Why I’m not proud to be Asian, even though I’m half Asian.

The above movie “Chink,” from 2013, features a Eurasian male character played by a Eurasian actor  Jason Tobin (white father, Asian mother), and features his obsession with white women, his hatred of his own blood and his murder of full Asian men. Why? Because this is the exact message Asian women send to their own sons.

Every single time an Asian woman says “ew, Asian men,” they by proxy attack the half-Asian male children of Asian women that said the same thing twenty years earlier. It’s a time loop that is going to cause more and more Eurasian suicides, mental illness, murderers and violence.

 And if you think that Eurasian people don’t look Asian… Jason Tobin, the actor, looks fully Asian despite being half. So what will an Asian mother who “only dates” white men tell her own son who looks totally Asian?

I’d love to be proud, but it’s this insanely ironic.

Does everyone recall how Elliot Rodger stabbed three Chinese students to death despite being half Chinese?

Did you scratch your head wondering why this happened?

I’ll explain it in less than 300 words given my experiences. Frankly don’t listen to Asian women when they try to write the half Asian 混血儿 story for us. Don’t listen to anyone’s telling of the half-Asian experience other than the one found on this blog, because they’re frankly either lying or don’t want to admit it (ahem: Asian women).

It’s because being half Asian is just an excuse for Asian women having “white fever.” Half Asian men aren’t more attractive, white men (even the biggest losers like my dad) are more attractive, and half-Asian sons are just the “best case scenario” when a white man and an Asian woman have children.

Every time I try to look in the mirror and accept my black hair that sticks up straight, my dark eyes, my Chinese blood and my heritage, all I have to do is go outside.

I see thousands of Asian women throwing themselves at white men, talking awful shit about Asian guys on dating sites, and then I remind myself that I too have a western last name. I then think back to the times I was turned down by white AND Asian women for being half Asian.

Tell me: what pride would I take in being Asian? It’s so much easier to just identify as Russian or white or even Uzbek. Since white men are “so handsome,” why not just identify totally as white?

So whenever you hear or see Hapa mamas tearfully complaining about how their own little boys scream “I’m not Chinese!”, why the hell would we want to be part of a losing team?

Ever wonder why Nathan Adrian hardly ever talks about his Asian heritage?

Every wonder why Markiplier rarely talks about it either, despite him having a brother who looks totally Asian?

Every wonder why Markiplier is way more successful than his totally Asian looking brother?

Because nobody wants to be on the losing team. Again, we’re on the fast track to producing another mass murderer, encouraging more half-Asian suicides, throwing half Asian children down an incredible well, and yet nobody is listening, and yes, this criminal is going to have a white father and an Asian mother, just like the last 15 of them.

21 thoughts on “Why I’m not proud to be Asian, even though I’m half Asian.

    • “The eurasian female is doomed from birth to be a prostitute to white and other non Asian men as a result of her mother’s poor choice. I feel I was doomed to be a semen receptacle. “


      • Ok I’m confused are you on with white supremacy, and also didn’t you once say you were proud of being asian.


      • And also if you were really asian you’d stand up for your asian side doing that can make you a man and that is pride that you earn, not something that you’re merely born with but create.


      • That’s not the point. The point is I would love to be proud of it but society makes it basically impossible.


      • White man, white man, white man.

        So I’m being perfectly honest, but instead, in your head, you really think that it’s possible to surmount whatever extreme racism we are faced from within our own home – why? Why do you believe this? Because to admit that you are wrong means that you have to forgo one of your sources of pleasure – Asian vagina. Isn’t that right?


      • In that case I think you got words messed up and besides fuck society americas not the world. If you want to be proud then go at it and if makes you feel any better I consider everyone with even a tiny drop ethnic blood a brother or sister if their girls fuck the past and choose a new path.


  1. I met an American guy who speaks really good Chinese and he’s not bad looking, but he can’t get laid to save his life. He always blames Chinese girls and problems with the culture. I introduced him to a few of my female friends and they all think he is messed up in the head, but he can’t see it himself. He also smells really bad. So the real reason he’s alone is quite simple and completely obvious to others, but his own mental biases prevent him from seeing it at all.

    So I’m willing to believe that being Eurasian might be a disadvantage for a guy in the dating world, but I’m really curious as to just how big it is, and why. And is the disadvantage just because of how you look? Or maybe because of mental issues associated with being Eurasian that are weirding girls out and causing them to keep their distance. What kind of strategies are you using with girls? Have you found any coping mechanisms that seem to help?


  2. “Again, we’re on the fast track to producing another mass murderer and yet nobody is listening, and yes, this criminal is going to have a white father and an Asian mother, just like the last 15 of them.”

    Are you referring to yourself?


    • Nope, referring to the last twenty or so violent Eurasians from the last two years, who all had white fathers and Asian mothers.


      • I put a pen to paper explaining the reality of the situation and now it’s everyone else’s job to consider what happens to the so called “intelligent, beautiful” Eurasian males that get routinely ignored by society, demeaned by their own parents and victimized by, among all people, Asian women.


  3. Good job on the blog. I can totally relate. I am a hapa female who lives in a place where there are no hapas. I also have two sisters, but I am the most Asian looking one…so you can only imagine the identity issues I have. My dad who is white also came from a broken home. So I can see the parallels with a lot of your arguments about the pitfalls of being mixed. One day, I want to write a book or movie documentary about the complexities of the hapa experience. In the meantime, I think I need to move to Central Asia or Hawaii, where there are lots of hapas!!


  4. I had not seen this post before. Why on effing earth does he murder an *Asian men*? Why does he hate Asian men? I don’t get it. What have *Asian men* ever done to be held responsible by him for his plight?

    I find this shocking and I am appalled by it, because of the injustice. He kills an innocent man, and even one in a disadvantaged position, due to his race. Why does this Eurasian character not see the injustice of it? Or why doesn’t he care?

    Do you, Eurasian Writer, hate Asian men, too? Do you not care about the injustice of hating Asian men, because of their race, although they have not done anything to harm you or other Eurasians?

    Or do you think it is alright to hate or even murder people who have not done anything against you? Or do you think it is alright to have racist hatred – even without having been given a reason for it – against Asian men?

    Furthermore I want to point out that upon first watching this clip I felt a memory of feeling hate against these two girls who rejected him and made him lose his face. Therefore I could relate to hatred against women. However, there are many women are great and kind people, there is no scarcity of potential partners in the world, even though Western society makes it look like it due to the effects of past patriarchy (now defunct), feminism, repressive sexual morality and men who, by and large, have not yet lived up to the challenge.

    Can you say anything in defense of Asian men, please? Even if they suck at making themselves attractive to women, they do not deserve to be hated or murdered for it! And the hapas, they can hate their parents alright, but I don’t give them the right to run amok against innocent people.


  5. Below are two videos about Elliot Rodger. One on his point of view and the other on the point of view of his father as interviewed by Barbara Walters.

    After watching both, here are some of my observation:

    (1) He is suffering from depression. That depression comes from “self-pity” that at 22 years of age, he is still a virgin because he was rejected by girls.

    (2) He knew, he descended from a British aristocrat and felt that there is some sort of entitlement for him — “Girls are suppose to chase me not me chasing them. I have nice car, I can buy Armani shades.”

    (3) There is no support group to guide him on the rough stages of his life. Grudge start to accumulate in his heart. His father is married to another woman while his mother don’t listen to him. His sister’s boyfriend annoys him (even calling him “freeloader”)

    (4) “If I can’t get it, I will destroy it” becomes his mantra. The rest is history….


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