A Slight Primer For any Asian Men reading this

Foreign or western.

I think most of you know what’s going on, but if you don’t, it’s really not worth worrying about.

It dawned on me that Asian women will hold much lower standards for white males, because they genuinely view them as superior. The extent of this, I’m not sure. I can’t say for certain what percentage of women think like this but it could be all of them, for all I know.

Your problem is that you marry these women. It’s perfectly okay to live your life alone; sex can be gotten through relationships with other races of women or through prostitution. I beg of you to not marry these women and rather to let them give birth to men like me. Once their lusts wear off, frankly the marriages become disastrous and I am testament to that. Moreover Asian women are women, human women, governed by the laws of human women, wherein sex is levied in exchange for some sort of currency, be it emotional, physical, monetary, or racial, or even the investment of time itself. Furthermore, depriving yourself of egotism and desire for sex also deprives future generations from a woman that can satiate their sexual urges, so in a way you are saving yourself and your future dignity from the embarrassment. Slip off the Confucian bullshit and just enjoy life.

My problem is that unlike most Hapas I’m probably above average intelligence; I think like most children the bulk of Hapas are born with depreciating IQ’s (for whatever reason) that doesn’t lend itself towards introspection. So you have a bunch of whit-ish looking Hapas who are more than happy to laud up their white side.

The current world is one where the blanket of hedonism is being waved by people frankly too stupid to find greater purpose in life; it’s not really worth missing out on since this lifestyle is unsustainable and will ultimately lead to cultural collapse from violent outside entities (since you largely have to be white to enjoy hedonism, and the majority of the world is neither white, nor able to engage in laissez-faire existence, as even getting enough food is not easy or even a given).

I suggest you translate this and distribute it on Chinese language message boards, Etc.

7 thoughts on “A Slight Primer For any Asian Men reading this

    • Culturally Asian side. The thing is that I avoid the brunt of racism from whites because I guess I pass(?) as white. I’ve been experimenting and wearing my hair darker and with glasses to gauge other peoples’ responses to me. I have noticed that there have been more negative responses to my appearance ever since I started doing this.


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