no value. Women are the ones in our society who decide the alpha/beta pecking order, and they often do will engage in beta shaming. The whole purpose of it is to keep the betas in check so that they will be good little providers when they didn’t get their alpha who was their first choice. While I don’t follow the MGTOW philosophy exactly, I view commitment as a bargaining chip that a woman has to earn. They way she gets it is to offer me more long term happiness than other girls can. If you view your commitment as something that something that you owe a girl for giving you the honor of sleeping with her, then you’re going to end up with a low end girl, or possibly no girl at all. When you are conservative about who you give commitment to, you’re able to more accurately assess your fair market value. If you know your fair market value, then you’re not going to be deterred when someone low balls you.

        Women will often reject men that have an equal or higher rank than themselves. That is because women are very bad at assessing a man’s long term value and often overestimates the long term value of what she brings to the table. The key is not to be deterred and not to accept her assessment of you in your own mind.

        In your case, being fairly tall, well educated and decent looking should put your value at a very high level. At 24, most women would see you as a risky long term proposition. If they don’t see your value when you’re 30, they’re likely shooting themselves in the foot. And if they don’t see it by 35, then the penalty for those women the same age as you is likely that she’ll be alone for the rest of her life, where as you will likely be able to date cuter girls in their 20s.

        But if you deny your agency, then basically you’re surrendering to the beta shaming, and accepting their view of you as your own.


  2. Asian males and WMAW hapas are just as screwed up as the Asian women they complain about.

    OBSESSED with how supposedly successful AMWW offspring are. LOL.

    Just admit it. You guys obsess over white women and if given the chance you’d shun your own women for some cheap blonde tramp and you know it. It just happens that for some reason Asian males along with black females get the short end of the interracial dating stick.

    Asian Americans have got to be the most self hating effed up in the head people in the world. It’s sad.


    • I don’t see anyone pushing for AMWF here.

      What we’re discussing here is when it comes to hapa, it appears that AMWF hapa tend to outperform their counterparts from WMAF.

      So what can we draw our conclusions from this observation or the reality?

      No one here is thus clamoring for AMWF, AMWF, AMWF or chanting.

      The idea is, the toxic prevalence of WMAF not only affects the full Asian men, but it also has an impact on their children as well. The toxic effect of WMAF pairs only appears after 20 or 30 years down the road when their hapa kids grow up and see the real world. But it doesn’t suggest we need more AMWF. What it says is when the pair or couples are borne out of love or mutual respect, any kids will grow normally and their mindset will be healthy, the condition that most of the WMAF hapa kids are deprived of.

      Again, if we flip the coin and if we’re seeing lopsided AMWF pairs, the situation will be the same too. Any hapa kids from AMWF pairs will be mentally retarded. It’s not because of AMWF or WMAF pairs, it’s because when you see certain pairs prevalent more than normal or what your common sense tells you, there’s gotta be something rather than “love”. That’s the bottom line.

      We see the different scenario between Black and White pairs. We see a lot more Black men and White women pairs. Inevitably, you’d see more White trash women pairing with Black men and lots of Black men falling for any White trash women. Of course there are decent pairs, but when the percentage outnumbers the opposite pairs, you can easily guesstimate that there’s gotta be something going on and a lot of trash comes in. The same thing with White men and Asian women. There are many loser White men and trashy Asian women pairs.

      No one is worshipping white women here.


    • I’m not really attracted to blonde women at all. I was with one, naked in bed with one, and couldn’t get it up with her.

      So you’re wrong about that. I like Asian women, I like black women and Latina women, or dark haired white women almost exclusively. The fact that Asian women would rather have a white male than even a Eurasian guy is like three times the betrayal.

      Have I said even once on this blog that I exclusively like white women?


  3. Everything you have said is true… It’s sad. I think I’ll just end my worth less life it’s all fucking bullshit anyway.


    • Don’t end your life. But expose truths about those who made you feel that your life is worthless…


      • It’s true. Join the hapa mass awakening. We need you guys. Just speak up as much as you can.


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