Fetish Kids!

Black comedian Jermaine Fowler had this gem to say on Twitter.


“It’s always their Dad that is white and the Mom is Asian. Fetish kids!”

Funny how this is what people think of you, despite our moms and dads swearing it wasn’t like that.

What was it like then?

 As Eurasians we’re just supposed to pass our entire lives without questioning why practically all of our fathers are white – and why we’re so monumentally unbalanced to one side?

So as Eurasians we pretty much are born knowing that we’re from an Asian woman with white fetish and a white man with an Asian fetish. Good job, Asian ladies and white husbands. Good job.

Now you guys see why Eurasian men behave the way they do?

3 thoughts on “Fetish Kids!

  1. I’ve heard so many comments from White guys about Asian womens which screams to me that its a fetish. Comments about the body, about the servility. One exclusively chased Asian women.

    I found such attitudes revolting. Even worse, so many people claim not to see race, yet when it comes to their partners, their desire is based on race.

    If people don’t see race, why are Asian Women/White Men pairings about 20x more common than the other way around, at a minimum. If you walk around Melbourne or Sydney, you’ll see 50 Asian Woman/White man couplings before you see an Asian man with a white women. No exaggeration.

    Yet we tell ourselves this is just love, just two people finding a match.

    Such bullshit.

    I’m glad you’ve got the guts to call people out on their lies.


    • That huge dichotomy is not only apparent in Australia, but pretty much within the global Anglosphere itself (which has affected other regions—Asia, in particular). The notion that Western liberalism has introduced with the phrase “love is colorblind” is, indeed, a load of crap and hypocrisy, and is bordering on mental illness—they refuse to remove their rose-colored glasses, all the while engaging in their sick racial fetishism. You can observe this sickness, too, within White women and their lust for Black males (particularly in the United States). Yet with all that lust (which is really, again, racial fetishism), White women married to Black men have very high divorce rates… it makes you wonder. There’s a meme associated with White women that goes: “Once you go Black, you’re a single mom.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that Whites, in general, have SEVERE mental problems—they are deliberately destroying themselves (in turn, hurting other races with their sickness, incompetence and ineptitude); thus… there is no turning back for them. If you want amusement, just take a good look at what’s happening to Europe due to their precious “multiculturalism“.


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