Dear White Men and Asian Women

This is exactly the message you’re sending out:

White men are superior. Asian men are inferior.

There is simply no way around it. The fact that so many Asian women openly prefer white men, and even if they do not, make much lower standards for white men as opposed to Asian men is undeniable proof that this is the exact message that they are sending out.

I challenge a single person to devise an argument against this simple fact.

Now your son will himself too be Asian; he will see hundreds of thousands of Hapas, all with white fathers, and he will, more or less, attempt to understand his heritage, and why, exactly, Asian men were not suitable for partners, and why he, unless having encountered an odd fetishist, too is on the receiving end of Asian females and their brutal denial and ignorance.

Understanding this fact now I have zero interest in maintaining any contact with my father, am glad that my mother is dead, and have cut off all ties to my Chinese family; since despite claiming that it is not true, I still see the majority of women in my family with white men.

True or false: Actions speak louder than words.

The criticism against me goes as follows:

“It’s your fault that you’re a loser.” I’m not a loser; I’m highly educated and well read and accomplished. However, I want to be a loser in order to defy the parental expectations of me. If I had a hundred million dollars I don’t think I could ever feel satisfied with the abject horror of knowing that my own mother valued whiteness over Asianness.

“Asian men like you need to shut up and stop whining.” Again, any criticism leveled against Asian men, save it for your own sons.

“Improve yourself.” To what end? Ultimately, is not my fate already sealed? I am already told by my own parents that Asian blood is worthless, so what good would improving myself be?

So let’s hear the trolls and trolls and trolls go on and on about empty bullshit because they simply don’t want to admit that the obvious is true.

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