More Psychotic Chinese women, Part 3

More reason to be proud of being born from two fetishists. I don’t really care if you’re spectacularly handsome or not – it’s still really weird to have a white father and an Asian mother that look exactly like a stereotype.

We’re using an iPhone English teaching app a lot around here – (I don’t teach, my wife does) – so I hear a lot of her conversations, as well as the recorded lessons that each teacher has automatically uploaded to his or her profile after she or he is done.

This one wasn’t surprising, and was a Chinese girl (teacher) talking with another Chinese girl.

“I met my boyfriend in London.” (Surprise surprise guy is blond).

“We fells in love.”

“I tell him to move to Beijing with me.”

“Our baby will be sooo beautiful.” (Narcissism, with absolutely zero concern for the mental wellbeing of a child raised by a white dude or the concerns of us in being raised by such overbearing fetishistic weirdos.)

“But I don’t want to have baby.” (Even more narcissism, white dude is just a handbag, secondary to her… dreams, or whatever).

“My boyfriend is soooo stupid.” (Classic insulting and belittling of the white guy*).

*The last bit is interesting. I see this a lot, even with my own mother’s utter disrespect and hatred of my father. Whenever I see White men / Asian women couples – despite them swearing to be in love – there is an air of hostility involved. I really don’t know why. It might be because of the dweebish behavior of the white guys who chase Asian women, hence she doesn’t respect him, or because of any myriad number of factors that make it not about love, since it’s really not – it’s more of a fantasy. The ultimate reason is probably because it’s a matrimony of hate. Hatred of Asian men. There is really no love involved here.

Keep in mind that when you’re an Asian woman seeking out a white guy and only a white guy – literally any white guy would do – so you grow resentful of him when he doesn’t match up to your needs (your needs being: providing a white looking baby, feeling like a white Princess, or even better, actually being white, which is impossible).

I’m actually surprised that my mother never cheated on my father, but I really have no idea about this as I would have been way too young to remember anyways.

In my family there are several Asian women (all well below average looking, but in a non-sexual way, like wearing sweatpants, sweatshirts, big teeth, big jaws, constantly screaming at their father or brother) who are ALL involved with white men.

Each and every one of these white guys has something wrong with them. One is 5’5″, and this extremely neurotic old school tri-state type guy who has Giuliani era conservative beliefs. Whenever he is in the car with his wife she is literally SCREAMING at him while she is driving. (Obviously she’s driving).

The other Asian women in the family are with these guys who are either extremely, extremely awkward and mousy, despite being tall and blond, making absolutely poor money, while another is this tall guy with a speech impediment.

When at family dinners and their husbands / boyfriends aren’t there, they literally are mouthing off on them constantly, and I mean constantly, about how pathetic they are. My guess is that since a lot of these men are Jewish or otherwise such low-self esteem having weirdos, they somehow get aroused by the abuse as it possibly reminds them of their mothers.

Just reminds me of how when I was younger my mother would come to my bedside and just absolutely tear into my father (who was sleeping on the couch) about how he was such a loser, ate entire bags of chips at one time, had several phobias (I won’t list them here for fear of being doxxed).

It really makes sense, because when you are so filled with hate for yourself you become incapable of loving another person – including your white husband.

17 thoughts on “More Psychotic Chinese women, Part 3

  1. Interesting that you bring up the Jewish thing. Opens up a can of worms. It seems to be quite common and goes against the grain of mainstream assumptions about Jewish people. People think that Jews don’t like to inter-marry. But reform Jews have a 50% rate of inter-marriage, including Jewish women. I’ve also met a number of Jewish women (Ashkenazi women) married to Asian men, including Eurasian men. It seems they are more open to it than other white women. And their children have it easier than Jewish dad/Asian mom, because Jewish descent is matrilineal, so the children from Jewish women are still considered Jewish. The children born to Jewish fathers and Asian mothers, like myself, are not considered Jewish, unless they convert, adding to the trauma of being Eurasian. You are also not considered Asian by most Asians, hence you face rejection by numerous people from both your mother’s and your father’s culture. Add to this, your parents come from two different religious backgrounds usually, not just ethnic backgrounds, so they have very different world perspectives. You can find people talking about half-Jewish issues here:


    • @ Eurasian Writer:

