Asian Men


I think, at this point, if you haven’t noticed that the traditional model of doing well in school, being a nice guy, and pursuing a career and family is getting you no where, you’re pretty much screwed. This has to do with the “nice guy” model that women (not only Asian women) are very averse to.

The thing is, these women ultimately go on to either find a white guy to get them pregnant, thus created dysfunctional Eurasian children, or find a clueless Asian guy once they hit 28 or 30 years old to support them in their lifestyles. If they do find a white guy, usually it isn’t an exciting, bad boy white guy (these guys would want hot white women to marry), but more of a steady, reliable type that they aren’t attracted to, but the white guy assumes he’s getting an “angel” out of marrying a woman of Oriental extraction. (In my case it was the FOB woman throwing herself – literally – at a tall, red haired, blue eyed white man in one of her classes, and the marriage dissolving and ultimately leading to her death because the guy wasn’t making as much paper as her Asian counterparts were, particularly her brothers who are all very wealthy bankers / businessmen now, married to Chinese women. We were lower-middle class, on the border of being poor, as opposed to being centimillionaires like my extended family).

In both cases, the children are screwed. If the child is Asian, there is absolutely no way it can’t occur to him that his mother was also a whore for white cock when she was young. In the case of the white father – it’s probably pretty obvious at that point. In that way, I’d rather be the latter.

Don’t be clueless.

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