Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, Comment Contest Regarding Half Asian issues


In the spirit of Christmas, I will be holding an Amazon gift card contest in order to prompt discussion. Since people comment from all over the world, mailing physical packages is much more difficult but I will exchange the card for an item of equal value if you want.

I will give away a maximum total of 2 $75 gift cards, and 1 $150 gift card, for the best answer. The contest will remain until Christmas day.

How much is your complete honesty worth?

Anyone who is able to answer at least TWO of the questions objectively, with academic honesty, without ad hominem personal attacks, and with genuine thought given to the subject matter will win. I will place higher priority on white men on relationships with Asian women and vice versa.

  • When is it appropriate for a woman to only date a certain race other than her own? Why and how will this affect the children?
  • Why are Asian women the only ones to date out at the rate that they do, and how does this not imply the inferiority of Asian blood and reflect poorly on Asian looking hapas?
  • How is is possible for hapas as a whole, including the ones who are not good looking, and / or fully Asian looking, to develop a uniformly healthy identity in the west when they are almost always born of white fathers, and being implicitly led to believe that white men are indeed superior?
  • Tell me exactly how this massive demographic of Eurasian children, almost all with white fathers, are going to become contributing members to society when their own mothers and fathers directly implied that race matters, and that being an Asian man is completely, unfathomably unwanted.
  • Tell me why I am wrong to question my identity as a hapa, and wrong to question the idea that Asian women’s preference for white men leaves hapas with a tremendous amount of baggage that society cannot expect them to come to terms with on their own.

Things that will not win: “stop whining,” “I know so and so hapa and he’s fine,” “most Asian women are not like that”, etc.

7 thoughts on “ Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, Comment Contest Regarding Half Asian issues

  1. “Answer these dogmatic, intellectually dishonest questions without bruising my ego and win a prize!”

    You are not looking for answers, you are looking for self-affirmation.

    I’ve already explained why Asian women are attracted to white men and why looks are not nearly as important of a factor as you claim they are. So where is the mystery? They are reacting to their own cultural shortcomings by choosing the culture that is objectively the best.

    Of course, some are stronger in this reaction than others. I don’t condone the “I would never date an Asian man” types any more than you do. Any guy who falls for that is in all likelihood incredibly desperate and/or stupid. Anyone with a shred of fatherly instinct is instantly turned off by it because of the implications for their offspring; why would I want to mate with you if you are by your own admission so inferior that you cannot stand to be in your own skin?

    So you are not entirely wrong in observing this, the issue is that you fail to look past face value. Because your perspective is so low, you are quick to blame Asian women, which is disingenuous, especially if you understand why they choose white men; they are simply acting on their motherly instinct of wanting their offspring to be better than they are. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this. The issue is when they start projecting their inferiority and thus reject their motherly instinct, as they do when they tell their children to “be white”.

    The correct thing for them do to is to simply tell their children to be as good as they can be, which is ultimately the only correct thing to tell your children period.

    “Well then who or what can I blame?”, you ask.

    For what? For being the marriage of the two genetic legacies that have ever been worth a damn? Regardless of how Asian or not-Asian you end up looking, you are still more than capable of changing the perspective of those around you on what it means to be of two or more races. BE PROACTIVE. I cannot stress this enough. Some people are more naturally inclined than others, but your social standing as a Eurasian puts you in the most ideal position imaginable.

    Asians will harbor ressentiment against you, as they do whites.

    Whites will simply leave you be, as they do Asians.

    Where is the tangible fear of reprimand for saying or doing anything? What do you really have to lose? Neither group may ever fully accept you, but what you are failing to realize is that the same can be said of plenty of full-blooded whites and Asians. Some by choice, others by circumstance, but the end result is the same: a person who chooses how they culturally identify.

    You and many others are making a huge deal out of something that is relatively straightforward because you have been fed lies from the day you were born about how all cultures are equal, how you are being “depraved” of your mother’s culture, etc. In reality, you were born of the culture your mother wishes she was, the greatest culture on the planet. Which would be no different if you were born in a developed country in Asia, except you wouldn’t be constantly told about how deprived you are because everyone around you would be too busy indulging in Western culture to care.

    As for the implicit understanding of white men being superior, well, you are far from the only group that experiences this lol. Go ask any of your Asian/black/hispanic friends how much their mothers lamented not marrying a white man. That is the go-to empty threat of a non-white woman in a failing relationship.

    If anything, as a Eurasian, even if you don’t look particularly white, you could leverage this to your advantage. But what if you don’t want to? Then start redefining what it means to be Eurasian, starting with yourself. Or keep lamenting that you aren’t white, and prove your mother’s insecurities right.


    • Hello Mr. White man, what’s wrong had those innocent asian immigrants looking for better future done to you?
      Why you did you made them to hate their own skin color, eye shape?
      Why did you made those women to hate their own men?
      Why did you emasculated those innocent men who had done nothing to you?
      What had they done to you?
      Didn’t you felt little pity doing so?


