Random wisdom I wrote / picked up, Part 1

A lot of discussion goes on off site, and in real life (which I can’t transcribe) since I do talk about these issues in real life with everyone I know.

Anyways, since I’m lazy to format, I will include some tidbits of thing that I’ve written elsewhere and just want to save for future reference / contribute to thought. This isn’t the toot my own horn, just to save some of the things I’ve thought about in the past.

By me:

On the issue of mental illness not being specifically confined to Eurasians.

Essentially it’s my word against everyone else’s, I understand that majority of Hapas aren’t as bad a case as mine, but I swear to you that there was a correlation that ripple effected into the current day. My case is probably the single worst case in which racial heritage of the parents has extremely adverse effects upon the children.

Again, this is the internet, you probably don’t believe me and were we to have a meet up I would tell you all in person what happened.


Another thing is that Asian American women suffer the highest rates of mental illness among all ethnic groups and lead the world in suicide; I think China has more female suicides than male, leading the charts in this regards and being among only 3-4 countries that do so.

Given that mental illness can manifest in myriad ways, among them in the choice of ones life partner – for whatever reason – (my case my father, as well, is mentally ill, but largely being extremely asocial, timid, and possible Asperger), the combined effects of which ultimately led to the severe emotional / mental problems that both my brother and I suffered.

Again, most Hapas are probably not like that but I consider my case among the most severe and the two months in which Elliot and Matthew went on killing sprees it dawned on me that there is a possible factor in mental health inheritance as well as the conditions under which a child is raised that can lead to tumultuous occurrences in young adulthood.


Look the reason I started my blog was because I know for a fact that the kind of mental illness that I and my brother suffered (and he still suffers from) has made appearances in the media and I know from first hand experience that the rage and anger can actually be potentially dangerous. I mean how many Hapas have come on here saying it’s all good… then it’s revealed that their brother is on drugs or has been involved in violent breakdowns. I think it’s worthwhile discussing it here rather than letting the Justin Novan Sullivans rot out there.

Even if it’s a small amount it’s still enough to cost people their lives.

On Hapas being attractive:

Hapas being good looking implicitly suggests that they are better looking because they are half white. Part of my problem growing up was that I compared myself to my white peers, a lot of whom were athletic, promiscuous and taller than me so I ultimately could never match up. I refused to look st photographs of myself out of fear of looking Asian. People say I’m very attractive but for the longest time I believed it was because I was just a good looking white guy. I wasn’t able to accept that I more physically resembled Asian ideals rather than western and this was after moving to Asia where average white guys are ignored in favor of ideal Asian features like Wallace Huo.

The entire Hapa thing is merely a fetishization of white blood. Notice how mulattos get played up for their white blood while pure black children are never referred to as cute or beautiful.

On the dilemma of having an Asian father / white mother:

It’s not the same. Do white women constantly talk shit about white men and then micro agress your children based on how white they look?

  • Will your son have a father who uses his son as a way to get back at the world that he feels wronged him for being white, Christian and conservative?
  • Will his mom show him off as proof that she’s better than other white women?
  • will his mom display open content for men who resemble her son, while lauding up men that look like her dad? (In this case it might work for you)

4 thoughts on “Random wisdom I wrote / picked up, Part 1

  1. Yeah, it’s interesting to think that there is a greater likelihood that your thoughts will live on through the living record Internet.


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