“Not all Asian women / White male couples are bad;” But what happens when there is one that is?

I’m 100% certain there are couples out there that are not stereotypical nor fit any sort of profile.

But we all know very well that there are many asian women out there with white fetishes – whereby it is clear by looking at their requirements, the way they act (promiscuity), and their harshness to Asian men.

So, assuming these people eventually have children (assuming they don’t grow older and suddenly go back to Asian men for the money) – what kind of mental horror would this inflict on the male child? Beyond the very emotionally based desire for “cute Hapas” – which eventually grow into adults, what is the plan to raise these children past a childhood in which they are valued only for their “cuteness,” without any solid consideration of their mental health?

In all the time I have been writing, I have never yet received a single answer from an Asian woman, a white male, or any other party: how is a Eurasian looking child supposed to have healthy self esteem, or even a healthy mental state, knowing his mother harbored these views?

Since it’s patently obvious that this will fall on death ears (despite the fact that I repeatedly posted pictures from my own childhood and took them off out of fear of being doxxed by my own family), I legitimately beg anyone reading this to consider their actions on their own children. If I had the chance, I would have literally begged my father to not have children.

3 thoughts on ““Not all Asian women / White male couples are bad;” But what happens when there is one that is?

  1. Hi, Asian woman here, who has historically only dated Asian men but who’s still curious about your views on how WMAF couples can their children from being vulnerable to mental illnesses.


    • Let me know if you have any questions about it. I am who I say I am and I’m actually surprised nobody has called me out on it yet since there are only so many people who fit my description out there.


    • Hey I’d love to get your participation here. Please be as candid as you can.

      I actually suspect that a lot of women that are exceptionally picky comes from their internal dislike and insecurity. Would you say this is true?

      I observe that the most beautiful Asian women tend to not have such “preferences.”


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