The Point of this Website, again

The point of this website isn’t to instigate or condemn interracial marriage. Nor is it to feel sorry for myself; I’m past that point and yes, I am moving on but only after decades of extreme emotional pain – and I sincerely doubt that younger people that myself will be able to manage to the extent that I did. I BARELY escaped – which is why younger kids are at such a high risk. They don’t have the mental capacity to rationalize it all. Look at my delirium in my first posts and tell me that’s someone who is mentally sound.

The website is to explain the nature of racism in assortative mating, i.e., how racism pairs very well into our life choices, and how this oftentimes excludes a certain number of people from the conversation, and the effect this has upon children who internalize the imbalance.

At the beginning the website was a testament to my self hatred, confusion, and inability to come to terms with my Asian side, which is something that I somehow learned was a bad thing. To be Asian, and a male, was a bad thing. Even to this day I am not fully able to come to terms with this.

And whether or not people want to admit it, yes, it has many deep running connotations in human society. And people simply don’t want to admit it, even though they admit it every day of their lives in their actions, breeding patterns, and even the way they marginalize certain groups economically, socially and personally.

My case is among one of the worst cases imaginable. A vehemently racist father seeking a substitute white woman, a “conservative” asian women and Tiger Mom, who in turn was seeking…. whatever.

I’m not an expert on all Eurasians but I am an expert on the very worst of human nature as embodied in two equally racist people having children, despite neither knowing each other’s true intentions (or even their own unconscious intentions) until much later. So there.

I don’t hate interracial relationships.    I like them and wouldn’t care if my kids were in them. I do hate relationships based on hatred and anything less than love; but how many marriages, even monoracial ones are lot disingenuous?

Bottom line? If you have hate in your heart… do not have kids. If you are a white man or Asian woman who just happened (if you think so) to fall in love… Then this website isn’t pertinent to you. It will be your choice to reflect on your every minute action to see if it’s genuine. Then your children will be happy.

Do I love my parents? I love my father, of course, because he deserves pity. I may have been harsh on my mother but do I love her? I am not sure. I was plagued by nightmares of her for years, even recently. Judge for yourself.

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