“My Parents Weren’t Like That”

Of course they weren’t.

Why the FUCK would they tell you if they were? What if your mother dyed her hair blonde when she was 22, deliberately dated a tall* white guy (“oh, but it’s not about the appearance, honey), devised a million myriad excuses why Asian men were unworthy of her attention (yet virtually every white man was), and your father passively turned a blind eye simply because he was infatuated with the feeling of ejaculating in her vagina?

Let me guess – they were unlike the other millions of couples composed exclusively of white males and Asian women, all following exactly the same patterns of racial superiority and the clear, undoubtable manifestation of one-sided interracial sexual trade – but of course, they weren’t like that. (“Oh, but it was about feminism, honey, which is why your 6’3”, blue eyed dad married me to get away from the white feminists, even though I found out 15 years later).

Why exactly would they tell you this?

I’m telling you all right now – I could easily pass as white, or at least pull my half-white privilege to full extent. In no way, shape, or fucking form would I EVER be involved with an Asian woman that likes me for my race. Now, given the fact that the AW/WM is so common, clearly there is an element of racial hypergamy going on – meaning that it’s White men who are ignoring the clearly atrocious behavior of their partners – meaning that our father’s can’t be fucking trust either.

Newsflash: if your mother was a “white only” type, then your father willingly excused this probably out of some racist entitlement issues, like thinking Asian men were ugly or wife beaters. What the fuck do you think he thinks about you?

*It’s always a tall guy. And always a white guy. “But we can’t help who we’re attracted to, honey.” But just be a nice, proud half-Asian man and enjoy your emasculation, and if you complain about getting cut out of the gene pool – fuck, you’re just another controlling Asian patriarch!

3 thoughts on ““My Parents Weren’t Like That”

  1. It’s not ALWAYS a tall white guy, though. I have seen white guys as short as 5’6″ or 5’7″ date Filipina women, and few of the guys they married were more then six feet tall. Maybe it’s because these are the shortest of Asian women, and Chinese and Japanese girls go for 6 feet and up only?


  2. I knew a Filipino woman who married an American to get United States citizenship and have a half-white offspring. Then they got divorced and she’s looking for a Filipino man to marry.


    • Filipino men have no choince. I think filipino women are by far the easiest women to white guys– even among all Asian women of all ethnicities. For example: the American GIs had to rape women in Korea and Japan sometimes, but never once do they need to rape women in Philipines, (even though the American GIs rape women everywhere they go in the world), because the filipino women are so easy that even the GIs ever need to rape, which is why in Philipines there are a lot of single mothers with Eurasion kids. While East Asian males can reject their women for ever dated or slept with a white guy but South East Asian males (especiall the Filipinos) never had a choice


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