Additional thoughts on being Eurasian

  • You’d have to be fairly stupid to not realize that the majority of Asian women pair up with white or non-Asian men. I think this indicative of OUR worth in the world, as much as it is indicative of the worth of Asian women.
  • I sat down with my aunt, who is VP at a major investment bank, last week. We talked about all of this and she agreed that my father sought out my mother and vice versa for reasons of power; “he wanted to be worshipped.” She also stated that they should never have gotten married.
    • After we had visited my mother’s grave (the first time for me in a decade and a half), wherein she had been buried in an industrial town, in a graveyard a half mile away from one of those refineries with red and white smoke stacks, visible from her grave (for Christ’s sake), and surrounded by strip malls and gaudy monument sellers, I had a real epiphany about the realities of life. It doesn’t matter how great you think you are; your fate is already written in stone based on your parents. You can deny it all you want and find solace in white women, in careers, in hobbies but the fact is that evolution is brutal and uncaring. I feel most Hapas deny this because it is painful for their egos.
  • My aunt told me that during the last few years of her life, my mother weighed around 60-70 pounds at 5’4″. All of that, for a white man.
  • Just because your mother loves you (my aunt told me that my mother loved us dearly), does not mean that she is a good person. She may have some severe and often brutally cold intentions in her heart which manifest in you. Yes, in you. In being that success that she wants, in being that good son, in marrying a white woman (if you can), you fulfill her dream of being white. Isn’t that brutal – is it not fucking brutal? And on top of that, if you already do look white, you might have already fulfilled her dream and yet she never would even once TELL YOU. This is one of those things that is an atrocious thought for a Hapa male to even consider.
  • It’s astounding to me that most Hapa men don’t realize this. How can you willfully ignore that it is only Asian women that act like this? What’s wrong with looking Asian? Have you even ever considered this?
  • If you weren’t a coward, you would switch places with a full Asian man. But you wouldn’t. I know, my reader, that you would not. Why? Because you know for a fact that women like your own mother would reject you. If you were not a coward, you would take up the mantle like me, blow the whistle and end the line. The family line. If Asian men are going to suffer then I want to suffer too. I am not a fucking cowardly Hapa like most of you out there.

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