“Isolated and often insulated as well, multiracial Asian children have difficulty in developing self-esteem and a positive identity enabling them to deal well with the quotidian oppression they encounter in the larger society.”


White fathers love to shrug off these issues. After all, they got laid, and there was nothing else to it. But the very concept of an Asian looking child being born to an Asian mother who overvalued white men is a grand irony; on top of this, when one looks about him, and sees thousands – no, millions – of couples that look exactly like his parents’, the irony of taking pride in ones Asian appearance is staggering. 

Obviously most white men would never admit to this because that would imply that they would have to question their own self-interests and essentially deny themselves the pleasure of sex and companionship.

There was a book published last month by Sharon H. Chang, a rare case of a Eurasian with an Asian father, called:

Raising Mixed Race: Multiracial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World (New Critical Viewpoints on Society).

In it she avoids openly stating that it is problematic that there are millions of Asian boys born to openly racist couples, (yes, “preferring” white men is racism in and of itself), but she has some extremely brutal lines, which I reiterate here.

Not surprisingly then, it was less than a generation ago that mixed Asians were typically assumed to be by-products of military dominance and conquest…. Multiracial Asians then are also centrally imagined as Asian (Asian mothers) and white (U.S. father soldiers). To this day people are surprised upon learning my father is Asian and my mother is white. By contrast, when people learn my husband’s father is white and his mother is Asian they nod knowingly as if to say, “That makes sense.” Subsequently portrayals of mixed race Asians, when present, are usually visible only as Asian/white while other Asian mixes remain conspicuously absent.”


One especially disturbing finding of this research study is the intense racial isolation that our white-racist system creates for mixed race Asian children and their parents. Even within Asian American communities, the children often face racial isolation in various forms, including in regard to finding peers and adults who look like them and can be positive role models. Isolated and often insulated as well, multiracial Asian children have difficulty in developing self-esteem and a positive identity enabling them to deal well with the quotidian oppression they encounter in the larger society. As Chang eloquently puts it, being mixed race American today “does not mean race carefree by any stretch of the imagination” and certainly does not “signal the impending arrival of a post-racial paradise led by super-bred superhero hybrids.”

Chang demonstrates that this isolation is made worse when, as is common, the parents do not teach their multiracial children substantial anti-racist lessons about our racist system, its principal discriminators, and the omnipresent white framing. Generally speaking, the children are “not gaining the cognitive nourishment and well-tailored tools necessary to acknowledge and resist racism and develop an aware sense of racial self.” Indeed, most parents are effectively indoctrinated in elements of the dominant racial frame — including elements of its white superiority subframe and of its anti-Asian subframe. Most have bought into the white framing that asserts that the United States is post-racial, that racism is no longer a serious matter, and that their multiracial children will not face serious problems, because the country is becoming more multiracial. A substantial great majority are prone to unrealistic optimism substantially articulated out of a colorblind post-racial framing.

In other words, the dawning of the era of Eurasians – almost uniformly born to White men and Asian women – was poorly, if not never, planned, on the basis of pure mythos and hearsay; i.e., “Eurasian children are supermen, despite myself not knowing any.” In actuality, the prevalence of Eurasians is more so a result of the compete eradication and ignorance of Asian men in western (and even Eastern) countries, the implicit understanding that Asian men simply do not match up to White men in terms of looks, status, wealth or desirability –

Yet half-Asian children bear the hallmarks of this, namely, our Asian looks.

It is a tragedy in the making.

12 thoughts on ““Isolated and often insulated as well, multiracial Asian children have difficulty in developing self-esteem and a positive identity enabling them to deal well with the quotidian oppression they encounter in the larger society.”

  1. I tried to get in contact with Sharon H Chang if she had any advice about trying to instill confidence in my future son (if all goes right,) but she ignored me. I also wondered whether or not to get her book. First thing that stops me is the cost, and what I’m seeking in particular is something that will help me address racial issues. Out of curiosity, for those that read her book, does she talk about how to instill confidence or coping mechanisms in children, or does she only talk about history of race in her book?


    • If you are who I think you are just seeing his father with a woman who looks like you ought to be enough…. I think we communicated on Facebook, right?


    • Also I doubt she’d ever reply to you. A lot of the so called intellectuals miss the big issues with it all. They’re quivering in their boots – afraid to answer the real “whys” to the whole issue. And by ignoring it the only thing they’re doing is paving the way to the next major tragedy.


  2. My God I cant believe what I am reading on this blog and on “I HATE ASIAN MEN” blog this is all crazy I never knew how deep the race problem is within the east Asian world, these blogs are something else, The race problem is so deep in this world wow. how will you Asians heal? You guys need to do somehow, be more open minded or something I don’t know !!! but the “I HATE ASIAN MEN blog” is something deep, I don’t believe in a God in that way, but you guys need God or something !!! we are all human!! whats so hard to understand? we are all human!


    • Yeah, I thought this was well known. Now you understand why there will be more and more mixed race psychopaths popping up in the news. Racism is oftentimes subversive in ways you can’t even begin to fathom.


  3. If you date a black guy, you have to listen to bad music, say, “Yo Yo Yo” all the time, and eat buckets of fried chicken. That sucks.

    That’s why white is right! My slanty eyed yellow bitch girlfriend loves how I stretch the shit out of pussy. Her mammasan understands and approves


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