Asian Women Don’t Love, and Only Use, Manipulate and Climb, Part 3

American Chuathic. Yeah, WM/AW pairings are rarely about love but more about status and image.

White men and Asian women aren’t friends to other minorities, no way, no how.

It’s not a coincidence that the White man and Asian woman pairing is the most common interracial pairing in the world – and might eventually outnumber White man / White woman couples.

It’s no coincidence that I am one of millions upon millions upon millions of Eurasians with white fathers and none from the other way around.

The reason for this?

It coincides with the rise of feminism, and the rise of higher standards among White women, whereas now – average white men like my father see and saw Asian women as being a proper substitute for white women. They get the “white skin,” and the sex and affection that white women don’t want to give average white men.

Asian women, to my father, were seen as being filial, family oriented, and traditional, and less promiscuous. My father is socially conservative, has nothing but vicious shit to say about current modern Western civilization, how the west has fallen.

In fact, it might not even seem this way to the white men, but as they are exposed to more and more Asian women, they just find Asian women easier to obtain than white women – for whatever goddamn reason. And, well, Asian women are the closet thing, “plus they don’t have the attitude.”

Also because of my father’s fear of black men and his countless comments about them, Asian women are well known for avoiding black men.

So essentially the Asian woman is “The White Man From the 1950’s” wet dream – literally.

I recall my grandmother said of my father: “your father doesn’t realize that the 50’s are never coming back.” 

A good example of my father’s behavior: refusing to watch movies made after the 40’s, refusing to see any movie that features a single curse in it, refusing to read any and all books written after 1850 or so (the Flappers were too much for him, I guess), believing the Jews run Hollywood, etc., etc.

Now, for the Asian woman, in finding a white man she finds herself the ability to integrate into her new home – a land she finds superior to her old one. After all, Europe, in the Asian woman’s mind, is exactly what she sees in movies, on TV, and the European man is an image she can latch onto.

Rather than settling for an average Asian man, she can settle for an average white man, milk him for money, and enjoy a white lifestyle. She gets to say she has a white husband, and Hapa kids, but don’t get it twisted: she doesn’t love her husband, never loved him, and never will love him. If any white guy reads this just ask her if she would love you if you were Asian. Is that true love? Ich don’t think so.

(Some Asian women, for whatever reason, like my mother, are almost completely soulless. These white guys don’t seem to realize that if a woman is dating outside of her race exclusively she’s probably mentally deranged or completely amoral.) 

A “white lifestyle” is essentially identical to the one that used to be occupied by the white soccer mom, who for some reason, in the minds of white men like my father (i.e., most white men), became unattainable or unmanageable back then.

Essentially the Asian woman gets to pair off with the white man – and they both get something out of it. The white man gets his “traditional” Asian wife (which essentially means less promiscuous, even though knowing my Asian American cousins this is far from the truth, but with my mother, she certainly was less promiscuous and didn’t have sex with my father at all). 

The Asian woman gets her “white dream life”, whiter children, her fantasy of being white and supplanting the white woman at the white man’s side. It’s not about love at all. It’s about an image: the New American Gothic. They try to give off a vibe of being happy but they’re not. After marriage my mother just completely berated my father for failing to match up with what she expected – a European Prince.

These people are NOT – and I repeat – NOT FRIENDS to other minorities. They have nothing in common with other minorities.

WM/AW is pushed as progressive. IT IS NOT. My mother and father would fill my head with stories about black people saying that I should avoid them based on what kind of clothing they were wearing because this meant that… wait for it…. they were diseased. 

Essentially WM/AW is the textbook 1950’s picket house fence marriage all over again.

Never, ever, ever, rely on a Hapa son of a White man and an Asian woman to be socially responsible, ever. As I said, I tried my damndest to be as white as possible when I was younger. I even considered dyeing my hair, I posted on extremely racist white websites, I made a black girl cry by dropping the word “nigga” to one of my white friends… but I’ll get into this later.


