Why the Future Generations of half Asians are completely screwed

Let me lay this out for you.

Of course white guys and Asian girls are going to deny their kids will have problems. After all, to admit it would mean that, they’d have to admit that their relationship is screwed up.

But none of these parents know how to raise half Asian kids. They don’t know any adult half Asians and have no clue how damaging their thoughts are.

In other words:

Dad; believes Asian men to be uniformly ugly, nerdy. Welcomes the love of Asian women, who value his whiteness.

Mom; explicitly expressed desire for white men and only white men in front of her son. Superficial, cruel and racist. Refuses to bend consider the mental toll this will take on her children.

Son; half Asian. Abused by his friends and enemies, treated as full Asian by western society, by women, and even by Asian women like his mother. Begins to savagely hate his Asian side. Even his own parents are racist. No outlet at all against racism. 

Now multiply this by seven or eight million and you have an idea what the future holds. All over the world, in every nook and cranny of the world, are half-Asian sons born to narcissistic, racist, clueless parents.

10 thoughts on “Why the Future Generations of half Asians are completely screwed

    • That isn’t enough, Kim. That’s the point. You guys are unable to understand why because you don’t want to step outside of your comfort zone. Thinking that you’re doing a good job isn’t enough when both you and your partner are giving off toxic signs of race hierarchies. Assuming your girls are too young, you’ll see what I mean. What are they going to think when they assume their dad has yellow fever?


      • I think my daughters won’t mind if one day, they realize my husband has yellow fever and I have white fever (as everybody says in the USA, but we live in France).
        We have asian friends, white friends, we don’t have any issues with them. Most of them are whites + whites, asians + asians.


  1. You are oversimplifying and exaggerating what happens between a mother who hates the men of her race and how she’ll react to her son who looks like those men.

    The two relationships can be mutually exclusive.

    You’d be hard-pressed to find mentally trashed(ie self-hating) mothers, who purposely seek out(unconsciously or otherwise), other groups to mate with for those “better genes” and “status”, who actually mistreat their children. They are so brainwashed, they actually PRIZE them.

    There can be “Mommy Dearests” in all races, but rarely is it because of the person’s race. Those mothers suffer from mental imbalances, period.

    Mothers are mothers first. I can be a mentally trashed black woman, who hates black males, but love my biracial son BECAUSE he is MY SON. Therefore, I see him as different from the males I hate. That is how mothers feel about their children more times than not. Also, if you’re alleging that Asian women see whiteness as better, the fact that they have a HALF white son means she’ll see him as better than the regular ol Asian boy that she “despises”. So even in that, she won’t hate her son for more reasons than one.

    1.) He is HER son..her flesh and blood so he is “other’d”; meaning exception to the rule of those she hates.
    2.) He is bi-racial so better than full Asian. In her mind, she SAVED him from being totally Asian.

    I’d venture to say the half-breeds(I’m not looking to be politically correct) of mentally-trashed mothers are their PRIDE AND JOY. He signified her ability to snag a white man and “move on up”. In that, they’d take pride in them(even if they don’t come out looking so white). Now, when he grows older, the mother might feel sorry for his awkwardness and other issues(if she is aware of them) but doubt she’ll “hate” her “Asian lookin” SON.


    • This still doesn’t equate to a mentally sound child. Many mothers can and do despise their children or disfavor certain children. Contrary to what I say, my mother actually favored my brother more than me, who was more Asian looking – precisely because I feel like she resented me for looking white. She essentially devoted all of her energy to the eldest born son and Tiger Mommed him to the point that he essentially imploded and now has reverted back to a childlike state.

      I think the point is that any woman ill enough to say such horrible things when seeking out a partner of another race lacks the qualities of being a good human being, let alone a good mother. The same will be said about the men that take them, since they are enabling anti-social behavior. Neither of which equates to a relationship that is beyond one of pure narcissism.

      Monoracial couples can be narcissistic, but interracial couples can be EXTREMELY narcissistic to an unbelievable degree.


      • Most mothers love their children so the “many” who “despise” is an exception and so moot. Now, I will agree that MOST mothers favor certain children but that’s usually intra-racial so has nothing to do with your conclusion that RACIST Asian women, who purposely avoided Asian men, will hate their Asian-looking son once he is grown(ing) and looks less white. This has been one of your talking points. And then the other end are the mothers who FAVOR their BIRACIAL children, that also has nothing to do with your assertion that a mother will project the racism she feels towards her same race of men onto her BIRACIAL son.

        In your example using your brother you proved my point. You mother FAVORED your Asian-looking brother. So she was able to hate Asian men, desperately and deliberately look to reproduce with a white man, but not mistreat her Asian-looking son.

        AS far as this union producing mentally sound boys? Especially those raised by racists? I mean, I don’t know that it’s because of the parents and their preferences or MORESO(key word) society? There are households where the interracial couples act totally oblivious to racism(so talk that, “Everyone is equal” crap) and the kids still grow up self-hating, white-washed, and feeling as if they don’t belong. Is it really the parents preference or the white domination/non-white assimilation that everyone subscribes to? The latter just doesn’t seem avoidable. Preferences aside(albeit preferences don’t help the situation).


      • They’re interlinked and interchangeable. Both preference and societal pressure.

        Either way, you realize that this baggage they hoist onto their kids to figure out isn’t really making the situation better. Hence I expect more blowouts in the immediate future.


    • Racist Asian women who solely marry white males in the hope of getting white looking babies are likely to hate their Asian looking Eurasian kids since humans have tendency to hate things which are not good as previously expected.


    • Racist Asian women who solely marry white males in the hope of getting white looking babies are likely to hate their Asian looking Eurasian kids since humans have tendency to hate things which are not good as previously expected.


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