Parents lie to their children

There are no politics in this world other than sexual politics.

A woman who truly believes white men are superior will get him, no matter what.

I refuse to be lied to and believe that the massive amount of Asian women who marry white men is some coincidence.

What bothers me is their utter audacity in asking me to be proud to be Chinese. Why would I be proud to be Chinese when it’s only on the condition that I have a white father? And this doesn’t even include the fact that finding work or a connection with the Chinese community is extremely hard as a mixed race person with a white last name.

Let’s get to the bottom of it. Asian women do believe white men are superior. Nothing in their minds can alter that view, so by somehow altering my view, or somehow finding solace in a woman that doesn’t, would change the fact that these women exist and one happens to be my mother?

If it were only her, one person, I would say, maybe she is a fluke, but millions upon millions of these women?

And they have the arrogance to ask me to simply accept this? To accept that I am both superior to Asian men, and inferior to white men?

And Asian women know this is true. There is simply no denying it, despite them attempting to; millions of excuses are hurled around, but the patterns remain the same.

I am the canary in coal mine. I am a Eurasian who realized what happened – no matter how proud I could be to be Chinese and Asian these women STILL attempt to have children with white men at epidemic levels.

So let’s just watch as millions of Hapas are born, too low IQ to figure out a basic fact of their life.

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