57 thoughts on “Asian Women Don’t Love, and Only Use, Manipulate and Climb, Part 3

    • Absolutely, we hung out a lot and they treated me as one of theirs but we just fell off as our interests went separate ways. Like I would play ball with my friends but my ABC friends were more into other things like playing pool and lan rooms so it was different for us.


  1. I know I can’t tell you what to write, but I’m really interested in reading a post about your white supremacist phase-what you did, who you hung out with, your thought process, how you looked/tried to make yourself look, etc.


  2. When you wrote:
    ” that if a woman is dating outside of her race exclusively she’s probably mentally deranged or completely amoral”
    do you believe that this applies to white women as well or only Asian women?


    • Those women are in a minority and go to Korea and only to Korea simply because they have a fetish for Kpop stars. Essentially virtually all the women who want Asian men are IN KOREA. Nowhere else.


    • Oops wrong comment reply.

      I don’t know the answer to this, all I know is that it’s amoral to make the race of your partner a consideration. Don’t really see how this can be argued.


      • I got to here this story about making the black girl cry. For obvious reason of me being one and you said you have a black girlfriend


      • Yeah. One thing I regret more than anything was losing her. My parents had filled my head with racist shit my whole life.


  3. I am a white man dating and Asian woman. My big problem with dating whites, blacks, or Hispanics isn’t racial but rather physical. There are times I go out in public and I am the only person in the room who isn’t fat. Sadly this isn’t the only physical problem. Many women tattoo their bodies to the point that they look like an art exhibit rather than a person. If this isn’t bad enough, they have enough piercings to set off a metal detector 10 yards away. So, date a sexy filipina who is petite and sweet or a blimposaurus white girl with shriveled tattoos and a tongue ring? Easy choice.


    • I am a white woman dating an Asian man and a mother to a three month old Hapa baby boy. My issue with dating white men like you isn’t racial but intellectual and physical. There are times when I am in public and I am the only one who is far more intelligent than a white male. Many white men go bald by the time they are in their twenties and thirties and they also wear freakishly disgusting looking earrings that look more tribal. If that isn’t bad enough, many lack ambition and refuse to take responsibility for their actions, blaming their problems on people who only recently got their rights. So, date an intelligent and handsome Asian man or date a racist redneck who is already a misogynist and balding? Easy choice.

      That hurts doesn’t it Kevin Smith?


      • Oh LOL @svetasbooks! 😀
        He hates non-Asian girls, not because they’re “fat”, just because any didn’t want him. Seeing AMWF, BMWF and other mixed couples might be painful for him. What an ignorant guy.


      • The way he describes Asian (in his case, Filipina) women has pedophilic undertones… sick bastard.

        Just for you White and Black women here, more and more Asian men (Asian-American or Western-raised/born Asian males, in particular) are becoming attracted toward women whom White males consider “fat”—in other words, Asian men are starting to open their eyes and appreciate women who’re blessed with fat in all the right places. “Thick and curvy”, as we’d like to say (busoms, derriere, thighs, hips). To put it simply/bluntly: big ass and tits (and Western women usually have these desirable “physical attributes” that “petite” Asian women just don’t have). Mmmm… just sayin’.

        Therefore, for you non-Asian/Western women, if you’re feeling insecure toward these “petite” Asian women, then just don’t. In reality (i.e., biologically), women with curvier body types (hip-waste ratio) produce healthier (and often larger) offspring and are also less likely to die from giving birth (vaginally), as well as reduced chances in infant mortality.

        So, “Kevin“… keep this in mind with your petite Filipina once she gets that C-section, ‘kay? And God damn it, I’ve seen so many loser White boys like you with lowly, desperate Filipinas… I can picture your sorry ass right now with your fugly mail-order bride (ugh, gross)… pathetic White male son of a bitch (LOL!). By the way, how many times has she begged you for money to support her “pamily bak in da Pilefens”, huh? Her broken English sure is “wanderpul”, yeah? Hahahaha…


      • Never asks for money. Let me know how much money that Amerislut takes from your paycheck for child support. You realize that she will cheat on you as soon as her feewings change?


