“My son won’t be Asian; he’ll be Hapa.”

Link here. Do you think his attackers cared that he was half Asian? Do you think a woman would care if a man were half Asian or full? Discrimination does not know halves or fulls.

There are two possible outcomes to this line of thought.

The first, is that your son looks visibly Asian. Google “Hapa men” to get an idea of how many do, and how many don’t.

What people seem to forget is that “Hapa beauty” does not thwart off racism. Passing as white thwarts off racism – but not always, especially when talking about sexual racism, and the most discerning women will consider a half Asian the same as a full.

People who discriminate do not catch themselves and say – wait. “That guy is only half Asian,” before rejecting you from a job, or rejecting you from romance, or deciding to spare your life, or spare you from a stabbing, as from this 15 year old news article from Germany.

The second possible outcome is that he passes, like me, or like I did back then.

You then seem to forget that your own flesh and blood son will internalize the anti-Asian male hatred and unconscious sexual proselytizing that occurs within a mixed race marriage;

i.e., White man / Asian woman relationships are so common as opposed to the reverse, for a simple reason that you don’t want to see, or admit.

Will this reason not have some sort of butterfly effect onto your child?  What is the reason? The real reason? Not the reason you want to believe – but the real, all encompassing reason – the same reason that grass is green, that the sky is blue, that the ocean has waves.

One thought on ““My son won’t be Asian; he’ll be Hapa.”

  1. Your theory about discrimination not knowing, and caring about whether you’re half or full is FLAWED.

    By your own admission, people will accept those who look LESS Asian even if they are half. So it isn’t that they are biracial so much of how the GENES were distributed.

    All NON-whites are discriminated against, but there’s still a hierarchy that takes place even with said discrimination. NO, all NON-whites are NOT treated equal.

    Whites have made the rules very clear.

    When it’s white against NON-white, whites WIN
    When it’s light(biracial, multiracial, light-skinned ethnic people) vs dark, light wins(BECAUSE THEY NOTE LIGHT IS CLOSER IN PHENOTYPE TO WHITE)

    So white wins over light and light wins over dark. Light and Dark are not treated the same by whites and they do NOTE skintone, features, hair patterns, etc and hand our privileges accordingly. Aswell as not be as aggressive with their attacks on them in general.

    White people have gone on record saying they like to see light-skinned blacks(ie Rihanna, Beyonce,) because it makes them more comfortable. White supremacy uplifts the lightest within all groups(Lightest blacks, lightest Brazilians, lightest Hispanics on Telemundo) because a light skinned/mixed woman is closer to the white beauty standard and does not challenge it. They will also claim those ambiguous people so-called “look” better. Even in that, they SEE, and react accordingly to, the differences you said they didn’t in your article. And yes, that noted difference means they will treat you like crap compared to them, but be a little more respectable and hand out privileges for being lighter(less ethnic looking).

    Research has shown that lighter people get more opportunities in the workforce. Lighter people are promoted more. Lighter people are not treated as harshly as dark-people who are deemed unattractive and aggressive.

    Are racists willing to attack ANY non-white person, YES. Do they STILL see the varying phenotype within ethnic groups? YES. Do they treat all non white people the same? NO. You’re conflating issues and make it the case that if you’re not white, whites don’t like you, so they see you all the same. Not true. They don’t like non-whites but they definitely note and see a difference amongst groups and subsequently exploit those differences to keep conflict going. They always appoint the lighter people the RULING class over the DARKER PEOPLE. It’s not just about the fact that it’s racist against non whites. To a white supremacist, white is right. Yellow you’re mellow. Black get back.

    So you are wrong. People WITHIN ethnic groups are discriminated against more or less depending on how ethnic they look, how loose their curl patterns are, how light their skin is, how light their eyes are, etc.

    Light(non white people) and dark people are not equally treated horribly by white people because they’re both non-WHITE. The treatments will vary giving light the leg up in every arena(although discrimination of both will occur).


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