The Different Types of Eurasians and Eurasian Parents

Hey folks, today on the Perpetually Sad, Horrible Accounts of a God Awful Existence of the Eurasian Male, we’re going to talk about the different types of Eurasian relationships that lead to different types of fucked up children. Face it: all of them are fucked up because when we see our own parents, we’re reminded how only WHITE WAS GOOD ENOUGH.

1) “No Asian / White-Only” Asian woman and tall, liberal, progressive White male.

  • The male (oftentimes a musician, artist, or all around liberal male with a major in something other than making money) pretends not to be racist and is fully aware of the “no Asian” preference (if it can even be called that) of the Asian female. Aware of this, he rationalizes it by pointing out “attractive” Asian men in the media, and also makes broad statements about the patriarchal / controlling nature of Asian society and Asian men, though he has neither fucking been to Asia nor does he know a single Asian person. He believes his relationship is progressive and liberal, even though he has zero idea about what it is to be an Asian male in society. The Asian woman, again, is “white only” (has probably fucked dozens of white guys) and has zero idea about what it is like to be an Asian male, and coasts by on her Asian privilege, finding herself in the beds of White males with zero repercussions on her social status, enjoying a fully, highly sexual life in the arms of white men, never knowing loneliness of open discrimination that other women of color and men of color experience. Justifies her “white only” preference with claims of patriarchy, even though she never even was intimate enough with an Asian male to back up her statements.
  • After the child is born the Asian woman will suddenly become aware of the differential treatment of Asian men based on how her sons are treated and might even begin to resent the white male counterpart; especially if the so called “cool, hip white guy she married” (as opposed to the conservative Asian guy) affords her a poorer lifestyle than she could otherwise have gotten; she will also feel emotionally detached from a child that looks either nothing like her (if the kid is lucky enough to pass) or will praise the child’s white features; the father will view his son with a bit of discomfort as the son does not fully resemble him, and if it does resemble him, will constantly remind himself and the son of how the son looks “better” that your average Asian male. She then realizes that her marriage to her husband was based on simple exogamy (i.e., attraction based on basis phenotypical traits) rather than genuine love, and the marriage will almost completely dissolve after several years.

Likelihood of a fucked up child: 80%. 

2) The “White Only” Social Climber, Go-Grrrl Careerist Type / Wealthy White Male Archetype

  • This time, the white only preference remains, but the father has to be rich. Filthy fucking rich. The richer the better. Height is good (since height oftentimes leads to wealth, but not always). These girls poach these guys right in college and beyond, especially in graduate school. The absolute requirement is that the guy be white. The father is either completely clueless, or, in many cases, he deliberately seeks out an Asian woman because he is sick and tired of the “low marriageable quality” of White women, who he found to make poor partners, sleep around too much when they’re young, fuck black guys, or are, ironically, “gold diggers.” The rich white male, believing himself a good candidate for marriage and a family, feels White women are not suited for raising children, so he agrees to an Asian woman. The Asian woman, likely also a careerist but more intent on using her husband’s rich white status to boost her own agenda, becomes an extremely controlling Tiger Mom over her kids and pushes them to be the “Eurasian” master race quality of future leaders – ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE GIRLS. Sometimes the woman is not exactly a careerist, but rather just ride on the coattails of the rich white male for the feeling of being included in the white male’s status and benefiting from his whiteness and everything it entails. After all, white = success, so why the fuck would this woman so much as deign to marry an Asian male – who, despite being rich, is still looked down on by society?
  • If the father enters into some kind of fiscal tragedy (i.e, Peter Rodger) the wife will immediately bail or complain about how she wished she married someone richer; she may even make comments about wanting an Asian male partner. Again, the relationship with the son is strained as she resents him for not being fully white, or if he looks white, doesn’t have a strong relationship with him because of the biological awkwardness of looking nothing like your son; or if he does look white, she parades him around as being a white son, who in turn either suffers immensely from the pressure of being held up as some kind of freak ideal or grows emotional distant from her.

Likelihood of a fucked up child: 90%. Examples: Elliot Rodger, Kelly Baltazar.

3) The “Banana” Basic Type / Conservative, MGTOW Type

  • This girl is an “all American girl,” except she’s not. She grew up in a 95% white bumfuck town in the middle of nowhere. Possibly an adoptee. Says she only dates white guys because that’s all she’s ever been around. Maybe justifiable – maybe not. Her male counterpart is a pretty typical banana type Asian guy who hangs out with mostly white girls. She likes white guys, and she likes them big; big and fucking burly. The male in this case, since he’s an all American boy, probably a raging racist. Hates “ni**ers” and all that. Asians are cool in his book since he knows a couple and they seem to fill the model minority role; he doesn’t see having a half-Asian son as that big of a deal, but what is a big deal is that White women in his neck of the woods sleep with blacks. He doesn’t like that one bit; nor does he like being around black people. Asian women seem natural to him. If anything, they’re easy. They respect him for being White. What’s not to like? He deserves to be treated well because he’s white. Maybe he’s beta. Maybe he’s a Christian, but he deserves that respect. America and Western civilization is going to shit. White girls are too fuckin’ feminist for him. They want to sleep around and get married later; but Asian girls, even if they DO sleep around, at least they’re sleeping around with big white guys like him. Maybe he’s a big of a pushover. He knows he doesn’t have the strength and patience for a white woman. He knows Asian women will give him the time of day for being White. A feminist Asian woman is still better than an “obnoxious White woman.”

Likelihood of a fucked up child: 60%. The kid will probably be a big kid. He’ll probably suck it up, pass as white, marry a foreign Asian woman or a white girl, but in the odd chance he doesn’t look white – big trouble. Full time resentment of dad. If not he will at least feel a bit resentful and move 8,000 miles away from his parents like Daniel Henney. That kind of thing really just can’t be dusted under the carpet.

4) The “White Only” Basic Type / Extremely Socially Awkward, Conspiracy Theorist, Beta, Undesirable MGTOW Type

This kind of guy can’t get any other girl so he poaches “white only” Asian girls. This kind of guy goes to China and uses his white privilege to get tail. Either that or he stays in America and does the same thing. Mom is “not attracted” to Asian men so she has casual sex with white guys, trying to cuckold Asian guys by showing her white man off at the mall. The guy firmly believes that despite his flaws, he’s still better than an Asian guy. Kid comes out looking Asian. Fucked.

Likelihood of a fucked up child: 80%

5) The “White Only” Promiscuous Type / Promiscuous White Playboy, Tinder Type

Variant on above. Probably one of the most common. Hates Asian men because they either don’t turn her on or have the gall to ask an Asian woman to be in a steady relationship. Believes White men are less controlling about family, or the basic responsibility or desires to have a steady familial relationship. Goes to bars to fuck white men and white men only. White men will use these women because, of course, these women would never fuck an undesirable Asian man. This woman will do this for several years until she either gets pregnant or the white men no longer want her; then she will attempt to get with an Asian man, and if not, will become extremely bitter and hostile. The white male KNOWS that these girls will do anything for white cock and jumps at every opportunity. Has extremely negative or hostile views of Asian males. Constantly brags about his exploits with Asian women and conquests over Asian men. If he has a kid either abandons it or harbors latent racist views about it. Will never view his child as equal and his mom will probably hold her kid up as exemplary for being half white. Probably the most FUCKED type. This one can be interchangeable with many of the other types. Elliot Rodger showed some of these qualities.

Likelihood of a fucked up child: 100%

3 thoughts on “The Different Types of Eurasians and Eurasian Parents

  1. the last one is probably the asian feminist who believe that white men are less controlling, but always end up with white guys that are much more controlling and pariarchical


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