      • — “Never asks for money.

        With such a short response like that…. yeah… suuuuuuuuuure (LOL). While I can agree that there are plenty of “Amerisluts”/Western sluts (and the dangers of divorce for men in the West, feminism, etc.), your “sweet” li’l Filipina is no different (again, it’s nothing more than a front to lure a sucker like YOU). As straight men, we all want pussy; however, don’t be blinded by it either. You haven’t been with your bitch for long, have you? If there’s anyone who really knows Philippine women, it’s Philippine men (along with “foreigners” who’ve actually experienced hell being with one of ’em). Visit this following blog (topic is about Filipina wives): and tell me if your Filipina reflects what the individuals have to say about ’em—”individuals” such as White male expats (in the Philippines) who has married one of ’em themselves. You’re not going to listen to an Asian man (let alone a Eurasian man like this author); however, a fellow White man you sure will—and you’ll notice a correlation with what’s being said about Asian women HERE and on THAT blog.

        Tell me how your life is with your mail-order bride after a few years down the road… hahaha!


      • Sorry. I wanted to write a longer response but my wife decided to perform oral on me. I’ll let you know how it works out but be sure and let me know when your Amerislut loses that baby weight gain. Usually the answer is about 3 years….after she dies. Haha


      • Am I supposed to be offended or somethin’? You actually gave me a good laugh… but when it comes to your Filipina mail-order bride and giving head, here’s the thing: How’s that sensation of her jagged-ass teeth around your micro-dick? Smells like fermented shrimp paste and balut, huh? LOLOLOLOL!


    • Interesting. How could you know about that, assuming you’re heterosexual?
      And as an heterosexual man, why are you obsessed with another man’s ding ding?


      • I know because I know how to reason. Why did the original poster day that I am bald and uneducated? Why was I accused of racism when I just stated that I am not attracted to fatties?


      • You are a racist. There are plenty of slim attractive non Asian women but the only difference is that they don’t want you. They don’t have a cultural element built into their culture that makes them value average, racist, passive aggressive and autistic white men. Asian women are unique in that regard.


      • More like you don’t know how to hide your sick obsessions. You conveniently avoided my second question. But we all know the answer, stop repressing.


  4. @KevinSmith that is not racism but my preferences. If you stated I am not attracted to fat women of any race or color that’s one thing. But you explicitly link fat with white, black and Latino women. There are overweight Asian women too.And you equate a white woman to a blimposaurus who has a shriveled tongue ring and is an art exhibit.

    Seriously, is penis the only thing you can come up with? Wow, am I supposed to be offended or angry about that comment?


    • Kevin just proved the point of how white fathers are incapable of raising half Asian sons because of their extreme racism against Asian men and white women. Kevin – I’ll make a post explicitly devoted to you.


  5. Haha. Obesity rate of whites .. 45% blacks…over 50% Hispanics..also over 50%. In texas it is even worse. So best chance of avoiding a fattie….get an Asian. I don’t care if you think I am a racist…I go home happy. Asian obesity…..8%


    • “So best chance of avoiding a fattie….get an Asian.”

      “Get an Asian”? Are they souvenirs or something? WTF is wrong with you????


      • What is wrong with me? I like putting my filipinas in a school girl outfits. Then we have sex. And they call me daddy big dong. They love me long time.


    • Approximately 49% of overweight women in Malaysia. Obesity is not a white/black/latina problem.

      Not to mention, you obviously are not familiar with asian women cheating constantly, they do, as a woman I see the stuff they do, all the time pretty slick and sick if you ask me. Not all of them cheat, but this is not rare or exceptional at all either. This stuff is not racial.