      Another issue that is all problematic –

      It seems that your family is like mine, in that some of the Asian women married WASP right wing conservative Christian men, and one or more married Jewish men. Since my father was Jewish, I was raised somewhat Christian by my Asian Christian family, and somewhat Jewish by my father. But I was always put off by my Asian Christian/Protestant/Catholic relatives who tried to push Jesus on me, especially knowing that I had Jewish blood. They were definitely on a mission and it drove me away from them. I’m still not comfortable around them to this day. This means that Eurasians who are raised Jewish like me, will most likely not feel comfortable around their Eurasian cousins who are raised as right-wing Christian by their WASP fathers, and possibly raised in an anti-semitic environment. This is super problematic as it drives families further apart. Again, an issue that the majority of Asian women are completely ignorant and blind to when it comes to marrying white men.

      I’ve seen these situations on a number of occasions, where some Asian sisters or cousins will marry WASP and others from the same family will marry Jewish. After I read your post, it hit me today that these odd familial combinations might be much more common than I realized, putting Eurasians who have Jewish fathers at an even greater level of conflict. For me, it was so bad that I never mentioned anything Jewish around my Asian Christian relatives.

      On top of that, my dad comes from a family of Holocaust survivors. So for Jewish men to run away from their culture by marrying an Asian woman, and when Asian women run away from their culture by marrying someone white or Jewish, it is like growing up being the product of a DOUBLE genocide. The irony is that once I hit my late teens and early 20’s, they both got all nationalistic, with my mom trying to push her culture, and my dad trying to push his. It’s their way of saying that they are still proud of who they are even though they chose to marry out. But it’s super retarded, because you cannot be in two places at once. You can’t be in church and synagogue at the same time. Try making Christmas parties in the middle of Chanukkah. It’s like they think you can just split yourself in half and be in two places at once. I noticed that most people understand such basic things, but so many WMAF couples simply do not get it.


  2. @ Eurasian Writer:

    Can you put up an index of all your articles with links, maybe in the blogroll, similar to what you did with the “Ultimate collection of links..” I sometimes have trouble going back and finding your articles. Sorry I know that’s time consuming.


  3. Ok, cool! Look forward to it. I feel like I am double isolated being Eurasian. Not only are there few adult Eurasians that I know, their dads are mostly very WASPy.


    • My dad is Anglo. My mothers sisters are almost uniformly involved with Jewish men. I dunno why this is, maybe there are more of them in NYC. My feeling is that most normal WASPs don’t wanna be with Asian women. The handful of Jews that do have mommy issues or are extremely neurotic types like Zuckerberg or Jed Rubenfeld. My cousins are involved with Jewish guys. One is this really tall sickly guy who has extreme food allergies. The other is this nebbish loser who is a big guy but a total passive aggressive freak. His emails are hilarious to read… Just completely passive aggressive. I wish I could post them here.

      My dad hates my cousins boyfriends. He makes comments how my moms sister is dating a Hollywood Jew who makes horror movies. I’m serious about this. If only these freaks could realize they’re in the same boat. Asian women are a commodity for the bottom of the barrel men, so they’ve started to self stratify hierarchies among themselves as to who gets what kind of woman. It’s actually pathetic.


  4. There’s definitely truth in it.
    Jewish men do suffer from a few of the stereotypes that Asian men suffer – nerdy, not athletic. I’ve actually met a few Jewish women who say they don’t want to be with someone nerdy or unathletic, so they don’t date Jewish men. Since the Jewish population is low, and has not yet recovered from the Holocaust, if these men are either unable or unwilling to find a Jewish woman (often for some of the same reasons that they don’t want someone unathletic or nerdy, or overly opinionated), then their next option is Asian women, who, aside from the sexual fetish stereotype, are also stereotyped as unathletic and nerdy, but not stereotyped as opinionated, talkative, or dominant the way Jewish women are stereotyped.


  5. Chinese women can be the worst social climbers, so they will make their white husband’s lives a living hell if they’re not up to snuff, as they would a Chinese husband. Lots of yelling. But Chinese men are bred to accept such misery (see typical shanghainese man). But there’s a bit of diversity still. Japanese women might be more passive aggressive, and bizzarely rigid as they get older. Korean women get violent and are generally more prone to be crazy. I’ve known white dudes who have had hardcore Korean or Japanese fetishes but end up marrying chinese. Go figure.


    • I don’t get it. To be honest I’m gonna focus on making my son as healthy and attractive as possible and tell him to marry anything but Asian. They’re fucking pathetic human beings, I’m sorry.


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