On Racist White Men with Asian Women; Nicholas Folke

Above is a picture of Nicholas Folke, founder of some kind of movement to oppose Chinese immigration and multiculturalism in Australia. He has a young Asian daughter. 

At this point I am just putting out these posts to fill the gaps in the search engines for these issues, hence the excessive tagging… for a long time coming. The point of this site is to exist for at least another decade, and my ultimate goal is to make this into the premier website on half-Asian issues, replace all previous discussion of half-Asian issues (e.g., the Kip Fulbeck Camp, Hapavoices, etc.) and so far everything is going according to plan.

I need to reiterate that my dad is racist. He very much hates black people; when buying a Christmas gift yesterday I had to avoid making a certain purchase because I didn’t want to buy a very well known brand owned by a very prominent rapper (now owned by Apple). I went with a lesser known brand because I knew he would never use the aforementioned “black brand.”

My father is also a Holocaust denier, constantly talks about the immigrant crisis in Syria, refers to black people as “the blacks,” so on and so forth. Luckily he’s not a Trump supporter as he believes that Trump is overcome with greed – an anti-Christian principle.

Luckily my dad was never racist against Asians, but apparently there are a lot of white men in relationships with Asian women who hate Asian men even worse. The potential blowback for this is massive.

Anyways, racist white men often times seek out Asian women. Why?

Simple, because:

A) Asian women are well known to defer to white men, rarely to black men.

B) Asian women are known for their “traditional values”; i.e., they love living in white countries, and are outspoken in their hatred for black people and are not notorious as white women (although this is a myth) for sleeping with black men.

C) Like Dylan Roof said, Asians are an “honorable race.” Hence their women are honorable women. The only basis for their “honor” would be their perceived value of whiteness.

D) White men with extreme racist views cannot attract white women; so they go for Asian women, who will forgive their views in exchange for whiter babies, (likely before summarily dropping their husbands, like mother did). The whiter babies will then be raised as white, like Marcus Epstein.

E) The largest irony is that Asians are seen as “genetically the most similar” to whites, (my dad has told me that “East and West are the same”), so the children have a much higher chance of looking white (or in my case, whitish), so it’s essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Do not fall for this! I will make sure this website dominates Google rankings from here on in to ensure that these crimes do not go unpunished! If you know people like this, cut them out of your life, but do not blame the children.


3 thoughts on “On Racist White Men with Asian Women; Nicholas Folke

    • I’m not sure. Maybe. But definitely if she were Jewish. I’m 100% sure of that. I think he would care less if the woman were black and Christian.
      That’s actually a really good question… I wouldn’t know how to bring it up to him. He’s definitely said things about black women (like on TV, newscasters, etc), but I’ve spent so long blocking it all out… I need to think but it might come back to me.


  1. BTW, I have a sister / mirror site at halfasianpeople.com, just for security reasons. Sometimes I get comments there rather than here, so I just copy and paste them here if they’re interesting:

    You can see the original comment here:


    anon_blasian says:
    MARCH 4, 2016 AT 5:20 AM EDIT

    “Hi, I just want to start off by saying I love your blog. I think it’s very interesting hearing a Eurasian male’s take on WMAF couples. As you can tell by my display name I’m blasian (my dad is black and my mom is Asian). Now my parents are both proud of their races and have taught me to accept my mixed heritage. I’m very grateful for this. However, there is a lot of anti-blackness in the Asian community and my siblings and I are left to feel like outsiders. As I grew older I realized that Eurasians are seen as the most preferable racial mix in the Asian community, especially female Eurasians. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard people (normally Asian women/girls) say “Eurasians are so pretty. They’re so beautiful!” Blah blah all the while making me and other half Asians who aren’t half white feel like crap. I always thought WMAF couples only helped to push back progress because many people who are in WMAF relationships are racist, have a race related fetish (YELLOW FEVER), and normally hate on other racial mixes. I know not all these couples are like this but many are. On my mom’s side of the family I have several aunts who are with older racist/ignorant white men and it’s painfully obvious it’s for money and/or whiter babies. I agree with many of your statements. Eurasian women are often praised while Eurasian men are pushed off to the side. Please keep updating your blog, it’s about time people start talking about the darker side of WMAF relationships.”


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