      You probably think they’re submissive and demure too… etc.


      • You need to learn how to think. Overweight and obese aren’t the same. Almost 70% of americans are overweight. What exactly is wrong with a submissive woman anyway? That’s what women want anyway…a take charge, dominating man. Ever wonder why “50 shades of grey” was so successful with women? It’s because women are tired of beta male wimps. So go make me a sandwich.


      • “Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid, said new findings from British medical journal, The Lancet, showed that 49% of women and 44% of men in this country were found to be obese.

        MAYBE if you learned how to read an article…

        And the irony is the average asian woman is not “submissive”. It is clear that you conceptualize them, clearly ask the asian community, who know them better if they are submissive. Better yet ask Amy Chua. Or this dude :


      • Did it ever occur to you that different countries have different definitions of obesity? Instead of reading articles do some travel.


      • You obviously have never seen obese malaysians. Plus, I’ve done some travel dude, I’ve been to almost all continents actually. And if you thought bragging about your woman’s oral sex skills on the internet while bashing asian men left a good impression on your so-called happy life, you’re effed up. You’re just proving the blogger’s point.

        Last thing :

        Sorry. I wanted to write a longer response but my wife decided to perform oral on me.

        But earlier you posted :

        I am a white man dating an Asian woman.

        Are you married or dating? Make up your mind before making up pathetic stories. Must suck to be you.


      • Must suck to be you.

        He knows that and he knows that damn well (that’s why he’s with a Filipina in the first place). Notice how he does not deny any of my points, but tries to make his point(s) with you and whatnot.

        A straight-up White male loser and his Asian mail-order bride—a match made in hell (LOL).


      • I am married and have girls on the side. All the videos I watch show asian women fella ting white cock.


  6. And for the record I dated plenty of non Asians before finding my filipina. What cultural values did they possess? Cursing, cheating, cell phone addiction, divorce, weight gain, having kids with bad boys, going on social media to complain about said kids, diagnosing themselves with mental disorders, and a total disrespect for family. So I said goodbye Amerislut, hello sweet filipina.


    • @Kevin Smith It seems that you are with your Asian girlfriend not because you love her but because you hate White Women. And I guarantee you that Your Asian girlfriend is with you not because she loves you but because she hates Asian Men.


    • LOL… look at you thinking you’re so “special” for landing yourself a Filipina. Here’s something for you to wrap your puny mind around regarding Philippine women: That “sweetness” you see with your Filipina is but a front—good fuckin’ luck, buddy… you’re on your own once she shows her true colors.

      Don’t fret, however, as you are clearly just one the MANY (and typical) “bottom-of-the-barrel” White male losers—it’s not unusual nor surprising for your “kind” to be with the “lowest of the low” among Asian females: Filipina (along with Thai) women.

      No quality, self-respecting White woman would choose your sorry ass, so you went you went for a Filipina—among one of the most (if not THE most) White male-worshiping, self-hating and whorish of all Asian female demographics. Good on ya, you fuckin’ White male loser (and good luck if you have a boy with that mail-order bitch of yours).


      • Quality white women? Ha ha. Funny. Where do they even exist? In the past….they are gone unless you want to visit a nursing home.


      • “In the past”, eh? You mean White women of the 1950s and shit? Yeah… a shame they’re gone (even I, an Asian man, was allured by ’em). Although, I’ve seen more quality AMWF couples than WMAFs (this site proves it all, pal).

        Anyways… I bet your Filipina sounds like this in the vid below (albeit the parodic voice). How is she, by the way? Your Filipina mail-order bride, that is (LOL)?


  7. Someone pointed me to this blog…

    It’s kind of scary, because you sound an awful lot like an Elliot Rodgers in the making. I certainly hope not, and hope that you will be stay away from that path. But I hope you recognize that the voice in your writing reeks of someone who is thin-skinned, prone to hyperbole and over-generalization, has Chicken Little syndrome, and carries more angst than a typical 14 year old emo girl.

