Things my White dad said at a Family Dinner, and other Memories of White Male / Asian Racism pertinent to Daniel Holtzclaw

Since people are winding up here chasing down the inevitable source of Daniel Holtzclaw and Elliot Rodger’s racism, let me clue you in, since a lot of Asian women are finger pointing at Asian men for being racist. (I suggest you listen and stick around too, because my story is Amy Chua tier and I am 100% willing to pull back the curtain on these kinds of relationships, and probably am going to get a target on my back as a result).

By the way, the best way to ever win an argument is to lie. Children do it naturally, and most people, when cornered, will lie, too, as we see Asian women / white men doing now. We can expect to see a lot of this come out of the anti-Asian camp. Whether or not Asians are racist is up for grabs, but to say that white male / Asian women relationships are less racist? Lie.

None of the stuff in this blog is a lie. It’s actually frighteningly accurate and I am jeopardizing being literally cut off by my family by writing this.

Anyways, I made this comment this summer on Reddit as evidence of how backwards white males in relationships with Asian women are. I realize I had never posted it here because I had been worried about him realizing this happened on that date (Father’s Day).

  • Several comments about how he wished life would go back to how it was in the 50’s

  • References to seeing parts of the US state we are currently in, to get an idea how it was “before it all changed.”

  • Said: “When the new order comes, we will hang all the drug dealers. Just watch.” Everyone cringed at the dinner table and went silent with jaws open. He said it in total seriousness. “The new order.”

  • How life was much better in medieval times and how older art was all about celebrating the human spirit and modern art is all spiritually degenerating (true or not, the way he said it was exactly what a Nazi art-burner would say).

  • Several brutal comments about a woman with a mustache working as a Woman’s Studies professor at a local college

  • Several comments about black people; i.e., “I don’t go near there, there are a lot of… you knows.” (Before looking at me for approval).

Convenient, that he married an Asian woman, as they are well known for disliking black males and purported cultural “traditionalism”, and my brother spent the entire afternoon and evening lying in bed in the other bedroom (we were visiting a relative’s house), refusing to come out and communicate with other people, instead lying in bed and staring at the ceiling (he’s 32).

To add to this I might have to add that my mother also did not like black people. While driving through black neighborhoods she would say hysterically (I mean the bad, raging kind, not the funny kind) racist things about certain peoples’ manner of dress indicating that they were infected with AIDS.

My father also is a Holocaust denier, Hitler admirer, savagely, savagely hates Jews (even more than blacks), but I’ll leave it at that. If you want more details just leave a comment.

For whatever reason, Asian women seem to openly bash Asian men for any myriad amount of cultural wrongs, but I have a suspicion that these same cultural wrongs get overlooked when the man performing them has blue eyes. Trips to my Chinese family’s place would be like a holiday away from Nazi Youth camp.

I’ve said it before and will say it again: a lot of Eurasians are essentially just raised as substitute white men, by white fathers whose views were not reasonable enough to get the real thing they wanted: white women.

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