Hapa / Half Asian Babies as Social Currency, and on Asian Women Altering Their Appearance

Mini-celebrity Dawn Yang. I recognize the red hair dye and colored contacts from my mother.
Self hatred is mental illness; trying to look like another race is mental illness; valuing another race over ones own is mental illness, and this all leads to mentally ill, half-Asian children, because they are not white, but rather, half-Asian children born to an Asian woman who thought whiteness was better, and had the tools to get access to a white man.

Just now during lunch I saw a commercial featuring two Asian women holding half-Asian babies. Obviously the children were not theirs but they were somebody’s.

What’s alarming to me is the rate that Asian women use their half Asian children as social currency. Many of them, on the social app called “Mei Pai”, show off their half Asian children as evidence of being progressive, when in actuality Asian culture is extremely status conscious, and having a half-white child would be an immediate way to one-up ones peers, and even people they don’t know.

Also, since many of the Asian women are extremely status-driven, (my mother was a cold-blooded careerist from an extremely successful Hong Kongese family and my dad still hates her elder brother, constantly telling me how empty he is despite being worth some several hundred million), marrying a white European man was the best way to accomplish her goals, despite the fact that she never actually loved him. In fact, I don’t recall once in my life that my mother said “I love you” to either my father or us, and for the entire time that I can recall (having been together for 20 years), they neither slept in the same room, showed any sort of affection, or displayed any kind of behavior other than one of violence and open disgust, despite my father continuing to claim this day to have loved her.

So, similarly, on Meipai, you never see the white father in the pictures, rather, only the baby. Similarly, Singaporean blogger Xiaxue is the same way. The child itself is a commodity, praised for our beauty, and then essentially left on our own to raise ourselves, since our mothers were largely irrational sociopaths that couldn’t conceptualize being mixed race beyond “white skin, light eyes,” and our fathers were aloof opportunists who took advantage of Asian culture’s ills (like self-hatred) to get laid.

I went through a photo album last night of my family and two things stuck out to me; 1) my mother had dyed her hair red, and wore colored contacts, to the point that when she wore sunglasses, she actually looked like a dark skinned white woman; 2) she also looked like she weighed 70 pounds since apparently this is a technique that some Asian women use to look whiter. 3) She never, ever, ever went near my father in any of the photos.

It’s literally the worst of both worlds getting together.

  • One, a woman whose self-hatred and / or hate for Asian culture and Asian men is so intense that she deliberately sought out a white man for “beautiful babies”, status, or bragging rights.
  • Two, a white man who usually was too socially inept and also morally repugnant enough to impregnate a woman who refused to be with an Asian man.

Needless to say, is this healthy for the children? No.

Will all Hapas suffer? No. But will many suffer? Time will tell.

10 thoughts on “Hapa / Half Asian Babies as Social Currency, and on Asian Women Altering Their Appearance

  1. “Self hatred is mental illness; trying to look like another race is mental illness”

    Finally, something we unequivocally agree on. The problem is that you fall under your own self-diagnosis and seem more than content with staying that way.


    • What’s the point of even arguing? In admitting that the women who do this are crazy you are admitting that Eurasians as a whole are at a higher risk.


    • Because she was with him with the expectation that he would provide a “white lifestyle” if that makes sense. He’s very Waspy, but from the deadend of New England, so it wasn’t what she hoped for.


      • It was some time ago, however, I never had the time to comment (on holiday now) I was doing some research in regards to Elliot Rodger the 22-year-old California Killer. I have been researching how he saw race; manhood etc. I think we need to talk more about Mr Rodger….. anyway that’s how I came across this site you wrote a report on him.


      • No need to talk about him, since there’s going to be more of him in the future unless people are willing to address this…. part of the purpose of this website now is to be a safety net to prevent undo fallback onto Asian men.

        As I said the intersection of race and gender in the West is extremely volatile, and it’s only worse because of the refusal to talk about it.

        This guy gives the best analysis of the issue that I’ve ever read:


        How’d you find the blog, though? What were you searching for. I’m intent to get it to the top of the search rankings so I can make this common knowledge.


  2. Thank you for the link I have just started reading the Elliot Rodger post on that site.My thoughts on your blog, it’s very informative I think the group of people you are trying to reach will be hard, you message I think can only be understood by people that are conscious in regards to the following Justice / Race / Racism however people may just be aware, It’s very hard to tell a poor or working class girl in Asia or Africa(even middle class to a point) to think hard before marrying a white male…is he open minded? why does he want to be with you? etc girls from some parts of Africa and most parts of Asia think if a white man wants her she better not say no and do not ask questions like why. I think you blog is just reaching people after the fact so it’s good work however, I don’t think Asian or African women will stop see in white males as they Knight in Shining Armour that will give them this great life and light skinned looking European babies/kids. The problem is so so big, you are making people aware and hopefully, that will lead to consciousness(it’s hard to tell women anything as a male). Search ranking and what was I searching, it was some time ago now it was the Elliot Rodger story if my memory serves me right and the words half Asian people something along those lines.


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