    So I hope you realize that your attitude may actually be the biggest cause of your problems in life. This is not to discredit all the claims you are making, or to say that there is no possible truth in them, but rather to say you are limiting yourself to a fairly narrow perspective and not seeing the big picture. For instance, it’s a fairly common experience for people of all races to not like their childhood. Everyone goes through different traumas, but very few people have a completely happy childhoods.

    There are also some holes in your logic too. You say that average white men have turned away from white women due to feminism and white women raising their standards. The first part may be no doubt true. Feminism is a big turn off for many men, and that may drive some white men to choose an asian female. But the second assumption, that white women are becoming more selective, seems fairly illogical because their selection of men to choose from has not increased. In some places, like colleges, the selection has actually decreased.

    But overall, the number of white women available to white men should be about the same as it’s always been. What has happened is that a larger number of white women hold out longer for marriage, end up having more sexual partners, and are more likely to get divorced. These are conditions that are ultimately unfavorable for men in general.

    The law of numbers dictates that the average nerdy white guy will get his shot at a white girl eventually, but he will have to wait a while, and when he finally gets his shot, it is most likely to be with a girl who has been divorced 3 times. And statistically, if he does choose that girl he’ll end up being the 4th divorce.

    And if the guy is lucky enough to meet a white girl who has not yet been divorced, he’ll still have to deal with all the psychological damage that was inflicted on her by players and bad relationships. A very small number of guys will get to be in a relationship with a white girl who has not been damaged in any way, and an even smaller number will find one who is actually smart and educated, because such white girls are very very rare.

    So I think at least some of these white guys are opting for asian girls, because they (probably correctly) believe there will be less drama and more marriage security than with the average damaged white girls (and plenty of pretty white girls are damaged with broken hearts because they sadly follow their hearts more than their heads). Honestly, can you blame them?

    I guess you do. I can see why you don’t like having an Asian mom. The “Tiger mom” style of parenting has a lot of problems with it, even though it has some positive aspects. But it probably works better when you have a full Asian family, because I imagine being surrounded by an Asian culture provides a support network for the hell of Tiger parenting. It still causes problems in life for a lot of full Asians, or so I’m told. But if you’re immersed in a fully white culture, as you probably were since your dad was a conservative white dude, the Asian mom’s parenting style is probably going to make life a lot more difficult for you.

    Incidentally, I know someone who has a Chinese mom and white dad, and seems fine and very well-adjusted in society, but he was brought up in Hong Kong. I suspect that makes a big difference. From the way you describe your dad, I assume you were brought up in a very white (possibly redneck) culture. And your mom probably knows nothing about that culture even though she married into it. So I get how that could make your childhood less than ideal.

    However, you need to remember that your life from this point forward need not be defined by your past. Remember that old saying, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!” But the first thing you need to do is stop being a martyr. If you want people to feel sorry for you, fine. But that won’t get people to respect you. That won’t make women (of any race) to want you. Playing the victim card is the biggest turn-off for them — only they are allowed to do that. When someone says something that you think is racist or offensive, you need to laugh along. Heck, white guys make fun of themselves all the time. Stop thinking of yourself as a victim, and you’ll stop being one. Understand the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy, because it’s really what’s determining your future.


    • Let’s tally this up with the 467th white guy who disagrees with this blog. Gee – why am I not surprised?

      Let’s keep this simple and just let’s just let this sleeping dog lie. I’m done blogging (other than a handful of things I will write for future generations) – but I’ve had enough “thank you’s” from other Hapas and “I understand’s” from Asian women themselves – for me to skip over every word you wrote.

      I wrote the most comprehensive website on being Half Asian – I successfully provided a road map for Eurasians to navigate an increasingly racist world – and I even suggested that they completely ignore their white male fathers and strike out on their own… some random white guy with his “muh white women are too liberated” bullshit isn’t gonna change that.

