Why are all of our fathers White? Why was my father tall, redheaded, and White? Why should we be proud of this?

I was a super, super cute kid as a child, just like this kid – guess what, still been called a chink, still been turned down by Asian women, by white women, still can’t help but notice that almost all Eurasians have white fathers and Asian mothers.

Yet I’ve been turned down for being Asian?

Why is it that everywhere I go I see White male / Asian woman couples?

Why are Eurasian offspring expected not to notice that almost all of our fathers are white?

Why can’t I grow a full beard? Why is my hair black and my eyes brown?

Why do I still have comments made towards me of how “Asian I look?”

Why is it that society and commenters here talk about Eurasian beauty yet I still lack the ease of access, to jobs, to girlfriends, that my 6’2″ white male friends with facial hair have?

Why should I be proud of being Asian at all? Why should I be proud to be Eurasian when this just means that my father injected me with white DNA – like a mulatto slave who is treated like absolute shit, looked down on, despite having a white parent?

Why don’t I just try to be white – since my mom sought after a white man, in a white country, to speak a white language, to get a white passport, to gain white citizenship, what’s the point in being Eurasian? Why not just white?

Why should I be proud, as a Eurasian, of having a white father, especially when white men gloat around the world about how white men “own” Asian women?

Why should I be proud to be a Eurasian when all this really means is that white men are better than Asian men – no matter how you try to spin it?

Why should I be proud to be Eurasian when Asian women around the world throw themselves like cheap floozies at white men – yet I’ve faced such extreme racism in my life, being called a small dick chink, that “I don’t like Asian guys”, that, “I only like white guys,” and I just have to constantly remind myself that my father was white, just like every other Eurasian?

Why should I aspire to be anything when this would just be proving to the world that Asian women are right in chasing white men? Why should I aspire to be a successful Eurasian when this just means that Asian women are correct in having white fetishes and that their mixed-race children are magical?


4 thoughts on “Why are all of our fathers White? Why was my father tall, redheaded, and White? Why should we be proud of this?

  1. @EurasianWriter:

    “Why should I aspire to be anything when this would just be proving to the world that Asian women are right in chasing white men?”

    This is a very interesting point. I think both consciously/subconsciously I felt this way in my twenties into my early thirties. I didn’t want my mother to have an opportunity to gloat over any potential successes because she was such an abusive tiger mom. So after getting a near 4.0 in high school and graduating from a top 10 university, I just floated around from job to job in my twenties, not having any type of consistent career and not making that much money. This pissed her off to no end. I guess that was part of the insanity I was born into. In my subconscious/unconscious attempt to get back at my parents and the abusiveness of WMAF, I self-sabotaged. But I don’t feel the same way now. I don’t mind being successful. Probably because I just want to not be struggling anymore, and I want to live in peace. I choose success in spite of my parents, not because of my parents. I will never, ever give them credit for my success, except for maybe just passing down some academic intelligence. Most of my success anyway is actually built on my emotional intelligence, which I trained and learned completely on my own over two decades, and has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with my parents.


    • Do you identify more with your Asian side or white side? Do you think you white dad is a creeper? White girls didn’t want him so the next best thing was Asian.


    • “I self-sabotaged.”

      But what else can we do? We have no outlet, no choice at all. We’re on our own and ultimately as Hapas all we have are each other.


  2. This comment is interesting. I found it on Reddit.

    “[–]TropicalKing 6 points 4 days ago*
    My father is also extremely “religious and conservative.” I have to put that in quotations, because he’s the type to sing “holy holy holy” while watching his family suffer in poverty. He’s the type to picket abortion clinics, while never taking any time to get to know his children.
    And my family did grow up very poor because of my father, and we’re still poor. My father got fired from his job at Hewlett Packard some time in the 80’s, and REFUSED to go to work ever since. He made 5 children with my mother AFTER losing his job and refusing to get a new one. I’m 29 and he hasn’t worked a real job in over 32 years. Today he works 1 hour a week as a church pianist. My mother works 2 jobs 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. During the entire time knowing my father, he has never worked a job other than playing piano and doing some tutoring.
    No white woman would put up with my father’s behavior, no white woman would have children with my father after he lost his job and refused to work. While WMAF as well as AMWF couples do have the highest incomes in America- there are a lot of very poor hapa families as well. The poor hapa stories are usually the same, the white father is too much of a loser to get a wife in his own country and has to go to Asia to find someone to make babies with.”


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