Posts from LipstickAlley, two months before Elliot Rodger, one month before Matthew DeGrood


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The above black woman called it two months before; I call it now. It’s going to happen again on my word… (edit: at this point, it has already, several times, as of Feb. 2016) the psychotic nature of some of these relationships is beyond inexplicable and I barely escaped it. My brother, not so much. Ironically I was able to escape the pit I was falling into by writing more on the subject. If you look at the original posts on the websites they are frantic and insane.

It frankly makes no sense at all, for a woman who spent her entire life verbally abusing, demonizing and avoiding Asian men, to be raising an Asian looking boy – particularly if her husband is complicit in the “dominance” or “creation” of the atmosphere of white supremacy that isolates his own son.

Even worse is that Asian women themselves create a nation-wide hook-up culture that severely penalizes Asian looks and then go on to raise Asian looking sons.

What I mean by that is: you can sociologize it away but at the end of the day, we have an entire landfill’s worth of crap to deal with picking up our parents’ racial baggage ON TOP OF the racism in Western society. It is not our fault. Please understand this.

On top of this, our mothers, out of desperation begin to teach their children about culture by signing them up for Karate and Mandarin lessons, when they were trying to escape it their entire lives. Only a very dense Hapa wouldn’t see that the fact that we all have white fathers is indicative of something much more… malignant.

The quote she is referring to is from the Hapa guy who motivated me to start writing on my own.

6 thoughts on “Posts from LipstickAlley, two months before Elliot Rodger, one month before Matthew DeGrood

  1. You should write a book on psychological problems of hapas or eurasian metises and i will translate it into russian)))), your book could prevent multiple ethnic wars in eurasia (in russia and central asia in particular) among various eurasian nations.


    • Lol kraken, the Eurasians from Central Asia are different from Eurasians in western countries. The issues Eurasians face are totally different from Eurasians in Central Asia unless there is some widespread mixing between Russians and Chinese going there.


    • As a asian in western country people are horrified I can have children. Westerners manipulate women from the far east. I was told women from the far east have children that look white. White people are afraid of non white people. If you have white ancestry they are less afraid of you.


  2. LOL, you’re still at this nonsense. I read around a bit and found some real gems: “Women are smarter than men”, ” I’d rather be black”, “Japan is the most colonized nation”.

    I gave you all the answers and you still continue with this line of nonsense. It all comes down to the scam of identity politics and the lies of equality. You somewhat understand the latter, not so much the former.

    Whatever, keep scribbling, I guess. It’ll prove to be a source of inspiration for the next Elliot Rodger, I’m sure.


  3. This is absolutely true. People can sense something is wrong with most of these couples. This is why most of these couples have a poor social life, in the long run they end up driving people away.


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