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I didn’t realize something was wrong until well into my 20’s, but growing up, I was crazy, very crazy to an abnormal amount; I knew I was crazy but never understood why. Obsession with looks for example, and going into a deep suicidal depression when a photograph I took looked “Asian;” becoming enraged when someone made a comment about my Asian appearance, etc. Piggybacking onto other cultures to appear more white, like white nationalism, Russian culture, etc, judging myself even harder than other people judged me. On top of that I was deprived of a normal method by which to grow up as a functioning citizen, i.e., realizing the importance of ignoring negativity, and focusing more on developing myself as a member of society that would be able to survive and contribute. My father’s fanatical religion / paleoconservatism and Asperger’s on top of my mother’s fragile mental state and self-hatred was inherited by me, which itself would be a toxic combination.

(Edit: it now occurs to me that the purpose of this blog is to inform not Asian people, but White people, of the dangers of these couplings. Again, not all are bad, but I think they should be looked at askew because of the potential damage to the children; Whites seem possibly more objective on the subject and I doubt any Asian woman intent enough on doing what she wants, would ever admit to the tremendous psychological damage she causes to her children). 

I was the only WM/AF Hapa around other than my brother who has been institutionalized for 10 years. The other Hapas I knew were all AM/WF and all of them well adjusted, or at least “normal”. I’m saying that completely objectively. I always thought for whatever reason, that AM must have been more popular… even better than me, until I started to see how Asian women talked about Asian men, even the ones in my family. I never really saw race but since I’m so aspie a dominant Asian guy in my mind was just better than me.

Then I guess it occurred to me that these women in AW/WM either are not having male children, or these children never really make it out of adolescence and destroy themselves in a social realm so it’s hard to meet them. Just a theory. I mean there are millions of them, and I grew up in NYC and literally I was the only WM/AW boy that I knew besides my brother. None of them at school, none of them at university. It was pretty weird. But then again this was 15 years ago, and I guess I was born at a time when getting a white male was still a novel tactic through which Asian women would successful ingratiate themselves to the then pretty racist majority.

Elliot Rodger was a wakeup call to me that WM/AF Eurasians are really fucked up… myself included. I’m not violent, abhor violence against innocents, but I recognize that I have issues with my mental health, that make me pretty much weird in the eyes of other people.

The bottom line is that the majority of AW/WM isn’t really based on love. It’s based on something else, and seeing my family the way it was, my mother never married my father because of love… looking back at the old photographs, I realize that now.

I also want to say that, yeah, even if I didn’t have a dog in this fight, even if I was exclusively interested in white women, I would say that AW/WM Hapas seem to be incredibly deranged, even if they are only obsessed with white women (like ER and some of the other posters on the /r/Hapas Reddit sub, all of whom are obsessed with white girls). I think, even if you manage to meet one in real life, try to observe him carefully to see if you recognize any of the following traits: narcissism, inability to relate to others, self-hatred, inability to take criticism, hostility to anything Asian including his own appearance, obsession with one culture that is not his by default, etc. These are all traits that I found myself having growing up.

The fact is that if the marriage / childbirth is based on hatred, like even if the mother values her own children more because they are whiter, the damage to the psyche would be irreparable, even to a rational mind – but on top of that, the kids are born to mentally ill women (Asian women have some of the highest rates of suicide in the US), as well as oftentimes mentally ill fathers (racism is a mental illness, on top of autism, etc). So it’s like piling impossible expectations (to be white) on top of an already unstable mental state.

I’d even go so far as to say that the children born from gold-digging Asian mail order brides fare better, because their mothers were not white supremacists, but only opportunists.

Original text here:

Reasons for differences between AMWF children and WMAF children (self.hapas)

submitted 16 hours ago by dyu9235

Reading this subreddit and is really depressing. One of the things in that blog he mentions, and I’ve also noticed independently amongst my network of people, was the differences in success between children born of AMWF vs children born of WMAF. I think there are two main reasons for this disparity.

  1. Already well known in this subreddit, AFWM couplings are more often (compared to AMWF) based on racism/sexism/self-hate. It’s not hard to see that such self-destructive mental and spiritual qualities will have a large impact on their children.
  2. Simple Biology. Psychologist say the toughest time in most people’s life is their teenageadolescent years. The one theory I’ve read as to why this is is because that is the time period when the person’s body is changing the most and the high demands for growthchange outstrip the person’s physicalchemical ability to accommodate. When there is a shortage, the body is on a higher alert and stress. This is the reason why so many maladaptive behaviors emerge (teenage rebelliousness, depression, emotional stress, lack of emotional control etc…) during this time in one’s life. Thus, the body want to achieve a goal (size and cellorgan changes), but because of the shortage of physical-chemical ingredients, the person’s health and mental well being suffers. This is why acne is so prevalent in the teenage years.

The ideatheme is that problems always occur when something tries to expandgrow and doesn’t have the needed foundationsupport. The same issue theme I think occurs with AFWM babies vs AMWF babies.

Now, Asians in general are built smaller than Whites (is this genetics or environment? or both? I don’t know). It’s documented that on average, AFWM babies are born via c-section at higher than normal rate whereas AMFW are born underweight (can’t find the corresponding link). So it seems that AFWM babies are born bigger then what can be naturally accommodated for them by the asian woman’s body. I haven’t done any research but I wouldn’t be surprise if there were other neonatal and childhood maladies that are more prevalent amongst AFWM babies than other couplings (AMAF, WMWF, AMWF). Again, there is this mold model that is supplied by the WM where the AF body is trying to reach for the baby, but AF’s body doesn’t have the needed amounts of necessary physical and chemical ingredients to satisfy these needs compared to WF’s body.

From my personal observation (hope AFWM eurasian guys won’t flame me), I’ve noticed on average, AFWM teenagers are prone to acne (signs of bad health) and not emotionally well-adjusted compared to their AMWF counterparts. The AMWF adults also appear have a body and constitution that is also more robust. With all this, it isn’t too surprising that AMWF children have more success in life then AFWM children.

Biracial Asian Americans and mental health This study doesn’t differentiate between AMWF and AFWM children, but the majority of children are probably of AFWM.

So, what can be done, if you are asian or eurasian (if you have an asian mom), then you should pay more attention to your health and diet.

2 thoughts on “Additional Observations from Reddit; commentary

  1. Have you heard of the show Sullivan and Son? its stars a AFWM couple who run a pub with their son, who is played by Steve Bryne. I’m not american, so i have no idea how well known this show is(?)

    Also did you know that Asians maybe genetically susceptible to depression much more than other races are? Google ‘serotonin transporter gene East Asians’. Whenever i see a depressed Eurasian, i just think ‘typical asian’. So there maybe more than a social explanation for all of this.


    • Lol and the show was cancelled with even the most popular YouTube video having under 10,000 views. I mean, it’s hardlly Spielberg,is it…


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