Celeste Ng, Best Selling Author of “Everything I Never Told You” – Comes at Me, Eurasian Writer, Guns Blazing


I’ll keep it short. One of my readers apparently emailed her, or someone else, my cartoon. STOP DOING THAT SHIT. You are diluting our voices by doing that. 

The cartoon, by the way – is more or less true. At least once in her son’s life is he going to hear “I don’t date Asian guys.” He will probably hear this from Asian women. The irony being that since most men prefer women like his mother – this will especially hurt. I know it did me. Except the first time want that bad. The tenth time it happened was enough to suck my life blood out. 

In case you don’t know, Celeste is the rather famous author of a book called “Everything I Never Told You,” which was a bestseller some odd years ago. I’ve read some of it, save your money and buy Sharon Chang’s book, which is a lot more thoughtful on dealing with the WMAW apocalypse. Not surprisingly Sharon Chang, daughter of a white woman, actually is able to contribute something other than hysterical, poorly written keyboard tap-tap taps.

It’s funny because Celeste wears bright red lipstick like my mom did, uncanny.

In her book she describes a family with an Asian father that somehow manages to get his little daughter drowned in a lake. Surprisingly, Celeste is married to a white guy. A tall white guy. Gee what a surprise, my dad was also a tall white guy.

My family broken when my mom realized that her American dream was a tiny apartment with a neurotic white guy, while her brothers and sisters were making millions upon millions with their Chinese husbands / wives. But Sharon makes it so that Asian male / white women couples are broken when the reality is the opposite is producing nothing but failures and criminals.

Here’s what Celeste doesn’t seem to understand. By constantly refusing to acknowledge such a huge imbalance and keeping a gag order on us figuring out our identity on our terms (i.e., we all have white dads) she’s making it worse – especially for the non passing hapas.

1. Feminism aside, in the REAL world, most Asian women don’t care about feminism and just LOVE tall white guys and Western features and pink skin and most young Asian girls literally HATE Asian men. I hear this ten times a week. He’s gonna search “Asian women” and see women like his mom being marketed online to white men. He’s gonna go on PUA forums and see men bragging about banging 100 Asian girls in five years. Her son will hear it and BURN OUT.

2. Half Asians with Asian fathers seem to produce success after success, from Bond girls to NASA scientists to real estate developers. They’re everywhere. Hell even the sons of black men and white women have surpassed WMAW sons.


Don’t tell us what to do. We figured it out on our own.

9 thoughts on “Celeste Ng, Best Selling Author of “Everything I Never Told You” – Comes at Me, Eurasian Writer, Guns Blazing

  1. Are you serious? She is in a relationship with a white male and wrote a book ripping on amww couples? Are you fucking kidding me? Stupid fucking bitch. What makes these women think they are so fucking perfect and that they have to attack my relationship?

    What i am seeing over and over again is that these women attempt to explain away their racism but fail by talking in circles over and over again and making no logical sense.

    But please bitch, you want to date a white guy, but rip on white girls, fuck you bitch. My relationship is not dysfunctional. I hope this bitch dies in a fire.


      • Man, you’re gaining momentum and fame now (LOL at this trollop Celeste).

        See… now fellow Asian men are at your side—only a matter of time before more and more Hapas catch on (especially fellow males).



  2. Hey lfd, I’ve read a lot of what you’ve written here and I am here to express great sympathy for you. I am an Asian male who grew up in the States, and I think that I’ve had a relatively similar experience to yours.

    I’m sorry that your parents had this awful relationship dynamic – my heart really goes out to you and I really hope that you stay strong. Try to maintain an outlet for your emotions and if you have an hobbies or interests, try to focus on those as much as possible. I know you’ve heard that line about hobbies as many times from a bunch of different groups, but I promise the anger, that all-so-righteous-anger from a man who sees all the bullshit can be incredibly destructive, even if your heart in the right place. The world is a really fucked-up place that is incredibly difficult to change. Just take it one day at a time!

    With love and compassion,
    some dude


  3. Hey, I apologize. I only sent it to one person privately and that person tweeted it and wrote an article about it. I hope it doesn’t seem derogatory because i do sympathize with happas as a minority and as an asian male. Some people get the idea that the cartoon is anti-happa, and I don’t think it is, just the circumstances.


  4. “while her brothers and sisters were making millions upon millions”

    LOL, your delusions know no bounds


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