The incredible dangerous gamble of being Hapa

I’ve noticed several things about being Hapa and the kinds of people I’ve come into contact with recently.

There are so called “happy Hapas;” they tend to be… less intelligent and or completely non-Asian looking. A lot of them curiously have Phillipino mothers, meaning that their mothers were largely opportunists, with a Catholic background, rather than vitriolic atheist self haters.

If you are good looking, like Daniel Henney, or if you look entirely white, or if you are very tall, like Nathan Adrian, then I suppose you’d be okay. What possible reason could a white looking Hapa or passing Hapa have for considering these things?

And if you aren’t? If your child isn’t white passing, good looking, or tall? Then we get Elliot Rodger or Matthew De Grood. 

One thing I have noticed is a prevalence of gay Hapas. Darren Criss and the famous “hot cop of the Castro District” Chris Kohrs, both of whom are obviously gay but hiding it for fear of offending their parents, have little room to consider the implications of being an Asian male who is emasculated.

Could it be the psychosis of watching such a terrible racial dynamic play out in the homestead affect them to the point of becoming asexual or homosexual?

What happens when the son looks entirely or visible Asian in a society that hates Asians, with his own emasculation played out in front of his face, from the time he is born?

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