Any Eurasian Man Who Loves and Respects His Mother is a Fool and a Coward

There is frankly little that my mother could ever have said to me, as I got older, that could ever make me love her as much as I would have had she chosen an Asian man. Harsh, I know, but, there are no excuses that I would ever learn to accept.

Asian men were controlling; my white dad was and is a paleoconservative Nazi romantic looking for a 1950’s wife. He was also an entitled racist who probably thought he was doing my mother a favor and thought it funny how Asian women like my mother threw themselves at him.

Asian men are unattractive; whereby I am unattractive too, or less so because of my white blood.

Asian men weren’t good enough for me; then neither will I ever be.

I wanted a better life for you; meanwhile we grew up in poverty while my Chinese family who married Chinese (conveniently the highest income earners statistically) have long since become centi-millionaires.

Any Eurasian male who can look at the terrible way that Asian American women conduct themselves and then look at his mother lovingly is nothing more than a slave to the white man and a coward.

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