      Why is it whenever one of you guys comes on here… y’all have one of two things to say: “white women are ___________,” or “suck it up, I know exactly what it’s like being Eurasian.”


  8. Thank you for putting all this together.

    I’m a white guy who is now back in the west after over 25 years in Asia (for work, and I got kind of stuck there due to reasons of my profession). I had “yellow fever” for a good part of that but never settled down with anyone. As the years went by I watched as many of my closest WM friends and some ex AF girlfriends have ended up in WMAF relationships/married and many now have kids, some of whom I’m Godfather to. This started to look more and more dysfunctional to me, one of the reasons being I love deep communication with all the nuance and cultural references it can bring and my language skills in anything but my mother tongue are crap.

    So, now in my 50s, I’m still single (and sometimes feeling rather inadequate for that fact) but really feel relief that I seem to have dodged a bullet. I believe I’m too old to have my own children now but hope I’ll be able to partner-up with someone age-appropriate (so most likely will end up a step-father) who is smart and who I can communicate with well. After bingeing on your blog for the last couple of days I also realise how I need to be ready to help in any way I can as my friends’ kids (who are all still pre-adolescent) try to navigate growing up in their pretty dysfunctional family situations.

    Thank you for opening my eyes. Reading a lot of what is expressed here has been confronting for me, but I’ve never been one to turn away from inconvenient truths. Learning new things, new outlooks, new points of view is difficult. Learning is hard, like anything worthwhile

    Much of what has been expressed about white-privilege is spot on. As a fairly successful WM living in Asia a lot of that had been invisible to me, incomprehensible, kind of like trying to explain to a fish what air is like, but over the years I finally grew sensitive enough to see it everywhere from service in restaurants, to dealings with authority to nights out in bars. Once I was able to recognise it I found it really shocking.

    Again, thank you and I hope you are well on the way to finding happiness and your place in the world. You’ve already helped me with another step along my journey.


  9. I’m latina and just recently got out of an abusive/controlling “relationship” with some loser (I don’t really consider it a legit relationship because after the first month of casual flirting I tried breaking it off several times but he’d always threaten me). He was a white guy who had some immature racist thoughts lurking around (this is one of the things that repelled me from him). He wasn’t a traditionalist or against gay rights though. But he had a thing against white women (especially blonde, red haired, and blue/green eyed white females) and white women dating non-white guys. It was hypocritical that he would look down on white women dating outside their race, yet he preferred latinas and asian girls. He was quick to talk smack about every white female/other male relationship, but he would deny and doubt the topic whenever I pointed out that there was a certain pattern of white male/asian female relationships based on race fetishism and self hate as much as black male/white female. During one conversation he pointed out how he thought too many asian men were “twink” looking and feminine and that in his words “no wonder asian chicks like white guys since asian guys look like bitches”.

    When I finally broke it off for real with this guy he said he was going to pull a “revenge porn” act on me and call my work place. So far he hasn’t done anything and I’m glad we no longer keep in touch. I imagine this is the type of bottom of the barrel loser white guy that the self hating white worshiping trash asian females end up with.
    My current boyfriend is asian actually. These losers like my ex and self hating asian girls probably say he’s a twink, not manly enough, or whatever other stereotype…. but ya know, he’s more of a man than a loser with internalized racism who thinks he’s in control of a woman.

    Racial preferences exist and most people have them even if some don’t want to admit it. Have your preferences, but just don’t base your relationships solely on race and image.


  10. I’m half white through my father, and half-asian through my mother, and will mention that I’m a female based on how important it seems to be here. Seeing articles like this doesn’t help in trying to be ‘accepting’ of my heritage. Saying that people with white fathers and asian mothers are practically fated to be less successful than those who have asian fathers and white mothers is only proof that you really aren’t accepting of your own heritage. Of course, this view is most likely stemming from the fact that I’m born in an age and area where my heritage isn’t stigmatized, but still.


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