    • Motherly instinct lol……………so asian women think white men will be better father+role model to asian looking sons who think asians are inferior……………..


  2. Before anyone asks why white men tend to partner with Asian women, allow me to illustrate the false dichotomy presented before straight, white males around the globe.

    White male: “I prefer to date white women. I find them the most attractive and I don’t want to risk my offspring having any complexes about race.”
    Liberal fags: “Ignorant racist, how can you say such things, blah blah blah”

    White male: “I don’t have a problem dating outside of my race. Asian women are smart, good looking, and are born of a rich culture.”
    Liberal fags: “Appropriating racist, how can you say such things, blah blah blah”

    At this point the straight, white male can choose one of two options.

    Either he can give in to the liberal fags and not date at all (which is ultimately their goal, since their entire platform is rooted in ressentiment against white males), or he can be proactive and date who he wants, for whatever reason he wants.

    Not to say that there aren’t greater and lesser reasons, but the choice makes itself. You would do exactly the same.

    So much for your abortive theory on conservatism being to blame.


    • ello Mr. White man, what’s wrong had those innocent asian immigrants looking for better future done to you?
      Why you did you made them to hate their own skin color, eye shape?
      Why did you made those women to hate their own men?
      Why did you emasculated those innocent men who had done nothing to you?
      What had they done to you?
      Didn’t you felt little pity doing so?


      • I do pity them, not because I created these complexes, but because they did. Everyone’s reaction to the West has been remarkably different, yet rooted in the same desire: to be as good as the West.

        For Asians, it is particularly painful at first because they actually did achieve a degree of success in many arenas. To have put in so much effort only to be constantly upstaged is definitely going to do a number on a people’s collective psyche. As time goes on, and they become more far removed from this reality, they will be more likely to embrace the West. I think the only reason Japan was so quick to do so was because they had already embraced a superior culture once before with China, and because they saw both the short and long term benefits of Western culture and technology.

        Compare this to say black people, who had achieved remarkably little before the West showed up. Which is why to this day they take virtually EVERYTHING personally. Notice how most people don’t mind having their children look up to black athletes, entertainers, etc., but when it comes to the blacks themselves, they almost always HAVE to look up to a black person. The exceptions to this are few and far between, with the most notable being Eminem. A guy so good at a quintessentially black art form that if they didn’t accept him as if he were one of their own, it would serve as immortal and irrefutable proof of their shallow racism and inferiority complexes (although their acceptance of him also serves as evidence, to a lesser extent).

        The most successful black people I know have all but purged themselves of the identity given to them by so-called “black culture”. They still have to associate with it to an extent if they don’t want to be disowned by their families, but ultimately they realize the value in identifying as an individual first, which is what all non-white cultures fail at embracing. “I am black”, “I am Asian”, or as it is increasingly becoming, “I am hapa”. You can’t form a healthy self-identity because you are constantly being told that you are part of a larger group. While this is true, an individual does not consist of groups; groups consist of individuals. Your contribution to a group, as small or insignificant as it may seem, is often times more important than you may initially realize it is. The group is an abstraction used to visualize the effect of multiple individual wills acting, both with and against each other. At the end of the day, a group is only as good as the individuals that occupy it, not the other way around.

        The problem with the author of this blog is that he does not see things this way, and is allowing the identity placed upon him by society (indeed, an ever increasingly liberalist one, which explains the need for demoralization of the individual) to dictate his actions. So he embraces this identity without any second thought, uses it as a way to rationalize his shortcomings, and eventually come to the conclusion that it can’t be helped, that being hapa (and by extension, Asian, since he is by is own admission “basically Asian”) is a fate worse than death; one of constantly being reminded of your own inferiority.

        In reality, he has been granted an immense opportunity that he has squandered. His position in the world allows him to be possibly the most proactive and self-identifying individual on the planet. And this is how he spent it.

        Notice how in his last few posts, his claims became decidedly flimsier and less absolute. He has had to add a qualifier to virtually everything he has posted since I showed up. He is most likely coming to realize that he has held an incredibly low perspective up to this point in his life, hence why he’s supposedly done with posting here.

        To which I say, good on you. Anything but this nonsense that you’ve been force fed your entire life. You are also probably realizing that you were not nearly as apolitical as you claimed to be, and that you have more control over your own fate than you originally thought. I can only hope that it all comes together for you sooner rather than later.


      • Heh. I finally read this while on vacation.

        I’m not posting on this blog anymore for one reason. Diversifying my assets.

        You’re right. I had an excellent opportunity. I took it. The Hapa sphere of influence is mine now. You’ve ever read the Tipping Point by Gladwell?

        I’m almost there. Peace out, sexpat.


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